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    Goals for 2021?

    Don't plan 2021.
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    Corona Virus

    For few weeks/months I am yes. FYI I will take it but not as an early adopter. Fun fact, because of how messed up my upbringing was I have not taken most of the vaccinations you get a as a child (misplaced paperwork, parents didn't care to sort it out).
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    Heh, absolutely rough! So I have it working with the "text" fbx format but the binary format is horrendously undocumented. For the binary format (i.e the one people generally want) in the past I have used Autodesks FBX SDK for a few previous projects but it seems a shame for it to only support a couple of platforms. I was looking at this: https://github.com/jskorepa/fbx which looks fairly good but it is one of those things that will permanently be playing catchup with the vendors latest format. That said, backwards compatibility is pretty good for 3D modellers so it might not be a problem. Haha yes, I know that feeling. I am just glad I have finally managed to make progress on one of mine that can finally be ticked off the "to do at some point" list Yes. Traditionally, when making maps with id Software's Q3Radiant, you typically place a few things about and then can test it in a single mouse click which will start up Quake III Arena (or derivative) and load the map you have been working on to test out "in-game". Because OpenRadiant is now completely separate from Quake, it seemed a shame to lose that ability to quickly test it. So I wrote a very simple renderer to run the map and move around to explore. The renderer is written in OpenGL and isn't anything too special. Later on I plan to export it as a single file WebGL website so you can dump it on web servers. I am also thinking about making a few menu items to launch the map in Maya or Blender to make for easy workflows (and they can then export to .fbx or any of the hundreds of different formats you might need). Edit: The lighting is baked using a bespoke (but fairly primitive) ray tracing tool. Mostly because quite a lot has moved on since the old Quake III mapping tools that used to do this and I needed a few extra features so I thought I would just re-implement my own.
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    Corona Virus

    FYI that does not mean you are now immune. You can get re-infected if you have already had covid. From the CDC:
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    @That50'sGuy this is from the area just inland of Venice Sardinia, caused by mining and refining that being said, at least you can see it. Much worse, in a way, when the problem is invisible... ever seen Erin Brockovich? There's also Dark Waters that came out last year on the subject.
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    this is not science fiction, this is real life
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    Corona Virus

    Agreed, that is why increase your odds by staying healthy. Loose weight, sort out your sleep and don't think about Covid
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    de_recon, a map ahead of its time (no goddamn crates)
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    From is his site: COUNTERSTRIKE FOREVER Every year I aim to do at least one project for personal development and this year getting to know my way around Unreal was on the menu. I started out with a nice snowy landscape but it somehow? turned into a reminiscent movie about the good old Counterstrike level-design days. Gogogo! PROJECT DETAILS 100% made by 3D-Mike https://player.vimeo.com/video/496983929
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    Who that's quite an undertaking. How long did it take you to get to this point? congratulations on the release!
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    ... de_predator, de_recon, ... Whenever he'd release a new CS map that got me crazy excited. And then there was this one too
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    I'm still workin' on porting HLA content to Source 1. It's not much, but it's coming along! It's not really challenging, it's just time consuming to do since it's quite a long process for even just 1 model. Though textures can be rather quick. Car models have proven to be most challenging since they have different textures for both the inside and outside. And they aren't separate like the car models in CS:GOs Dust 2. So I have to manually select every polygon that makes up the interior, and temporarily make the interior it's own model to add the texture. Then I can combine the two together again. It can take hours to do this, but I'd say it's worth it. Foliage hasn't proven challenging. The only thing I have to do is try to re-create how the S2 wind effects look with the S1 $treesway technology. Having a high scrumble setting usually recreates the look well. Dynamic props are the only thing I'm not sure I'll be up for. I have no idea how to port over the animations for the model. But if by some miracle I figure it out, I'll be one happy fella! I'll update y'all soon! I hope your new year has been great so far!
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    Peles Castle (CS:GO)

    This is looking really cool. I went there with my fiancé a year ago, just showed her the hammer screenshot and she instantly knew where it was.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    That's just the camera height making it look a bit like that: In the retail maps, the terrain top is completely flat!
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    Thanks Neptune! I am working on finishing it up as we speak. Distillery does have a bit of that Dunwall vibe huh? I suppose it is possible that Dishonored looked at Edinburgh for reference as well. When walking around Edinburgh I got a Bloodborne (Yharnam) feel from a lot of the buildings. Thanks Anarchy!
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