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    Some progress, all screen grabs are taken outside of the playable area... T spawn by the cars, the broken elevator serves as entry point to the main hangar The stern, backside of the map with a ramp leading up to a objective, propellers will be added later Ct spawn, starboard side, defenders start on the elevator with instant access to the hangar
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    It was a bit of a struggle, but finally there is a playable graybox! I requested a Mapcore playtest for thursday 27 june. Check it out on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774025500
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    First concept scene from the Swamp map. Layout is still in development. As soon as we finish the first stage of the layout development, we will try to conduct a public test.
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    My contest map will be set on a hill with a cable car station. Bombsite A will take place inside the station, while B will be under a huge tent housing an ancient ruins exhibition. The layout is very much a WIP and not ready for playtests yet, but hopefully it will be soon. Some screenshots below:
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    Mid currently doesn't have a bridge but A long does (with losttemple vibes) I've been watching indiana jones for inspiration here, put it that way. A little concept art for A site Terri did which I love -
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    @Vaya @Terri and I will be working on this. More coming soon...
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    Free time chillout sessions, wip wingman
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    My wingman map that's going on hold for the exotic contest. Had a modular set and everything
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    [WIP] de_rampart

    Rampart takes place in the Pacific in an abandoned bunker installation from WW2. I have a rough untested layout and some mockup props. I mainly try to make the two bombsites thematically stand out: One is a derelict research lab where super soldier experimentation took place (a large vat with a skeleton soldier) and the other is a haubitzer canon. I also try to work in alot of circular and organic shapes to get away from the typical straight lines that a grid based workflow can lead to. Another quirk on the level that i would love some feedback on is the breakable door/gate on the B site. I know these things can be controversial but i want to give it a try and if it doesn't work out i might try something else. One of my main motivations for this map is to create as many new materials as possible with substance and really make it look gritty, aged and worn out. I hope I have time to complete this one, but i think its pretty scaleable in terms of the amount of polish required. Feedback and comments are welcome! Workshop Link
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    terri is making rocks. I think they are nice.
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    Soon first alpha playtest (mb, i don''t know about rules, i can or not make a playtest)
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    Another week, another update! Lots of layout changes and some more detailing tests. The workshop version is up to date and now contains the custom player models. Any feedback is always appreciated.
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    Hey, We're looking for mappers who'd like to join us making Classic Offensive a reality for everybody to enjoy on Steam. If you like the old 2000s CS style, have free time, looking to improve, layouts aren't your thing, or contests aren't for you yet... Then this might be for you. What's Classic Offensive? Classic Offensive is a free mod for CS:GO I've started as a test about four years ago and attracted more attention than I expected, ending up as a full fledged mod in the end. I've released it in Beta on Christmas 2016. The mod aims to restore the classic feeling of Counter-Strike while taking most of the improvements Global Offensive added as long as they don't break that classic feel. You can see footage of that original version from various people: Since the release the team has been expending and we've been working on it for about a year. Shortly after the mod release, we went for Steam Greenlight and we've got Greenlit. We've changed directions for a quality similar to what CS:GO has to offer due to the team wanting to push the boundaries for the steam release, needing us to scrap the CS:S assets and ported maps since it wouldn't fit the new fresh quality we wanted. It is available on ModDB in its original fixed version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/counter-strike-classic-offensive And here we are about less than three years after the initial release. What's the goal on maps? We've planned a few maps for release (which isn't near set yet): Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Train and Nuke, with Inferno being the furthest map in development by poLemin, and Train by Quoting currently getting a face-lift by Grillus. Dust2 has just started, Slimek was on it right before the exotic contest. Nuke was being worked on by Quoting and stopped a year ago. In addition Quoting did a few classic fight/yard maps such as fy_poolday and fy_iceworld which look very good and are almost done. Additionally Cache has been worked on by Bezimienny aiming for it's classic CS:S theme. He's the man doing the work on bots which are to be honest better than ever on CO. Needless to say that things have moved since a year and people have been busy. Some had to step down due to life complications, less free time and contests getting in the way leading to a slower development. Still the most important for us is having a good time, improving and pleasing the community, that's all that matters. Here's a preview of the said maps: What's the goal on weapons? We're also looking for modelers even though Ordanicu does a great job, he's overwhelmed by the 27 weapons he needs to remake on his free time. With the USP, Glock 17c, AK-47, P228, and AWP done at this time, I guess he could use some help. If you're a modeler, want to improve, have some free time, and want to give a shot at reviving the classics and you feel like CS:GO didn't do them justice in both look and feel, we beg you to contact us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) On my side I'm currently the animator for the team, I started not so long ago and I'm still learning, I tend to tweak them from time to time when I think they feel wrong the more I improve. Again, we're all here to improve, and make the best CS in both feel and balance which we all think we can achieve and is already feeling better than GO on some aspects. Here's some of Ordanicu's models on my animations in action: The whole "feeling" of the mod we're going for? Classic for sure, we want to hit sharper than CS:GO. Weapons feels too smooth in a bad way in GO. We want the players to feel powerful with just the right dose of "Action Movie" kind of DNA that the original had and of course... Nostalgia. We value the attention for detail for weapons as well which is something often neglected. CS:GO's weapons for instance all feel the same, specially pistols. We want to fix all that and give all weapons a purpose and their own unique feel. Don't get me wrong though, CS:GO is the best version of CS... but only until CO releases. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Examples: What's next? Well here I am asking for mappers and weapon modelers. And hopefully soon new devlogs on our Twitter https://twitter.com/csco_dev as our team is working on the mod. This is the part where you come in. If you want to join us, either reply to the thread, PM me on Mapcore or on discord (ZooL#4200) we'll see what you're capable of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We're everyday impressed by the work we see on Mapcore and we really wish some of you guys would be interested in sharing the passion of developing Classic Offensive with us, giving the community and CS what it really deserves even though Global Offensive is already perfect. PS: some users have asked for how much we pay and I must sadly say that it isn't much or not at all. We do this mostly by passion and money wouldn't impact our work. We're sharing Patreon money which at the end of the month isn't much for each active developer. Here's some of our links: https://twitter.com/csco_dev https://discordapp.com/invite/HRWRv7c https://steamcommunity.com/groups/classicoffensive https://www.moddb.com/mods/counter-strike-classic-offensive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCspq-yxRK1uUuEJcw59JgOQ https://www.patreon.com/ClassicOffensive Have a great summer!
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglety (Danger Zone)

