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  1. Beck

    Battlefield 2042

    For sure. We lived through the golden age of gaming I feel and it could just me being old and shouting at clouds but I don't feel like modern games suit me well. There aren't many new games I enjoy like I did back in the late 90's to about the early 2010's. See, this is where the specialists work. You and 3 mates. You know who your friends are and where they are since you're most likely on Discord with them. Everyone else is an enemy. It doesn't really matter that everyone else is playing the same characters like in other BR and Tarkov-like games. Other modes in BF2042 really could do with having classes back and everyone plays a nameless soldier unique to their faction. But I guess that won't bring in the dollars from skin sales. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Man, I really am an old man shouting at clouds
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  2. Fairly sizeable patch! I haven't been having many problems with the game, aside from FPS dips during combat, I think it fixed it for me. https://www.pcgamer.com/deathloop-update-patch-notes/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_source=twitter.com
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  3. Over the summer I started watching Star Trek. I used to be a massive Star Wars-fan and never really got into Star Trek. I had watched the modern (JJ abrams-)movies but they didn't really hit me any significant way and basically just seemed like action scifi movies. I later got to watching some individual The Next Generation episodes, based on whatever turned up in "best of"-google searches I did. Once I had went through a couple of those I watched through Discovery and then Picard (both new, modern, series). However, it wasn't until I started watching Deep Space Nine that I really started loving it. Admittedly it looks like fucking shit; desaturated and depressing, most likely caused by the technicalities of transitioning to modern media formats. Once I got past that I was consistently served with really good plots, character development and dialogue. I'm at S3 currently and loving it. It speaks to the skills of the writers that I went from immediately despising Quark, to absolutely loving him. My favorite episode so far is "Duet" from season 1
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  4. Only a couple hours in, and I already know me and this game will be best friends! Really enjoying it so far. I absolutely love Colt's personality, and the use of "regular" language and profanity in the game's tips, lol. I can feel a lot of people had fun making this game, it oozes personality.
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