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  2. Roald


    I worked on the feedback from last playtest and the biggest point of feedback is B being too hard to hold and too hard to retake, so I did a major update on this bombsite and fixes some smaller issues all over the map. Album: https://imgur.com/a/xuV9bOw
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  3. Lily is a bomb defusal map set in Portugal. Layout: The layout was developed some time ago until I decided to go ahead with this project, in the making of the map, I changed the layout a lot, the layout is based on two routes between bombsite for terrorists, one safe route and one not, for counter terrorists, it is the same, two routes between bombsites, one safe and the other isn't, tendo ambas, T and CT unsafe routes, connection to the middle. Screenshots: May not be accurate due to map updates. For more visit the workshop page. Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com
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  4. The_Virus

    Dungeon Props

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  5. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    In search for inspiration i made a little trip with the bike close to my home.
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