    Map Overviews for deployment section and tablet!
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    Swamp will be a defusal map by me and @BubkeZ will create. We will show some design and layout soon!
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Unfortunately the studio I was part of, Defiant Studios, pretty much exploded due to a nonsensical conflict with our publisher... Good news is, 3-4 weeks later, our team got picked up by People Can Fly, and now represents the NA branch of the company! But obviously during the hiatus, the future was uncertain... and people had to look elsewhere, including myself (cuz livin' in NY ain't cheap, ya know) So I just moved to the West Coast last week, and just started yesterday at 343 Industries, working on the next Halo!! Absolutely love the studio and team, and I can't wait to share more details when time comes Can someone edit my entry in the top post please? Thank you very much Cheers guys!!
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    Ok, I'm gonna give you my two cents. If you want to take my advice, fine, if not, also fine. But please consider that multiple people have pointed out several issues and some have even made fun of some design decisions. I know that's not constructive at all, but it's a sign that something is not quite right. Starting with the theme, I think the biggest issue is that this doesn't look like a submarine at all. We know how a submarine looks. We've seen the interiors a bunch of times in films and other games. This does not look like a submarine interior. If you're using the submarine from The New Colossus as a reference... don't. Counter-Strike is based around the present generally. It's alright to have some sci-fi elements here and there, but I think this is too much of a far stretch. If you want to keep the theme of having something underwater, just say it's an underwater base. At least that is more plausible. As for the layout, I would also recommend to start over. I know you can't see why, but it's just littered with bad design decisions and no consideration for the way the game plays. I urge you to read this: Good luck!
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    Some lighting on these fools
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    [CS:GO] Nero (wingman)

    A map with a historical monument set in Italy. Experimental project for wingman, but also 3v3, 4v4 & 5v5. Workshop link Here's the map overview And now some images All images on imgur album To Do's fiddling around with map's cover, maybe tightening up some places a bit transform detailed brushwork placeholder types into models/model wiring, antennas etc. related props layer further optimisation texturing dirtyness & lightning 3D skybox (and skybox texture perhaps) Feedback gladly appreciated
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    What have you purchased recently?

