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    Some progress on my map Anubis
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    DE_CACHE (new version)

    DE_CACHE by FMPONE and Volcano A bomb defusal map set around Chernobyl. Terrorists are bent on destroying the evidence of a massive weapons-cache in the shadows of Chernobyl. THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING (amazing) PEOPLE!: MAPCORE.ORG, Robert Yang, Lenz Monath (penE) +++ Comparison Sliders: FMPONE.com/cache +++ +++ +++
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    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Thanks! I actually missed that the thread had updated (was on vacation at the time)! Anyway, I thought I'd share some progress on the gameplay overhaul. When the map was added to the game, it kind of lit a fire under my ass and I am pushing to get the overhaul done ASAP. It feels like we are finally approaching the finish line. WARNING: Designer art below. Everything is heavily WIP. You have been warned! A-long: Heavily simplified, less corners to check, more straightforward in general. Also, a more open and epic view! A-site: Pit is removed, stone walls near entrance removed, blinds have been added to window, the globe base is bigger and has been moved to allow for safer plants/block certain angles. Mid: Lower mid is elevated to improve fights with CT window. B-connector is less confusing and more covered from mid. Timings have been adjusted to reduce CT aggression. Glass has been removed from key locations. CT Spawn: Old CT spawn room and staircase room have been combined to reduce the number of rooms and help with navigation. Players now spawn and see their initial choices (A or mid/B) more clearly. + lots of other stuff! Would like to thank the Mapcore crew and everyone else who've helped with the playtesting! You've helped a helpless nerd with mental fatigue to get somewhere. Hats off!
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    Hello everyone! I've decided to join the contest too with a brand new Defusal map called Daigo (Japanese for 'enlightenment'). The events will take place inside a Japanese Castle that is partially under reconstruction. It will have the typical Japanese flora and architecture, such as exotic gardens and fountains, with the typical roofs and ornaments + statues. The map can be downloaded here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1881843696 I've taken almost two months to shape the first greybox (it's actually an orange-grey with default dev textures... but I think it's alright). Below are a few pictures with radar generated by TAR. It's not 100% accurate, but I'm still learning the program. A fully accurate version is coming soon. I've tried some new things, mainly experimenting with a double mid. Terrorists have a lot of options to rotate. If they can conquer the first mid that leads to both A and CT/B-Site from the back, there's a lot of variety that can happen. I think A-site is really hard to take, and will be the most challenging to balance due to the scaffolding heaven-part that is high-risk high-reward like. Obviously, I've never tested this with 10-man, I've only done this layout and greybox 'as in-theory'. I'm wondering if it plays out, and think the map is ready for a first playtest. Note that everything can be changed in the greybox (literally anything), so the layout is not final and will change depending on critique and feedback. LATEST UPDATES (last playtested on 01-10-2019) - New playtest sceduled on 20-10-2019 A-site overhaul Removed entrance from canals and replaced it by an open bridge that acts like a one-way escape route. Removed one row of the scaffolding. Moved forklift to the right-side of Main A, which is now carrying a crate for additional cover. Moved tower-crate to the back of A-site. Shortened pedestal of Statue (Fish). Improved limits of canals area by usage of canal poles. Added additional bombplant areas on top of the pedestal. Added cloth onto scaffolding to block cheap angles. Added ladder to allow climbing back into scaffolding (only from the middle-floor top). Improved clipping on numerous props. B-site overhaul Moved large crate more forward to block an easy campspot on the open doors peeking into B-site. Removed small crate at the back of B-site. Added scaffolding to the right-side with an opening in the wall for additional entrance/escape. Added crate with small forklift for additional cover. Blocked huge angle from all the way back of CT-spawn to B-site. Limited the bombplant area to be only inside the bell-tower. General Increased spawntimes for CT before reaching Mid. Conversely shortened spawntimes for T's to reach Mid. Improved radar. Textures are now all changed to grey for less confusing contrasts. Added connection between T-spawn Long and Centralbase with a window peeking into mid. Blocked direct angle from T-spawn Long to connector Mid-to-B. Major overall changes to the map, including improved playerclips, cover, and more. I'd like to make a special mention regarding the programs I've been using to design all of the layout and greybox, which are the Wall Worm tools for 3DS Max!
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    Just sculpting in Blender :p. And the rock collection is packed into a 4096x4096 texture. Might need to find a way to push it higher though.
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    Recent progress on a wingman map, DE_MOROCCO
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    DE_CACHE (new version)

