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    The point of no return Hello Mapcorians I am about to write stuff down that was a lesson for me and could be a lesson for others aswell. You may skip the text and check out the new screenshots or give some time to give this a read. For those who followed my progress could have noticed I started off big. I wanted to put in alot of art ideas right from the start and focus on the asthetics of the map already. The reason why is simply because Enviorment Art is the lesser thing I like to do, so why not work on it during the Level Design progress. I knew I was going to take a risk, but I just wanted to try and take it and see how this work out for me. At first it started out great, I had a clear vision of what I want, but afther a few playtests I had to change stuff in the layout I kinda wanted to hold on to. I did so and done 'minor' changes to fix certain things, but not enough to make it succesfull for the next playtest. During this progress I think I had 5 playtests in total with each time a small improvement, but not the way I wanted it to be. It was very hard to keep things in Hammer organised since I started off the wrong foot and put in so many details on such a small grid, it was a pain in the ass to rework it. I ended up frustrated by reworking whole areas, but still didn't fixed the issue of my workspace becoming a mess on most parts of the map. Afther the previous two playtests I decided to rework the entire map and that's what I did. I went back to graybox and reblocked some of the geometry in Hammer and cleaned it all by using a overall larger grid and less unnessecary details. I decided to do some big changes and reworked B entirly, midle and T spawn. The map still needs to be playtested, but atleast I broke the barrier to sacrifice the art, to keep more focused on the gameplay. It wasn't all for nothing though. I think its not bad to put in extra time and details on important areas like the bombsites to work with more natural cover and corners, atleast thats the way I like my maps instead of a square site with a bunch of crates Momo has not much time, if there is a great enviorment artist who can make custom assets, then please hit me up! My goal is to start on the enviorment during september.
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    de_napoli WIP

    So small changes have been made to bombsite b and i started detailing the map more
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    Map is too big.. Map is too small.. CT can't play agressive.. Map is too T sided.. CT can be too agressive.. Map is too CT sided.. 100 years later and 1.000.342.453 playtests later there is a new update for you guys. Hopefully the map is now more balanced and more fun to play
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    [WIP] de_rampart

    Long time since I posted here, but Ive been busy playing around with materials and props that I know I need no matter any layout changes, as well as trying to refine some of the spaces that feel "safe" without over-committing. Ive had one play test (props to the Source Engine Discord Server!) that was a pretty cool experience with lots of informative and constructive feedback. However I will definitely need another play test soonish with the new changes even if they are relatively subtle: blocked some nasty sight lines on long A and added a small cover made pit at A less deep and lowered heaven position (definitely focused too much in aesthetics there) moved Tspawn back a few inches to give CT more time to get to mid expanded box at B and reduced sight lines expanded wall at B to make it harder for T to get to site. moved the bridge at B closer to make it easier for CT to cover position. lots of small stuff! Changes are not online yet as i only have the old grey box but here's a few teasers until i get it ready with new radar etc.
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    [WIP] de_apelsin

    Apelsin is facility specialized in water production, located somewhere in desert.
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    Hello folks, haven't posted in almost 9 years, some familiar names still around I see which is great. Quit mapping and gaming in 2010 when our second child was born, kids are getting older now thought I would fire up Hammer for shits and giggles, de_cassels was a map I started long ago for CS source, it got put on the back burner and never got finished, thought I would dig it out for CSGO, even though I don't play (4 hours playtime since the release lol). Anyway good to be back, good to see some of the original gang having some success as well.
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    AK Addict

