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  1. T-Rexer

    Vineyard - Danger Zone

    The Danger Zone experiment returns to the sun soaked hills of southern Italy. Between scenic towns and ancient ruins, fight to survive and be the last man standing. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2587298130 Made by: Hasselh0ff, KlixX, Seth, Quotingm Slimek, Andi, Squidski and T-R3x3r
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    Metroid Dread

    Second trailer dropped, looks fucking insane. L O R E
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  3. fewseb


    The location is the most interesting thing theyve shown so far, southwest US towns and cities are very under utilized for game locations, especially for open world games. Its a good way to set this new series of Saints Row games apart from the old ones with their colder industrial mid-western cities. Though its really going to be a let down if they contrive this setting to be an Island, like they did in past games I got to ask why developers post "location trailers" that are 70% talking heads, cut with blink and you miss it shots of only the majors areas. Surely it would be cheaper and less effort to just make a trailer about the actual location in depth without all the pretend interviews. IOI did the same thing with Hitman 3 and really undersold the locations doing so. Even still though, the game looks good so far.
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  4. Grats on getting this out there, it looks amazing!! I can't wait to play it, Arkane ftw!! You guys rock!
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  5. I've designed my first CS:GO skin! If you wanna see more renders they're in the ArtStation link. Definitely wanna do this again, just have to take a bit of a break first. Workshop Link | ArtStation Link
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  6. celery

    Prime [Wingman]

    I am really proud of how this styleguide was turning out, so here is a little area I detailed with a mix of custom and stock assets.
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