    what Guys ok it's nice that you can be so accurate with your feedbacks and I'm pretty sure that they're welcome to improve the visuals of the map and make it more "realistic". But please, understand that not everybody is an expert in AC, plumbing and in the history of USSR vehicles from decades ago. It's something that the map creators can take into account and change but it's their map, they don't have to change these things to please a community of people. Appreciate the work applied here and do your feedbacks as suggestions of stuff that could be improved, kindly. Just my 2 cents :x
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    Static Prop Combine in CS:GO

    Static Prop Combine in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive A step by step guide thanks to @untor What is Static Prop Combine? Static prop combine, or informally speaking "autocombine", is a new feature in CS:GO's VBSP. It allows VBSP to merge together multiple static props into a single static prop, either automatically or with user-defined rules. What is static prop combine good for? Static prop combine is another feature to optimize your maps. Most people might think that "the less geometry rendered the better". So if you use small props, it's easier to hide what is not visible. That's not wrong. But there is a problem: In Source, there is one draw call per model per material. And these draw calls are very performance-hungry. That's where static prop combine comes into play: By combining models sharing the same materials, less draw calls are performed, which greatly helps optimization. Valve has stated that Nuke runs 40% faster after they implemented static prop combine. How do I use static prop combine? The static prop combine feature was added in 2016 with the release of the reworked de_nuke. But since then it was not (?) used by community mappers, there are no (?) guides on the Internet except this documentation. @untor helped me to make static prop combine feature do its job. So we decided that it's time to publish a step by step guide how to use static prop combine. We presuppose that you are already familiar with the creation of props 0. Backup your CS:GO folder (optional) We do not take responsibility for any damage done to your files. So it's time to backup your game files now if you have not already. In general we recommend to duplicate your "Counter-Strike Global Offensive" folder, so you can use a separate installation of CS:GO for mapping while keeping the other one clean for playing. 1. Source files You must have the source files of the models you want to be combined. Usually 3 files for each prop: *.qc reference mesh (supported formats are *.smd, *.dmx and *.fbx) physics mesh So if you want to combine props made by you, you should already have these files. If you want to combine props made by Valve, you will need to decompile them first. And then change the names - otherwise, the version of the prop that is packed in the VPK would overwrite your version. In this guide we will use two different pipe props: You can download the example files here (contains the *.qc and *.smd files) : example.zip Browse to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\content\csgo\" Create a folder "models". In our example we have another subfolder "example". Save the model source files there: These are our QCs: pipe_straight.qc pipe_curved.qc Notes: Restrictions for the *.qc: Only the first $body is recognized. $model is not recognized. $appendsource and $addconvexsrc are not recognized. You can only use $upaxis Z or Y. 2. Compile your props Your models have to be compiled from this directory now: Open your model compile tool (I use Crowbar) Then browse to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\content\csgo\models\example\" and compile the QCs. The compiled model files should be in "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\models\props\example\" now. 3. spcombinerules.txt Browse to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts\hammer\spcombinerules\" There you will find "spcombinerules.txt". In this file the combine rules for Valves props are defined. It is a standard KeyValues-formatted text file. Each entry follows the format below. Rename it to "spcombinerules_valve.txt" (or whatever you want) and create a new text file "spcombinerules.txt". Then copy and paste the following into "spcombinerules.txt" and save it. 4. Stub QCs Stub QCs are QCs which contain a base template for the QCs which static prop combine generates. Generally, they should only include: $staticprop $surfaceprop $cdmaterials Any $texturegroups used by the models. Browse to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts\hammer\spcombinerules\qc_templates\". In our example we create a new subfolder "example", open it and then create a text file and rename it to "pipe_combine.qc": Copy and paste the following into "pipe_combine.qc" and save it: 5. Compile your map Add some of our example props to your map in Hammer and compile the map. In our example we use the following compile parameters for VBSP Compile parameters (full list here) : -StaticPropCombine: Merges static props together according to the rules defined in scripts/hammer/spcombinerules/spcombinerules.txt. This lowers the number of draw calls, increasing performance. It can also be used to lower the number of static props present in a map. -StaticPropCombine_AutoCombine: Automatically generate static prop combine rules for props that VBSP deems should be combined. Note: This does not write to spcombinerules.txt. -StaticPropCombine_ConsiderVis: Instead of using the distance limit, combine all props in the group that share visclusters. -StaticPropCombine_SuggestRules: Lists models sharing the same material that should be added to spcombinerules.txt. -StaticPropCombine_MinInstances <int>: Set the minimum number of props in a combine group required to create a combined prop. Tip:Valve had this set to 3 for the new Dust 2. -StaticPropCombine_PrintCombineRules: Confirm: Prints the combine rules? -StaticPropCombine_ColorInstances: Instances of combined props get colored. -KeepSources: Don't delete the autogenerated QCs and unpacked model files after finishing. -CombineIgnore_FastReflection: Combine props, even if they have differing Render in Fast Reflections settings. -CombineIgnore_Normals: Combine props, even if they have differing Ignore Normals settings. -CombineIgnore_NoShadow: Combine props, even if they have differing Disable Shadows settings. -CombineIgnore_NoVertexLighting: Combine props, even if they have differing Disable Vertex lighting settings. -CombineIgnore_NoFlashlight: Combine props, even if they have differing Disable flashlight settings. -CombineIgnore_NoSelfShadowing: Combine props, even if they have differing Disable Self-Shadowing settings. -CombineIgnore_DisableShadowDepth: Combine props, even if they have differing Disable ShadowDepth settings. 6. Success? The combined props look exactly like the single props. So how can you be sure that the static prop combine process was successful? - Once the map is compiled, the combined props will be packed into your *.bsp automatically. - If you add -keepsources to the compile parameters, you can also find the combined props in "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\models\props\autocombine\*name of your map*\" and their QCs in "...\Steam\steamapps\common\content\csgo\models\props\autocombine\*name of your map*\". - If you add -StaticPropCombine_PrintCombineRules to the compile parameters, instances of combined props are colored in CS:GO. 7. Additional notes Hammer: - You can manually disable static prop combine for individual props with the "Disable Prop Combine" keyvalue. - Prop scaling (Uniform Scale Override) is not supported yet (?) - If the original props don't have a collision model, you will have to set collisions to "Not Solid" in the properties. Otherwise the combined prop will be solid (automatically generated collision mesh; causes problems). - If the props differ in specific keyvalues, in most cases the default (e.g. Alpha) or the higher value will be used (e.g. fade distances) - Props that differ in the below keyvalues will NOT be combined, unless manually overriden with the appropriate VBSP option: Render in Fast Reflections (-combineignore_fastreflection) Ignore Normals (-combineignore_normals) Disable Shadows (-combineignore_noshadows) Disable Vertex lighting (-combineignore_novertexlighting) Disable Flashlight (-combineignore_noflashlight) Disable Self-Shadowing (-combineignore_noselfshadowing) Disable ShadowDepth (-combineignore_disableshadowdepth) - Props that differ in the below keyvalues will NOT be combined: Skin Color Disable Flashlight TO DO some fps tests with an actual map! which gives better results: " -StaticPropCombine_ConsiderVis" or prop combining based on distances? Is there a console command to display the number of performed draw calls/props? ... ______________________________________________________________________ Sources: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Static_Prop_Combine https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/QC https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/VBSP
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    Some progress on T to Mid/B Site.
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    M4A1 Rifle