    [WIP] Oasis

    Hello everyone! This is my second csgo map that I'm working on, playable version and radar will be later as I'm still experimenting with the layout. Here are some parts of the map that look more or less finished (lighting is still undone)
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    Hi y'all! Since Dixon is probably gonna end up not being finished (For the contest, I do plan to get it done someday), today I present to you guys Blossom. A map set in a Japanese rock garden. @Interfearance has been a major help with this map (Thanks by the way!). It will be ready for playtesting in a few days. I hope to make some final changes to the layout first Not to mention that the buyzones and B-Site aren't ready yet. And for the first time, this map isn't overdetailed for a greybox this time unlike Dixon
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    Ok guys, the final version is here (well somewhat final because soon i'll be leaving my country and i didn't had time to place more details). The map it's playable, optimized, it has a nav with callouts for a better orientation and last but not least, it has custom assets too, made by me.( only mapcore members have my permision to extract and use them if desired) Workshop link. Here are some pics:
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    [WIP] de_rampart

    Major update: Workshop Version I consider this the alpha version of the map, with most surfaces textured (a few props withstanding), albeit at an early stage. Alot of the geometry still needs refinement but represents the overall ideas. Any feedback is valuable at this stage, and I'll submit for another play test soon. Thanks!
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    Zenith is finally published! Hope you guys like it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1855652898
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    Workshop version a2 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807037033 In this update I tryed to adress the feedback from the last playtest which looked like this. Basicly I've cut on of the entrances to B (left bombsite) and added a wall at A (right bombsite). Here is a comparison. I also added basic detail to get some individual areas into the map. CT spawn T spawn Mid Bombsite A Bombsite B T route to A (sweatshop) T route to B (corridor with junk furniture) Radar I'm gonna schedule another playtest soon. If you have any kind of feedback please let me know. Have a nice day.
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    [WIP] Dune

    Hello everybody, I know I am a little late to post here and begin my maps thread but after a little break from mapping I want to come back to have a go at this contest. I am a terrible procrastinator, so maybe a little bit of peer pressure will help me get more work done as I have a lot to do in the coming months. So to keep me working I will try and post every day here with any new work. As far as the map the theme will be a military base inside and around desert ruins and temples. Bombsite A will be outside the temple where materials are being transported away from the area and bombsite B will be inside the temple where the military have set up operation to extract goods from inside. For the layout right now, its rough. A lot of paths are very boxy and uninteresting but as I begin building up the world around the map I hope to bring some more natural shapes and paths into the layout. The layout's main concept is having 2 mid like areas. One main mid and another alt mid or long A that will serve as a rout to A but also will allow T's to execute some interesting strategies as it also connects to mid window and can be used to rotate over to B. Before I start I made a couple Photoshop idea boards for the map so I will post them here. I will also post the main picture that sparked the idea for the map, its a little futuristic but don't worry it will be toned down for cs
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    [WIP] Bombspot Bitcoin

    A little overview
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    [WIP] de_havana

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    This map is available to download here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833955880 Been having some issues with textures etc, but hopefully it should work now, ironically I forgot to change the visibility to friends only which drew a larger crowd than I wanted (I usually upload my wip's and keep it as hidden/friends only for a few days so its buried in the noise) ...thankfully the steamworkshop bots saw that the submission was trending and downvoted it, crazy to see how fast they are!! haha Where did you get that model cuz damn that thing slaps. You might want to break something else big like the bridge or its radars, cuz it looks a little too pristine. @JackT There is a playable version available now, still very wip, but it's at least something... @Interfearance The model originates from another unreleased/unfinished project, I hope that the completed version will look a little bit less pristine, @Ynel Thanks, you can try it out now if you want @JorisCeoen Ah yeah, you are right, never played that game so had to google it @Vanx Thanks, will see how much the carrier affects the performance, I don't think it will be any problems, its rather few polys and very simple geometry (all static)
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    Here's a peak at the new underground offices area! This sign marks the entrance. Here's the office of the former owner of the mall. This is an old photo of the mall owner. I'm sure y'all know who's in that picture IRL, it's me! And lastly, this is a note left behind by the owner 2 weeks before the place was abandoned. Try and find these types of notes around the map, they'll tell you lot's about the lore.
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    Freesh Milk

    de_santamarta [WIP]

