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    What's going on with your life?

    I've been working too hard for a few years now, went through some deep burnouts and such, but taking control back a bit. Putting boundaries on work, and investing in a healthier lifestyle -- I realize I don't like living in a city because I don't know what to do when I take a break from work (that is, things that don't involve spending money) and have been picking biking and exercising a bit. The appartement above mine was also not used for the last 3 years but now peeps are moving in and I have to get used to the reality of living in an appartement building (especially since I work late at night to be in sync with the US.) Working too much did help me save money so I've been looking at houses for a few weeks but running into walls: houses that were sold in less than 24 hours or while I was on my way to visit them, and since I'm renovating my mom's house I don't quite feel like another year's worth of renovations for the next purchase. When I was starting to think I should wait this housing market rush out (the rate of people looking for homes vs those selling is crazy right now in this part of France), I ran into a cool house close to the coast that ticks all my requirements. It's like a 8 min walk to the beach and close to hiking trails. Was dubious at first because there's no cell-phone coverage at all and shittiest internet, but after poking around the town officials guaranteed optic fiber internet and 4G coverage by end of year. My offer was just accepted I got pretty lucky on it as the estimation was done before confinement so prices didn't rise, and I might be selling my flat super quickly and at a good price because there's a high demand in the area. Peeps built it themselves because the whole family worked in construction, so it's a 2nd-hand. Its layout is weird and its interior is a bit odd for the area (the owners liked the style of mountain homes, with lots of visible wood inside), and I'll tweak the decoration, but I generally really like it. Now if only I could see my american girlfriend, we've been kept apart since February...
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    [CSGO] Paradise