    Hello everyone! I always wanted to model the famous M4 rifle and I finally did it. It's an awesome gun present (with various alterations) in all FPS games I know of and it's there for a good reason. It has a beautiful design that stands up to the test of time. Despite its age it never lacks that tactical modern look that we all know and love. This project is made using Blender, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, Rizom UV and Photoshop. I hope you like my take on this awesome rifle that rules all FPS games next to the AK. You can find the detailed post on my artstaion profile along other projects that might interest you. Until next time, stay creative and keep improving! Cheers ! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJW5vG https://www.artstation.com/ordanicu
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    This is partially my fault. I thought it might be a good idea to do a “black and white” old Cache in that video, but they just turned saturation down 50%. Then when you see the new Cache it’s like “omg”, but the reality was it just looked like the colors were messed up. We need to take saturation down but yeah, gotta take some responsibility for that one. I also should have unbuttoned my jacket on the desk, looked pregnant at times o.O oh well, no do-overs in life. Still pretty happy with how stuff went, and still a bit of work to do before release
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    This is brilliant. You look at it and you just think these are illustrations for a brochure or something, then you scroll, you scroll and...
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    @Squad Thank you for your expert insights. You also gave me lots of inspiration when we talked about the radio tower idea some years ago. I sure will take your kind offer to share your knowledge. @blackdog Excelent! I haven't played these games. Thanks a lot for the hint. So with this kind of reasurance I'm confident to stick with the anchors as bombtargets. I'll try and see if I can make the tower collapse in convincing way. Accentuating the wind should also be a good idea. On other notes there has been another playtest yesterday. Here is the gathered feedback from that and from this thread so far. This should keep me busy for a bit
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    We know we have been silent for a long time, so I think we should post some updates. https://imgur.com/a/08eknEJ here we have been working hard on T spawn. Enjoy.
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    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Please add this guy to the map for realism.
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    [WIP] cs_Fever