    A collection of reference images.
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    Hello! A new portion of Props at your service ) "short" cover "Long" cover Rail holders also, I changed our lovely clouds from blue to orange, cause I decide that blue is not a color for the sunset) and orange is more suitable for this and made the first pass with foliage for the whole map thank you guys for watching and commenting my stuff, I appreciate it very much till next time!
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    I just got a new PC and noticed for the first time the bloom intensity on this map was out of wack. That's what happens when you build a map on integrated graphics! So much better now. I redesigned the layout of kid's room and removed some furniture for better mobility and additional after-plant positions. CTs will now have a much easier time rushing through the window to get into A Site at the start of a round. And the extra space gives Ts in a post-plant scenario more options to defend from this location. -bed -cupboard -sidetable A Site / Living Room also went through the same process of removing furniture and making space for better mobility and additional post-plant positions. -couch -sidetable -boxes
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    Long time no see! I finally got around to slap somewhat of a layout together, after not having my PC equipment due to moving country. I wanted to keep the layout easy to read and learn, while at the same time, adding a few unique twists to it. Mid control should offer both teams with valuable information and options to attack/defend. I am still fiddling around with some of the timings, but I hope to upload the map to the workshop and have a playtest soon. For now, I leave you with some screenshots from the current state.
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    Mapcore Job Census

    So after 10 months I made it out of QA and had my first day today as jr ld. You could say things are looking up.
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    Shouwei [Defusal]

    We've made a lot of layout changes since the last post I made here, I just haven't gotten around to posting them on this page -- I'll go over them after our next release. In the meantime, I've been getting started on the detailing grind. Here's a sneak preview...
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I'd say the proliferation of "clean" maps in CS has more to do with readability than technology. The kind of grime Interfearance seems to desire is visually noisy, which just isn't a good fit for classic CS gameplay.
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    [Wingman] Station

    Woop woop! for me its the first time a CS:GO map 'gets to use', so thats pretty cool! Morozov and I have thought about some major changes in layout and looks, but stuff got in between like the mapcore contest for an example, so we leave that for later and hope to gain some feedback on this map and hope you guys enjoy it! If you havent checked it out yet ingame or are to lazy, here is a review by SlickShotGames:
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    de_peak [WIP]

    Hello. I am working on this map right now. Concept is an observatory at mountain. I inspired by Sphinx Observatory on Switzerland. The first plan was to have a wingman map. But right now, I am going to add a B bombsite to take part to Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019. What do you think about it? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1853660993
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    [ WIP ] de_lotus

    This is the first map I made to have a stand in the contest, name of the map is "Lotus" and it took place in an old war tunnel in Vietnam. I'm updating some screenshot, so you guys can look at that... paint draw to figured out the map. Have fun!
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    [WIP][DE] Antiquity

    Hello, everyone! This is my entry to this contest. Had to pause current project, to make something exotic. Map is situated in Georgia, somewhere in old Tbilisi. Made some art to get feeling of the place I am making. Haven't posted to workshop yet, play-test version soon. P.S. Sorry for bad quality of pictures.
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    [WIP] de_hillside

    New update is coming soon!
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    de_napoli WIP

    Some more changes to the map b site has some more height difference so its a dig site and 1 of the entrances has been blocked off with a wooden plank so some nice wallbangs can be done, i also started detailing the t site of the map
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    [WIP] Touristas

    Have been pushing off posts due to laziness... Still pushing hard over here! Here are some signs thrown together ready to move into photoshop! Hope to get some mapcore playtests soon... just need find a weekend im free.
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    coming soon (valve time )
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    [CS:GO] dz_deserty (Danger Zone)

    Hey, I'm working on my new Danger Zone map. It's called dz_deserty (is the initial name) Map is still W.I.P ABOUT Action takes places on a fictional desert island somewhere in America. There's a lot of america's houses, gas station, motel, and more to explore for equipment to fight! Every feedback is appreciated Some ss: Also I made animations for some models, to make map more "alive"
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    Testing a totally redone layout tomorrow. I think the bombsites may be a little undercooked but I want to check this new structure works
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    Midnight [TF2]