    You'd probably like this: https://pi-hole.net/ I have a raspberry pi sitting next to my router, dilligently blocking all ads and tracking before they can even reach my pc or phone, its awesome! Makes browing fster too because the ads don't even get to load also, to stay in the spirit of the thread: I bought a house!
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    HUGE update... so huge that it became a new map RADAR BEFORE & AFTER
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    everyone's favorite color, a pink sky at night means sailor's delight, pink sky in the morning means sailor's warning
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    We should have a first playable version soon. Here are some extra screenshots until then.
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    [WIP] de_havana

    I am working on an Cuba inspired map. This map will have a cosy atmosphere with warm colors and a feeling of relaxation. Hopefully I will pull this off WORKSHOP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1801440937 Pls give feedback References:
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    The random model thread!

    Some Chinese lanterns for a csgo map
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    [WIP] Torga

    Check out this AAA level lead up to the bomb site: You come out of the cave and you see a tower, kind of hidden behind a tree, which enforces your curiousity, so you ask yourself, why would that tower be hidden behind a tree? I better check it out... You take the closest path to the tower (which is currently super dark, but will be well lit when it's done), and you enter a cave. You remember the tower was really tall, so even though you are in a cave, which is supposed to have a roof, you look up and guess what you see? The tower again... ...so you are drawn further down the cave, lead by the light, to an opening, but then you stop dumbfound, wondering where the tower went? You don't see the tower, but you do see a bunch of CTs. You kill them with your Bear Grills' Jungle Explorer Machete, and then you go on... After the long fight, you are exhausted, covered in blood from the fight and dirt from the rain, lost orientation, as well as your map, you check your compass, but it's disrupted by some inexplicable magnetic force, as if an alien rock of unknown substance had fallen somewhere around here (presumably on the other bomb site), and so you go outside and look around, and then suddenly...BAM there's the tower again! Are you getting Deja Vu? No, you are simply experiencing great map design P.S. I know I have the tendency to completely rework areas, instead of making small changes to perfect what I have, but I had an excuse this time, mid was really bad and had to be reworked, so after tossing away the junk, I had to reiterate on A to make it fit the new mid design, and it had to have only one entrance, so this is what came to my mind, plus Vaya said it looks fine, so I'm alright with it. I'm using some aztec props as placeholders at the moment, but I might end up changing the theme to something more overgrown anyway.
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    It's being worked on
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    Hey, I cooked up some ground materials/blends. The snow does not look as blown out at regular player eye level.
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    What's going on with your life?

    I'm starting my first training in the Videogames industry next monday and I couldn't be more excited! ^^ It's a small company here in Barcelona called The Game Forger and they create VR and Board games. Basically I'm gonna be helping with the environments and props. Wish me luck!
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    People keep employing me (don't they know I have a very important mapping competition to lose?) which has slowed down progress, but I got a chance to experiment with my English seaside village aesthetic the last few days: I want to add a bit more volume to that wisteria tree, but it's already heavier on the poly's than I intended so I'm going to need to get a bit more creative with it. Not too happy with that fence, but it's important to control movement and sight-lines. I might try raising the wall and if all else fails I'll add "Slightly less ugly fence" to my ever-growing list of assets to create. The beginnings of a seaside ice cream stand. The finished piece will have a nicer base, and some signage. Salty's Wholesale Fishing Supply Co. because in another life people know me as Salty instead of Text Fish. Gotta change that horrible orange text at some point. To the bottom left you'll see where I've been experimenting with hacky ways to make a sea-wall out of displacements and Valve props, but I think I just need to open Blender and make something bespoke. That's all for now folks, see you next time.
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    Concept of the space station skybox. Rotation is a bit experimental and might not work well, but oh well.
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    So we just found out there is a map on the workshop named Pharaoh which looks pretty cool, so we decided to change it to 'Anubis'. I have had some feedback which is awesome, because I was not happy with B bombsite and CT spawn and this encouraged me to do some big changes. Check out the new radar and go ingame to see the new changes! And here you see the earliest chokepoints. Map control is 50/50 when CT push and like 40/60 when they defend from site.
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    ...time has past since the events of 2046, under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the king-class warship USS Carry.
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    cs_kiwano *WIP*

