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    5 year old thread? No worries, i got this. There are currently 2 merch stores: The old one: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/mapcore/ and the new one: https://teespring.com/stores/mapcore 1. The old one should be nuked to avoid confusion. Also: Old logo. 2. The new one got cut down for some reason. Can't buy a mug no more? GUYS! MURGS - WE NEED THEM MURGS!! 3. The store isn't really linked to around here. Gotta fix that. Edit: Tagging some cause otherwise nobody will find this comment ever. @FMPONE @Thrik @Yanzl
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    Bump for exposure!
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    Static Prop Combine in CS:GO

    Thanks a lot for this awesome guide guys! Just wanted to add something, if you get this to work, you'll probably get strange lighting results. That's because vrad recently started doing something with lighting origins. When props are combined, the center of the newly combined prop will be used as the lighting origin. This can sometimes be inside brushes etc. You can fix this by adding -StaticPropLightingOld to vrad's params.
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    Oh yeah looks like they changed how the product listings work, remaking everything now.
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    Just finished a wallpaper for (android, probaby other) phones On the phone: Download version: http://arthurdepadua.com/downs/mapcore_wallpaper.png and some insight of the concept and process to make it:
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    Made a quick graphic which explains the differences between the different vis terms
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