    Been making Halloween maps for past few years. So here's another one made with a friend and whats not a date like friday 13th to release for? Please vote on workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861668959 5 Control Points, showcased as Gallows each with their own name. Capturing one will free up a previously hanged soul. Capturing all five will magically move you and the opposing team to underworld, where you can also visit through well portals when clock hits midnight. At the end of the underworld, you must fight to survive. Against the other team, or against a common foe, untill gates open and you can escape... Here's some nice shots (more at workshop) and a preview video too. Thanks.
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    Guess what? This map ain't dead! I've decided to resume development on it since I've been wanting to do a dead mall theme for years, yet I never did it for some odd reason. Now I know it has a lot of flaws that need attention, but I'd just like to address the most important one: Lighting. Before, the map was very dark since I was only lighting it up with dark colored lights for ambience. But I've decided that I shouldn't let realism get in the way of a potential map. So I've turned the power on in the building! In real life this would have likely caused a fire 10 or so years after being abandoned, but this ain't real life, it's a game! After all, this map literally has flags that have been flying since 1966! Also, I've added some construction lights to a few areas, just to support the idea of the asbestos abatement that's going on. So hopefully with some of the lights on, it should have more Clarity, (Obviously not ALL the lights are on, some have burned out, have fallen out, or have been broken/stolen by looters) I'll be sure to address the layout soon as well
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    The random model thread!

