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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Who would have thought there would be another operation ... http://www.counter-strike.net/shatteredweb
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    @Tisky so you wanna go design or art? Those are two very different paths with their own set of priorities... Personally what I did after finishing school until I found my first gig was shipping a ton of small level design projects on various editors, with a quick turnaround (1 project per week on average including pre-prod, documentation, etc) to build a decent LD-focused portfolio and replace the cringy school projects asap. Most of them were be pretty bad at first but they slowly got better and better. I recommend doing this because that way you not only build a portfolio, but also invest on your knowledge which is wayyy more important on the long run. When it comes to tools/games/engines etc. I'd say it just depends on what you wanna aim for with your portfolio. The truly crucial thing at the end of the day is the intent, thought process and presentation. A level that just "looks really kewl" without the right purpose to back it up is just worthless, unfortunately. Although if you wanna go for art it's a completely different story, one which I can't give advice on... other than you gonna have to get on the ArtStation rat race haha btw you have a portfolio already or are you starting from scratch?
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    Every studio is different, inhouse tools are diferent, even when studios use the same engine the workflow changes entirely. Studios using a modeling package like 3DsMax or Maya for their level designers to blockout their levels are rare these days though, for many reasons, one of them being that it increases the iteration time. If you wanna move a block 2 meters to the side, you need to boot the modeling package, export your geo, boot the game editor, import geo, wait for file to import. At the end of the year, you're probably talking hours of man hours wasted. Some people use it sure, I can actually see it being the prefered way for a racing game due to the tracks being so organic, you need a really good modeling toolkit. BUT, that's not even why I said what I said. If you're starting out, and learning the ropes of level design and the first thing you do is grab 3DsMax and learn to model, for me it's just feels like going to the gym and start lifting more weights than you're capable of pushing. Odds are that you're gonna give up, and you're never gonna get into the routine of going to the gym. You wanna start with the fundamentals. UE4 has a basic modeling toolkit, more than capable of blocking out levels, and there's modular kits in their store as well. (Same for Unity)
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    I went back to old radar to overlay the new one/copy the old radar values onto new one.
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    Change the antialiasing in tar_config to none.
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    I've had this exact same issue as of late. I don't know what the fix for it is. Going back to the old radar is a big no-no for me. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the bottom of the issue. For me too, all of a sudden (without ever really changing major stuff in the scene or even changing the entity for that matter) the whole layout is offset and out of bounds.
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    The fix I've had to do for my map was to redo the radar back the old way (so it's the pre-2016 image overlays) and put the values from that into TAR made one + used photoshop to overlay/fix the TAR one. I've had a frustrating experience with it as that wasn't the only issue and spent a long time trying to solve it so hopefully that helps you.
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