    This is my entry for the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Contest. This started out as an Arms Race map, about half done with the art about 1.5 months before the contest was over, and for the past two weeks I have overhauled the entire map as a wingman experience. I have done a few playtests on the Source Discord, and they've been mostly positive. I'm at a polishing stage right now, so any and all feedback would be appreciated. I'm doing a playtest on the MapCore Discord on Thursday, September 17th at 3PM CDT, if anyone wants to take a gander. There's definitely more things to polish, and maybe a few visuals bugs/exploits that still have to be fixed (like filling gaps between props with `toolsblack` brushes, etc). Otherwise, this map is primarily complete. My goals for this was to make something as pretty as I could, while keeping performance good enough and to improve my art skills. I worked hard to create budget UVs, textures, and models for the map to keep overhead to a minimum. Unfortunately, since a lot of the map is not brush based, the use of occluders were necessary. I would say I could have done a better job with planning, but overall I think the main goals for this project have been accomplished fully. Even if it does not do well as a wingman map, I can always turn it back into an Arms Race map. The workshop link will be added here shortly after the public release- which shouldn't be long. Until then, this is marked as a WIP. This project has around 20 custom models (not a whole lot, admittedly), a custom made skybox, custom soundscapes, and a few custom materials. Special thanks to 9yz, Slimek, Darnias, Yanzl, and Morozov/Untor for help and assets. Workshop description: The locals of the island grow upset over the glutenous part-time resident, the CEO of Proxy Research, the company responsible for the disaster at the South Heber Research Base. Seal Team 6 is sent in to protect him- as he's an asset to the U.S. Government. For more information on the South Heber Research Base disaster, please see Operation Coverup: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014706191 <---- this is the link to my last wingman map, which I've posted here before... these maps are interconnected through story ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) In this picture, my custom skybox and tiki torch models are featured. I've used this shot for the workshop thumbnail and as the first photo in the workshop album. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) In this second picture, you can tell I've struggled with the water edge at the skybox, which unfortunately I've had trouble masking further. Luckily, during the playtest nobody mentioned it, so hopefully it's alright for now until I find a better solution. The trims on the side of the villa, as well as the tarp over the crates (on the left side of the image), the overhang on the front deck, and the thatch roofing (not pictured well here) are all custom assets made for this project. This photo is not a great showcase of those, but hopefully you'll be able to appreciate them further in-game. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) Here, the tarp is featured again, but more prominently. I ran cloth sims on a pre-unwrapped subdivided cube. The poly count is a bit high, but I've been told by veteran modelers in the Source Engine Discord that this is fine. I know in the future I will try to streamline my cloth sim assets for Source Engine. Further down below, I made a bed and pillows, which both heavily rely on subdivisions near the edges of the mesh, so that more detail can be put into the folded areas. More on that later. Additionally, here's a closer look at the tiki torches-- maybe not as impressive as some veteran mapper's work, but it was something I could easily accomplish to bring more depth into this envrionment. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) This is the inside of the villa, adjacent to the bombsite. The bed, pillows, plushies, hanging ceiling lights, warped copper wall art, and wood wall trims were all modeled by me (the floor texture and the thatch roof in the window are also custom). I tried to make great use of hipoly bakes and masked phong/cubemaps for many of these props. For all these props I used a PBR workflow, converting them into specgloss materials using Yanzl's tools with many manual tweaks. The bed features a phong mask to enhance a sheen on the blue trim there. The bed and pillows are fully tintable, both with alpha masks on the diffuse channel. As stated above, I subdivided the edges of the cloth on the bed and pillows to allow for more definition in the cloth sim. On the warped copper wall art, I took advantage of a hipoly bake, using that to deform the surface with normal maps, which the lowpoly is fully flat. Using the baked mesh maps I was able to texture the asset procedurally, giving it a more natural look using PBR materials and masks. The chicken and potato plushie are assets from my last map, Coverup. (Note: This is a deprecated screenshot, as I have not taken a replacement. Not much has changed in this area, so it is mostly representative of the work there now.) This photo is just a showcase of some of the instances I used to detail much of the map. I created premade instances to use for the jungle section, which I could mix and match. I made some with lower detail to use in less visible areas- as this could help improve performance. I also made heavy use of Morozov's Swamp grass, which I adore! I also am using tinted flowers from the Inferno remake. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) I tried to make use of some of the Shoots assets, which although lower res, are able to add depth to an area that would otherwise be flat. It was a good excuse to keep some Arms Race history in here. The exterior and interior brush textures on the building though are from Danger Zone and Morozov's Swamp. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) Although not the best angle, this is the bombsite for the map. I recompiled the safe from Danger Zone to remove the pre-existing explosive models on it. Featured again here, are the wood trims, but also a custom door model- which makes great use of a hipoly bake. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) Here's the TAR image generated from my map. I'm still working on it, so please suggest any changes that should be made, including color choice. Hopefully you've enjoyed this post! I might update it more as time goes on, but cheers for now! - Will "celery" Granda (formerly "TheOnionChef") Paradise logo made by my dear friend, Jonmcbane. Thanks, buddy. One more shoutout to Proxy, the DJ- who let me use his music in my trailer for my last map, Coverup. EDIT 9/16/20: Updated images from the newest compile with better angles. Made some layout changes to help the flow of the article when viewing the updated images.
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    [TF2] Undying Event

    Can't believe I forgot to post here, but we finally finished our brand new Halloween map for Team Fortress 2! More information can be found below: IMAGES: DOWNLOAD LINKS BELOW: Steam Workshop Link TF2Maps Link Creators.TF Link
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    de_pithead WIP

    Almost done :DDDD
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    working on a jump map for Diabotical, editor took some time to get used to but it's rather intuitive, can't wait until it's all fully finished! here's my spawn / first jump
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Been working on a new environment thing for a few days
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    Our latest trailer that showcases how we're doing stuff with the timeloop Hopefully it helps to understand the concept of the game !
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    Here's a final image I'd like to share, however do bear in mind that all of it is still WIP and incomplete. Before anybody shoots me down, the rose flowers are all prop_details and is just a test to see what the effect would be by adding flowers to the ground level. I already decided I won't do this because it would hinder gameplay and visibility considerably (not even talking about how distracting they would be during play). However, I will be adding flowers closer to and on top of the stones, with some additional grass detail etc... you know the drill. I've also realised that the newest prop_details aren't worth implementing in a competitive defusal map as it's too expensive, overkill and 'complicated' to use (I could generate the flow and scatter maps easy, but it's just easier to use large prop_static's). Instead, I'll be using a plugin that can scatter flower and grass props in a procedural way (a million thanks to Shawn Olson!). This will be the final image I'll share before completion because I've reached a breakpoint in development where things will speed up as I finally can start to simply update all older assets and replace them with the good stuff. Once everything will be in order, I will do some more compiles to make sure all colors are matching and that the atmosphere is enjoyable. All final details such as small props, displacement alpha blending of almost all remaining unimportant wall displacements and visual fodder will be done after some more testing, but eventually I'm hoping to close development of the map somewhere at the end of October 2020.
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    As Roald said, you should make a topic of your own in the 3D section. The amount of updates you post here kinda feels like spam in this thread
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    Uncharted 4

