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    Published a new article titled "Comparative fps study in Source Engine Optimization System". Cheers and enjoy the read http://gamebanana.com/articles/69
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    [Friberg intensifies]

    [Friberg intensifies]
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    The article is out http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/FranckFitrzyk/20150727/249503/How_can_an_online_game_dev_community_change_a_life.php
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    Published my latest article titled "Common Misconceptions in Source Engine Optimization". Check it out http://gamebanana.com/articles/68
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    Now it's official! As the current main teacher for Level Design at The Game Assembly, an advance vocational education, (University level but not academic, focused on pratice) in Malmö, Sweden is stepping down I'm about to step into his shoes and teach in everything from level design to game engines and scripting. First off at 100% and then I will drop down to 75% to continue my journey with my own studio.Finally some economic stability in my life, a total relief!
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    My newest article "Demystifying Source Engine Visleaves"; cheers and enjoy http://gamebanana.com/articles/71
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    So. my college will give me a qualification if I create and complete a presentation on level design. This is going to be so much fun
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    Off to Lapland, Sweden. Back in about two weeks, if I don't run into a bear or a herd of mooses
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    I'd say first unofficial map test went pretty smoothly! I hope it's received well by a wider audience on Sunday, and thanks to everyone who helped tonight
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    You think I'll ruin it with my bad attitude?
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    Halloween is long over, but the mark i left in TF2 stays in the game... forever!
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    I've been on Mapcore for two years now
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    Greetings from the sunny Adria coast to all MapCorians~ I'll be back in my cold, dark basement on Wednesday!
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    Bought my first motorcycle today

    Bought my first motorcycle today
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    I started working on my first map today... I wasn't abled to stop because I was so fascinated, but I think 8 hours are enough for now
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    This forum update has taken 10 years off my life. Lots more to tweak and fix tomorrow though. Thanks for the patience everyone!
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    I'm glad i finally start to have great things in my life : a job that gives me money and an awesome girlfriend. But wait ... level design is missing, i'm running out of time ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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    hi, we playtested your map, it played pretty well you can check it out here:
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    That moment when a level design studen of yours hands in all his documentation... in .txt format! D:
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    Mmmh this should be a cool reference for some of our doors...
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    life is hard, cs (hostage map), tf2 payload or insurgency map next? waaahhhh
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    its hammer time! congrats to the mapcore competition finalists and winner
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    Ohh yeah ! First interview today. Nervous ? A little. Excited ? Yessss.
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    Just made this https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ltSSzW, this shit is fun to make. Anyway, back to hammer.
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    Aww man, missed my first mapcore cake day
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    Installed blender on my work computer. There was a cube on the screen. I smooshed the cube a little and then it disappeared. I should probably read a tutorial.
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    Hi, I do a lot of playtesting with my team, if you ever need the map playtested please let me know. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlu8MDrzRHCyS9dqizewrikhSWUCecZr2 cheers kodiak
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    Give this man a medal! A huge thank you to you !
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    Appearantly double-posts on the forums are merged into your previous posts. Mapcore mods are geniouses!
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    Learning PBR's with SD for first time! Metallic/Roughness vs Spec/Gloss still a bit conceptually confusing. IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER THOUGH! Using mostly Digital Tutors and SD documentation but if anyone has any resources for grasping PBR's and a workflow for Source, would appreciate it a lot!
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    So today I'm learning how to saw with the machine…
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    Our website is live, common and check it out: http://www.thelastkind.net Give us some Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelastkindgame/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thelastkindgame And on Google+ too! https://plus.google.com/+ThelastkindNet/
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    After being on hiatus for 1.5 years, "de_forlorn" project is resurrected and brought back to life https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17209-de_forlorn-wip/?page=2#comment-404898
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    Nothing like the clean desktop of a fresh Windows installation!
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    ditto https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ll2SWW
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    Making game audio..

    Making game audio..
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    New rig is finally ready Can't wait to check it out!
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    Hey, I joined this forum thanks to you. I appreciate the Gamasutra article.
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    Having to learn UDK after about 1000hrs in SDK, not recommended.
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    Another Remains update should be live, just visual improvements to the first bombsite though, but I added some decent things to look at
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    Just noticed certain threads have been retired. RIP!
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    The CSGO mapping contest is pretty amazing with all its prizes and judges. A shame, that my exams will probably prevent me from finishing my map soon enough.
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    After giving up my first map due to unsolvable problems with the idea, I am now sitting at work, drawing and thinking about another project.
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    New cover photo thingy is sweet

    New cover photo thingy is sweet
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    Muuuh, always trapped in Los Santos and now in the Northerns Kingdoms.
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    Where are Klein and Kendhrin?

    Where are Klein and Kendhrin?
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