    The layout is not complete, but I am happy about the progress. Also I decided to name this map cs_kiwano. Kiwano is an exotic fruit. Am I weird ? I am going to release the Alfa version on workshop when the basic layout will be completed.
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    Hitman 2

    I think I'll just skip Absolution I think, been too long. With a baby, it's challenging, but the good thing is that they go to bed earlier so I reserve myself about 45 mins to an hour a day for games, so I usually play something between 9pm to 10pm. Games like hitman are perfect, because you can finish a mission in more or less an hour. Even after 10pm, I still have 2 or 3 hours left of my day to squeeze from, which you can use for love making, side project work, meditation, or whatever you have planned, because these last couple years I forced myself to be a lot more restrictive with my time, so I soft plan my hours of the day, you'd be surprised how much "fat" you have in your day to day life you can easily trim out. I started by leaving facebook, I still do Twitter but I only follow 99 art accounts, so when I'm taking a shit or whatever I can just quickly scroll through some inspiring art. And I just learned to make my calendar my friend, instead of my worst enemy, which is how I treated it my whole life, lol. You can treat time the same way you count calories, or count your money. If you sit down to check your monthly bills, you realize how much needle shit you're paying for. Same for food, if you sit down and count your calories, you'll be surprised how much needless shit you're eating daily. Time is the same thing, I would even argue it's the most important thing so treat it with the respect it deserves. (Sorry for the OT ramble)
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    [WIP] de_hillside

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    I believe you mean cs_downed_cz.
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    [WIP] Touristas

    Hey, First time mapper. Starting my post now, but have been working on an mountain top island map only accessible by cable car. I have played with making the map both a defusal or a hostage rescue. In the end I think I will try to have a version of both with slightly different routes. Plot: locals are constantly being pushed off their own homeland due to the heavy increase of tourists. Some now have to live off island and commute to work for these ungrateful tourists. A group of rebels want to create terror to scare away these tourists. Their main goal is to blow up the cable car, but they would settle on a tourist information kiosk if necessary. Ill be sharing some progress soon, best of luck all!
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    sir goober


    hopefully nobody has made a map inspired by the A E S T H E T I C of the 80s retro culture. ... and hopefully its "Exotic" enough to meet the competition's requirements. so the theme will be pictures i've found on google and whatever I can remember from watching the movie Scarface (recommended) and here are my findings: So God give me strength, since this'll be quite the challenge.
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    I don't think just by addig rooms, it would make it much better. If you really don't want to start it again, please, somehow, you need to transfor those corridors into rooms, or make them wider. The red lightning is just a bad idea, and I don't think you should do it. And I don't think there are red lightning in 'real submarines'. Here's "some" ideas:
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    Shouwei [Defusal]

    A workshop version of de_hongkong (still a tentative name) is now available here! We've still got a few known bugs to work out but I'm happy with the overall layout as of now. Click below for more images!
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    cs_kiwano *WIP*

    So I started working on the old mine. Everything is going smoothly, but I already learned so much from this project. I have made a few maps in the past and I will highly recommend trying completly different style of maps, than you have experience with. Because it is these projects that learn you the most. p.s. the layout is maybe 40% different than in the scatch in the 1st post.
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    Oops! Looks like these ceiling tiles are showing rapid decay! Who wants to make a bet on which tiles will still be up in their frames 10 years from now? I'm currently experimenting with the ambient lighting, but as you can see, I need to move the lights away from the darn information booth.
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    El Dorado (former de_Inca)

    finally i can upload an update to the map. the layout should be finished either today or tomorrow and then i will upload a (hopefully) playable map end of the week or early next week. for now i made some decoration: hope you like it
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    What's going on with your life?

    First father day, so happy to have this cool kiddy
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