    Learning Blender in my spare time. Really cool piece of software with a bunch of weird quirks. Still, gonna hopefully make all my personal stuff in Blender from now on.
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    I have come a long way in about a year of videogame mapping. I have an extreme passion for level design and I want to turn it into my career. I don't think I would still be here if I didn't love doing it, because damn I failed a lot and learned a lot. Even though it has only been a year, believe me, if you don't persevere, mapmaking will turn you off fast. Here are a few themes that I have messed up in my mapping noobishness that you might actually want to use if you are stuck. For some I have screenshots, most others are lost. Also, many of you may know me for my rant based, unstructured writing, so bear with me. One day I will plan a post. De_olympus The OG. The first ever map idea I had. It was this space station where the terrorists had docked with a ship. There was this whole lookout tower extension that was gonna have a glass bubble over it. There was a one way drop to B. Very cheeky design choices. As my first project I have decided to make a defusal map based in space. The terrorists are attempting to detonate explosives in the two bio centers on space station Olympus. Look how much I planned this: I didn't know much about level design and my ideas were very idealistic and badly implemented. I am thoroughly surprised that I planned my first map rather than jumping into it Even from the get go I was tired of centrally placed mids, and how safe and generic they were in maps. I didn't allow T's enough room to setup and navigate. THERE WAS LITERALLY NO WAY TO GET OFF B ONCE YOU COMMITTED. De_underground A completely underground historic subway system. Nade implementation has to be creative. This was my third blockout (?) De_golden A san Francisco bay area mansion with a variety of indoor and outdoor engagements with a 2 level exotic car garage and a wine cellar. One of the sites was a golden bughatti on a pedestal. Some very pretentious mapping ideas I had. De_hydro Behind CT spawn was a massive hydroelectric dam. Middle was a stepped water path, but most parts were drained. A was this power generation plant with turbines. One of them was removed and you could drop down into a pipe (formally known as a penstock), and then exit in a spot where it was burst. I got super obsessed about dams when I made this one because they are frigging awesome. De_nordic A big Nordic castle with tons of snow, a Rapunzel tower. Situated on a mountain with one side of the map facing a sheer cliff. T spawn was half of a crumbled bridge. I think my brushwork was improving, but I feel I actually got more ignorant in terms of pathing. De_petrol A collab map I was going to do with another mapper. It was set to be in an abandoned overgrown petrol refinery, but it was like my second map so it flopped horribly. He wasn't really a layout "expert", and it is hard to give feedback about a layout that seems like it could never be good so I don't blame them. De_station Kinda like subzero except with the theme of an Antarctic research base and not nero. One site is a geodesic dome and the other is a habitat on stilts. Middle was this underground experiment area akin to nuke underground in hallway scale. De_sandstorm A city in dubai covered in sand dunes that create interesting elevations and allow you into second floor buildings and the such. My skill in hammer was not really there, I didn't get far. De_palace An area of sidewalk near a middle eastern palace caves in, exposing a sewer system for gameplay. I imitated other maps too strongly and ended up with an ugly child of 5 maps. Don't do this beginners. De_silo A missle silo on a military base that serves as one of the sites. The other is explosives storage. Middle is a service route through the base. De_databunker A map that taught me a lot through failure. I didn't have a strong enough grasp of what everything was going to be and the whole map ended up suffering thematically and gameplay wise. There was a train that would block you for 3 seconds to fix timings before rolling away. very cool stuff, bad planning and execution. You can only start reliably freestyling your maps when you have a good idea of what makes maps tick and have experience with the editor. Do not be ashamed to extensively plan early on. You need to be very lucky to create something fun and competitive with a solid them the first time around. De_bunker The predecessor to databunker, based around artillery emplacements in the rockaways. There was not a very large variety of areas and I was not too happy with the scale of the end result considering that it could not be changed due to the real life size of certain objects that the layout rested upon. De_bucha Kind of a "we don't talk about that" map. The theme was Old Town Bucharest. One site was a palace and the other was a castle museum. There were a host of inherent gameplay issues because I was too devoted to ideas that would not work. Sometimes you have to throw away ideas that are not competitive but are very cool. This is the point where I started to learn about func detail. Before, I pretty much looked up how to put in spawns, a light_env, and brushes, and I went ham making maps. A little cringe, but at least I wasn't distracted by things I didn't really need yet. There is a mapcore post if you really care about seeing it, The visuals in graybox were o.k. De_kowloon My first map that I am proud of but also a little disappointed with. While it does have a 4 square design like every map today, it includes verticality in every section, but not in an awkward way. Also the whole map is on rooftops so I was inspired by the heights to make it like this. Maybe don't take this one until its truly dead in my hands like all my other projects. If you need want to use any of these themes I can give you specific ideas that I used within the map that might help or inspire you. I have been trying to help a bunch of people through exhaustive feedback and teaching lately. I even got a rando in mm interested in mapmaking and start his own map. I might make a basic beginners series that takes into account the things I didn't like about the existing tuts and fixing them. There will be planning and structure, and I love teaching so it will be great. I think giving a taste of the tools first and then introducing planning maps would keep people interested. I will eventually release the first video format and see what you guys think. Also I will not say things like:Making of de_sparity - Part 1_ Planning.mp3
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    Mapcore Job Census

    I'm a bit of a lurker rather than a poster now days. But I was promoted to Associate Level Designer recently! (could my nickname on it also be changed to Kafe please )
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    Control (Remedy)

    I unlocked all of Jesse's powers, once you have all of the game's toolkit at your disposal, the combat becomes so damn fun! Juggling your throw power to break shields, then using a gun to hurt the enemy, possess him so he fights for you, proceed to fly around and shoot down the rest of the enemies and finish the last one with a stomp from above is really satisfying. Now that I'm approaching the mid of the game, the writing gets even weirder, and not always necessarily in a good way. Funny enough, I find the main protagonist Jesse, incredibly stale and boring. The constant stoic stance she externally puts out contrasts with her vulnerable internal monologues and narrations, a lot, which sounds pretty good on paper but it makes her character very hard to follow at times. A lot of things just happen around her, and she accepts it without question or much fuss, for instance being made director of the Bureau in the beginning of the story. Same can be said about most characters, for such a good story, Control's characters are very one dimensional. It borders on parody of what they're trying to be, but I question if that was written and directed on purpose or not. Going back to the overall story though, it's really good. It tries to be this blend between twin peaks and x-files. The level design is really good, just enough direction that you mostly always know where you are, and the feeling of being lost is still there. Loving the metroidvania still design / map, was a really nice surprise that makes the game feel bigger than it is, but it certainly works. The graphics and physics is is definitely what carries this game for me, and what makes me come back. You can deffo see Tadao Ando's influences everywhere, and this engine lends itself perfectly to that architectural style. Love the brutalistic nature of the architecture, and the big gradients in the lighting. Some of the environments are so damn good, environments mild spoilers ahead:
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    [WIP][DE] Antiquity