    My first csgo map ever, its based on the house I grew up in. Hostage rescue. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640173218 Still left to do: Redo the side tunnel Overhaul the lighting Add detail and also remove redundant detail Optimize Change stuff Finalize layout And whatever else needs doing Thanks for looking.
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    De_Hongya [WIP]

    Currently working on a map set in china... location will be revealed later. This is a solo defusal map and is my second ever developed map (first one was pretty bad). Progress and map layout will come soon, but here is a sneak peak (mid) Some progress is being made....
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Based on Hostage Rescue mode, Cappadocia. Still working, balancing and fixing...
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    [WIP][DE] Antiquity

    Early stage of A Site.
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    Not talking about the current Blizzard situation here, but 90% of the gaming related drama only exist on the internet and have no real impact on the industry itself. There is such a huge disconnect on how and why things are done in reality and how it's perceived by gamers online. I guess that can be said by most drama we hear about nowadays.
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    Some of the memes though
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    [WIP] Bombspot Bitcoin

    playable version in the steam-pipeline
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    Really good video here guys, we play games since we're toddlers, and some of us are making games for decades now, so some of this stuff is a really good reminder that the balance of hand holding and exploration is key even at it's fundamentals.
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    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 5.0

    Hi Guys, I've taken over playtesting from @MaanMan due to his other commitments. Thanks for all his efforts thus far. I'll probably be making changes and streamlining how I do things over the next couple of weeks.
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    The random model thread!

    Spent sunday relaxing and pushing polys
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    de_napoli WIP

    Did some changes to b bombsite and started blocking the map a little more
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    Update 9/20/19: Fixed various bugs related to sightlines, lighting, and cover from the previous round of testing. Adjusted light and fog settings for gameplay and aesthetics. Adjusted color scheme and height adjustments of minimap.
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    Teddy Graham

    De_Soul (Wingman) WIP

    Some screenshots of a Wingman map I have been working on. B Site. T Spawn.
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    DE_CACHE (new version)

    The more you do, the more you do wrong.
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    Well... I've been playing so much GTA IV that I've been slacking on Blossom... This doesn't look good for me XD Anyways, I spent the whole day modifying the layout somewhat and making it look a bit prettier. I'll be doing some playtesting for the map hopefully soon! If my predictions are correct, this map will be ready for detailing in a month. So if you want to add any ideas, be sure to tell me any suggestions you have In the meantime though, enjoy some screenshots!
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    Wonder if Bobby Kotick will even read it Also, speaking of memes:
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    It's about "draw calls". Many small props mean many performance-eating draw calls. The static prop combine feature merges multiple props into a single big prop, which is less performance-hungry. Combining very few props may not make much sense (rendered geometry vs draw calls?), but that's because it's done automatically. All in all it's still an improvement. Valve has stated that Nuke runs 40% faster after they implemented static prop combine. @untor showed me how to use the autocombine feature and we will post a short guide soon... Edit: Here it is... https://www.mapcore.org/articles/tutorials/static-prop-combine-in-csgo-r111/
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    New Aztec is looking good.
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    [Insurgency] Baghdad

    First of all I want to thank the small insurgency mapping discord. As soon as I joined yesterday they were supportive and helpful, making sure I didn't make any fundamental mistakes and encouraging me to continue. Here is a screenshot of the work I did today: In the push game mode this will be A, the first objective. The building's design is a modified version of the US embassy in Iraq. Here is one of the entrances leading the building's parking lot: In the coming days I plan to create an underground path leading to the buildings basement, as finishing the embassy interior. Stay tuned! 
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    Steam will have to make games resellable?

