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    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Hey, my name's ThunderKeil, or just thunder for short. That's keil as in Donnerkeil, the german for thunderbolt. If you're wondering, yes, a german friend has since told me that's not the commonly used translation, but alas. So, yea, waaaaaaaay back when I first got into PC gaming I needed a name, and I picked thunderbolt, because that's what people of 12 or so years old do. Well, that name was already in use, as you can imagine, so I went with the german version of it. In the next game I played the german one was already taken, too, so I did the obvious and mixed them up. It's . . . good enough, at least kinda unique as far as such things go. I've been on GameBanana since about 2013 or so, pretty much as long as I've played tf2 - so if any of you recognize me it's probably from there. Kinda stopped visiting about a year ago, most of the main page is sonic or some flavour of the week thing these days anyway. God knows why sonic modding suddenly flared up in the current decade (or just the end of the previous one, I suppose) but hey I'm getting off topic again. So, maps huh. Well, made a lot of those, published about . . . four and a half? I'll be frank, finishing projects has not been my forté. Guess I'm kinda shit at estimating workload, keeping myself focused on one thing, setting priorities, uhh, etc. You might'a guessed it by my long ass story already but yea I got some adhd going on here, so if you ever check out one of my projects prepare for either a chinese wall worth of text or absolutely nothing. I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue to make maps, I think - mostly - I'm just hoping to eventually make one nice enough thing so as I can say yea look at that I'm done, I've finished hammer, this is ok now and I can leave. Well, that's the dream, anyway.
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    The random model thread!

    More concept design, more images on my artstation. I learned a lot, I know I can still do better! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZG0mR0
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