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  1. This came up on my lockscreen and I would be strongly convinced that it could have very well been on the reference moodboard for the Lighthouse level of HL2. In particular because of that pillar/structure closer to the camera... it really makes me think of the way Gordon escapes from the location (and from where he sees the buggy taken away by the Combine). Is it just me?
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  2. will2k

    Dying Light 2

    David Belle, the founder of modern parkour, is a supporting character/NPC in Dying Light 2. David was the parkour advisor in Dying Light 1, and now, on top of being the advisor/consultant in Dying Light 2, he's an actual character in-game named Hakon, who will be supporting the player and acting as a mentor. He's also providing most of the motion capture for parkour moves.
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  4. Currently one of the best bass players around the world, Charles Berthoud. If you play(ed) guitar, bass or a stringed instrument, you will notice his mastery of the bass in this epic tapping bass solo
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  5. Radu

    GTA V

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