    Middle in current state. Currently I am experimenting with lighting color theme and brightness of level. Guys, how do you like sunset theme or is it better to go with mainstream daylight with crisp shadows?
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    Blossom is now available on the workshop! I put it there since I applied for playtesting and it needed to be uploaded That means the rest of you guys can check it out now too! Here's the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1844405666 And here's a view at B-Site as well
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    Hi everyone! This is the first map of mine which I'd consider finished. It is a wingman hostage map based around an abandoned Headquarters in the united states, repurposed for the use of file hosting. I think that the theme is very interesting, where it has been fully applied. There are some areas that still need a lot of brushing up, T-Spawn is one of these areas. There are 6 distinct areas in the map. Server Room, Connector, Outside, T-Spawn, CT-Spawn, and Central. Connector and T-Spawn are easily the areas that need visual brushing up the most. A 3D skybox hasn't been added yet but it is on my list of things to do. Credits Yanzl - Models and Textures from "Breach" TopHATTWaffle - RealWorldTextures & RealWorldTextures2 TheJonyDrake - Detailing, Map Design, Playtesting Saminator977 - Playtesting & Motivation Viperr - Original Layout of Old Defuse Version Thanks to everyone at the Source Engine Discord Server for helping with playtesting. Thanks to everyone over at the Healthy And Joyful MapperZ You can check out the map on the steam workshop here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1786059856 Please check it out, give it a rating, and let me know what you think! Here's a few more screenshots
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    [WIP] de_Digital

    Been gone for a while but now Im back to working. Huge Layout change to middle and B side of the map. Also some custom textures
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    Your prop design image needs to be pushed up from last on the workshop... it is so sick: Where would one make the "chalk" effect sketches?
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    Freesh Milk

    de_santamarta [WIP]

    An initial sketched/painted/photoshopped layout. A basic structure to work from during grey blocking.
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    only advice I can give is stop scrapping stuff and keep going on a map even if you think it's falling apart. Seeing a project through to the end changes your perspective on what to do (and not do) in the earliest stages a lot.
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    [WIP] | Moon

    I´m back btw and made some kind of "playtesting-update" you now have a bit more space, minor clipping was made and some really small detailing. Will submit the version that is now on the workshop to one of the playtesting services soon. Screenshots are on the steam-workshop, but will still have to be verified. So for now here are some of the screens:
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    [WIP] Touristas

    Hey! some image grabs today The first three images are of mid, It runs through the entire map and is also the lowest point in the map. I wanted to have this be an important area to control while also being a dangerous place to be. It is separated into segments by 3 tunnels. 1st image is terrorist side and the following two images approach ct side. Image below is CT spawn with three distinct directions to choose. left is toward cable car (a) mid is mid Right is gazebo (B) Below is bombsite (A) cable car. This view shows the one way drop to the site along the coast. The bomb can only be planted toward the top by the cable car motor. Ct entrance to cable car (a) with raised platform T entrance to site (B) gazebo. Bridge connects to upper mid. You can use the windowsills to reach an alternate route. trying to clip everything and adjust some sight lines... then find time for that play-test!
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    ...time has past since the events near Suez Canal at 2046, under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the king-class warship USS Carry. Download here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833955880 Alpha 4 overview, slightly out of date compared to the Steam Workshop version
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