    My setup is a wife watching TV . Now i installed my ps4 on my desk and use the display my company provided me, a huuuuuuge one . Also it's just that I'm more a PC player.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Playtest soonTM
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    hello! i'm new making maps for CSGO! i'm working on a new map inspired in a city from assasins creed 4, and i would like to know your opinion, any feedback is welcome and it would be of great help Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2192643195
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    THPS 1+2

    It feels exactly like the old game when you play it (with some improvements no doubt). They must've at least looked at the old game play code because I could instantly pick it up and start making combos RE2 is a different type of a remake because they had to completely change the gameplay for it to pass in 2020~ It's also cool to see my materials in another childhood game remaster Fuck alarm bells tho.
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    Left 4 Dead 2 Tools!

    Sorry for necro, but hey!
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    [PAID] Level Designer at Bongfish

    Hey guys! We are currently looking for a Multiplayer Level Designer to work with us at Bongfish in Graz, Austria. I'll just leave you with the official job posting, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! https://bongfish-jobs.personio.de/job/256315 Cheers!
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    [CSGO] Paradise

    This looks really awesome man! Good job. Gives me dead island vibes
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    El Moroes

    What's going on with your life?

    Aaaaah la Bretagne Belle maison et excellent choix de vie ! On croise les doigts pour ta copine, chaud PS : yup, french ! ^^
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    The master directed the first two episodes, this looks amazing, will have to check it out!
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    Looks Great! Hope you're still working on it and Good Luck!
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    THPS 1+2

    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX6F6y6vVLZ8H?si=Uwh088wQTeiLt7PLUrBE6A :D
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    THPS 1+2

    This might answer that question:
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    THPS 1+2

    As someone who played A LOT of THPS 2 and especially 3, I gotta say, that's a really damn good remake. They didnt just up the graphics and ship the games like they were. A lot of improvements in terms of UI, UX and even some mechanical stuff taken over from the newer games, like Reverts and Wall Plants. As always with THPS games, the soundtrack is phenomenal. It's a mix of the old tracks and a bunch of new ones. I've been disappointed with skating games ever since THPS 4. So I am happy, that they are taking a few steps back and do it "the old way". I am having a blast playing the game, so much so that my fingers hurt already. THPS 1+2 has got to be the best remake/remaster in recent years for me.
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    THPS 1+2

    I was watching a review of this game the other day and I felt a little sad. So much work and love put into this... so I can replay the exact same game I played a thousand times! Would have been cool if they had come up with at least a few new levels, but I guess that's a very hard thing to do these days Seems like our culture is stuck in a loop of nostalgia... Capitalist creativity has reached its peak and everyone is afraid of making new things. I wonder what happened that caused this. With that being said, I will still check out the free key I got for it, the environments look cool!
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    Uncharted 4

    I've finally took the time to play it. Fater started it 2 years ago, I stopped to play for some reason and then I lost all savegames on my PS4 (Bloodborne, bwaaaaah). The game really is mind blowing and will inspirate me for a few years for sure. I really regret not playing it before but for some reason it was very hard for me to plug the PS4 but I have now a setting that made everything easier.
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    Found the replicant
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    Doom 2, GZDoom:
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    Italian coastal road (Amalfi)
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    The new Blade runner should not have been made, totally unnecessary. That said, its very well made, looks and sounds great and I really like it.
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    [WIP] Arcadia - danger zone

    Hello everyone! I'm working on Danger Zone map since november 2019, with few months break. I'm hobbyst level designer and I'm looking for help with 3D models. Here you can see how map looks and how much more needs to be done - https://imgur.com/a/E9PzVIG I have tons of stuff that are made of brushes and need to be changed into 3D models with some aditional details (window trim, railings and general simple things). Also I need more complex models like air ballon, campers, tent, street signs and more. Finally I need help with retexturing Valve models and making accurate collisions on some of them. If you are interested, write to me and we will talk about details. https://steamcommunity.com/id/zombi321/ discord zombi#0759
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    The random model thread!

