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    I just found this old map from back in the day. Think I posted shots of it on here during the glory days when I was 16/17. Gonna go have a mid life CRYSIS.
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    Resident Evil Village

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    Resident Evil Village

    That guys eye brows are almost as big as mine
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    Yeah it’s shooting walking dildos with a shotgun that’s moving in three times speed for some reason. It looks like it’s supposed to be a movie, so just make a movie at that rate, the technology has certainly gotten to a point where you can. From the video game perspective nothing about the camera angle, the enemies, or the shooting is even enticing.
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    Have you seen this one?
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    Great video. I'm now back to craving another numbered entry into the Half-Life universe. I get so fucking nostalgic over HL1 and the goldsrc days. They were some of my best years of gaming and they'll always hold a special place in my heart. I do wonder if Valve would really wait until VR is widely adopted before releasing a numbered sequel. Would they really want HL3 to be a VR exclusive title? Alyx was great, I loved it, but I still think I'd prefer a traditional Half-Life. But then, Valve has always pushed the envelope with Half-Life, just plug it into my brain already! Anyway, I could listen to that guy talk about Half-Life all day.
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