    Now add "Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field Tested, Well Worn, Battle Scarred" conditions and it instantly fixes one of the points Beck brought up
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    Thibault Choffardet

    [WIP] de_cyberpunk

    Here is my entry for the mapping competition called de_cyberpunk
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    [CS:GO] de_sonora

    Overview This is Sonora, a map ive been working on since February of 2018. Its been a rough ride during this maps development. I had hoped to have this map out in 6-8 months but now 18 months later its finally out. Nearly every location in this map has gone through 2 or 3 redesigns as I improved in skill, the map had been ready for release at least 3 times before some out of know where setback or bug would delay it. Location The map is set in the American southwest, specifically in Arizona. I chose this location because I feel it is very under-represented in Video games and when it is, it is often displayed in harsher desert areas without much love shown to the more Touristy- upper middle class areas. I chose to set the map with the sun setting do to similar reasons. I find not a lot of maps are set in definite American environments either and this aims to try and capture a more genuine "American" feel to it. Layout The layout is based off the renown de_mill layout. While very obviously not the same as the original, the map is more of a hybrid of all the positive improvements from the numerous off shoots and variations of the original layout that have cropped up over the years (Except that one by you know who). I know remakes arnt everyone's favorite thing on mapcore but I chose to do this for 2 main reasons. First being Mill and its offshoots have been asked to be remade by players for nearly CSGOs entire life span, Second my first released map was often criticized for a poor layout and cover and I agreed with that. I took this remake as a learning experience to see what works and what doesnt as well as seeing past mistakes of other mappers. This map isnt just a hybrid of all the positive additions to the original, it contains many new ideas ive thrown into the mix which I believe will work well. Description Story Select Screenshots Radar Overview In closing, I want everyone to know I am very open to feedback and criticism as I aim to make this map the best it can be. Feel free to say what ever you feel about the map and ill almost definitely take that into consideration. Workshop Screenshot Album Action Screenshot Album
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    DE_CACHE (new version)

    Good day. Nice looking map. Good job! First of all - English isnt my home language. Sry. But i have to say a few words. Im a mechanic of the HVAC and Refrigeration systems. And i found rude mistakes. 1. In the USSR there were only monoblock window air conditioners. On your map are using modern SPLIT system. 2. Is the condenser of conditioner fixed to the window? Not realistic. It's 40-50kg weight. 3. It is well fixed, but the condenser should be located 50 cm from the wall. 4. The same low montage to the window. 5. Heating radiator. 6. The same number plates.
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    Hitman 2

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    [WIP] de_hotel

    New Update Released: link to map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714359881 --------------------------------------- Bombsite A:- Added cover for T's on the road- replaced the greybox site with props (not finished yet)- Added a bench with some plantsBombsite B:- Added options to throw grenades from long B to site- Added plants on the siteTexturing:-Added textures and props to the bombsites and the area's around itRadar:-Added a radar image for more pictures please visit the workshop page.
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    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Hey people, as some of you might have seen we're expanding our Mapcore Hubs on Faceit to South America, Southeast Asia and Oeania. That means we're going to need help from the community to get these running smoothly. If you're interested to help out as a moderator, please go ahead and fill out this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRZuv6am19pur1BeNPqrLkEIOm_Paf8-1tknCFKzRTnnavRw/viewform
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    [WIP] de_stonetown

    Hello all! here are some screenshots for the latest version! The map is textured but is still a WIP! Link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1877089951 BTW please note that clipping is ~60% complete. However i would still like feedback on some OP boosts.
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    [WIP] de_funcenter

    Did some massive revisions to the front of the site that I'm happy with. It's always been hard to balance the extremely maze-like and cramped nature of a laser tage arena design with the more variable engagement distances of CSGO but I'm feeling pretty confident on this one. More rotations have been opened back up which is a bit of a change I'm less confident about, but seems to play fine with the site layout changes. But hey, it's on the workshop and I'll be throwing some images below, so feel free to drop some feedback!
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