    More concept design, more images on my artstation. I learned a lot, I know I can still do better! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZG0mR0
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    Sawmill (WIP) (wingman)

    One month remains in the competition and there is much work still left to do, for now all I have to show his the latest overview and some screenshots. Im hoping to get 1 more playtest in before this is all over.
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    Fallout 4

    Update on the upcoming mod, Fallout: Miami
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    Amnesia: Rebirth

    That is their trademark, intentionally make things look dated
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    Sawmill (WIP) (wingman)

    Wow! This is super promising! I can't wait to see how your map performs in the contest, if you're submitting it for that. Good job, mate!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Jesus... Thats cozy looking house Congratz!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Bretagne... Love the architecture and coziness of the house. Congrats and best of luck
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    yup! They have a super nice aesthetic going on, only a handful of different "themes" for assets atm but they look great. It reminded me a lot of some stylized tf2 jump maps so I had to start making one haha
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    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    I think this is where the future of gaming is going, tbh. If Xbox's plan is any indication of where it's all going, tbh everyone wins. If you already have a beefy PC you dumped $2000+ in, you're not left out anymore.
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    Watch Dogs Legion

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    THPS 1+2

    Oh damn, that's pretty dope. One of my fav remaster, right up there with RE2, is Shadow of the Colossus. And aparently, they actually grabbed that old engine, retained the code that pertains to animation and gameplay feeling, and reworked everything else. That sounded insane to me but turns out it's true, I wonder if they did something similar with this THPS remaster? Because it's not easy to mimic the gameplay feeling of a game man.
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    [Help] CSGO Soundscape Issues

    Solved! thanks to everyone on the discord channel. Soundscapes must now be setup as a soundscapes_mapname.txt file and placed in the scripts folder. Example soundscapes_de_distillery.txt Your level will automagically reach this file now.
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    The Walking Dead

    Lol, this shit is still going on? Wtf
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    Mitch Mitchell

    THPS 1+2

    It's good on PC with PS4 controller.
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    I for one think this looks badass. I never saw the new Blade Runner and didn't hear very good things, but maybe it's worth checking out now to prepare for this guy's work a bit more. How is that any different than normal? srry
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    Hello guys. New update. For the last month I was working on map terrain, bunch of smaller generic structures and underground areas. Terrain is almost done. Only one terrain patch that is still work in progress because Jakuza had some cool ideas for it Should be done next week. Right now I'm working on mine shafts that leads to bigger and more open underground chambers. Also some generic buildings to scatter across the map. Cheers!
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    totally random texture thread

    Quick substance designer piss about, thinking of a scottish beach, needs a hell of alot more rock & stones added to be considered as a scottish beach^^ but for now just sand.
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    I've made some more progress with rock gardens and a staircase. These will eventually replace some larger areas alongside the building walls and sloped surfaces to add a whole lot more natural setting to the map. They won't be at the main keeps or central square to keep it more authentic to the original reference, but since everything around it is completely artificial, I'd figured it would be nice to implement the typical Japanese gardenesque style around the castle. Below are some images (still WIP)!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Hi internets~ I'm good these days, even though I lost my job. Healthy, strong and lots of productive pursuits.
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    [CSGO] Engage

    Hello all! This post is a little late on Mapcore because I have been moving and working on other projects also but I still wanted to share the release of Engage with the Mapcorians for who missed the release on the workshop. Two years ago BubkeZ and RZL came to me and asked if I wanted to work with them on a layout BubkeZ created in 2010 for CS 1.6 called de_engage and obviously I said yes. The three of us then started to look at this old layout and discussed what needed to change to make it viable for CS:GO and improve on the original design. RZL then made the first blockout with all the changes we discussed and handed the greybox level to me and I took it from there. The result: ENGAGE WORKSHOP PAGE
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    Xbox Series S/X

    Are Microsoft legit trying to tell me that Halo Infinite is "NEXT GEN" Can't wait to run this game from 2012 on my dehumidifier.
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