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    Hi all, Level editors for Quake era games such as Worldcraft and QERadiant originally got me interested in game development and even to this day, as a programmer I find Blender and others a little less fun to use than those original tools were. ProBuilder and UE4 brushes got close but I don't find it generic enough to be able to use the same tool for a number of different game engines I typically use for many of my projects. So I decided to dive in and start considerably hacking at the GtkRadiant level editor source code. As just one example, rather than read Quake 3 data files, instead it reads from a standard filesystem (as you would expect a normal 3D modeller to do). I have also added a "standard" .obj (wavefront) exporter making it easy to read directly into other modelling tools as part of your build pipeline. That format is fairly minimal but widely supported. Finally I have replaced the older Q3 lightmap baking stuff (the q3map2 compiler) with my own called "Raptor Bakery" (Or you can use Blender's, Maya's, etc anyway because they can all import .obj). I have optionally extended the .obj format to provide lightmap coordinates. A bit hacky; my next step is to just provide an fbx exporter Familiarizing myself with the original GtkRadiant codebase has been difficult but I really enjoy using the tool. Being able to knock up test scenes in a matter of minutes is really great. Perhaps this tool could help you migrate any cool levels you created for Quake or Half-Life (perhaps back in the day or even now!) to other engines. I have been a long time lurker on these forums and have seen some great stuff. Yes, some of it is probably a bit too much for this tool to handle but nonetheless So if you are interested, please check it out. It is free and I thought others might enjoy it. http://thamessoftware.co.uk/openradiant/ Karsten
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    What have you watched recently?

    Holy Shit! The nostalgia. Used to watch the original episodes back in the early 90s, and each episode was a half hour of tear-inducing laughs for the whole gathered family. Good times I used to have the VHS set; I think I'll get the DVD set and watch it again soon. I hope you are also fan of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, charlie Chaplin, and...Tom & Jerry
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    What have you watched recently?

    I knew Mr. Bean was supposed to be pretty funny but goddamn. no one told me it is perhaps the funniest thing you can ever watch in your life
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    Peles Castle (CS:GO)

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my latest work here! I wanted to journey to Romania for this map, but I have never been so I decided to make a map based on the Peles Castle in Romania. The design, beauty, and epic scale of the map challenged me to really try for the moon here. I want to make a map that is really fun to play and offers something nice to look at. I hope that I can play this with my friends in the future! But in the meantime this map is being worked on, hopefully going to get a render of it before the year is out! -razorblade421 Feel free to check out some of my other fun maps I made for CS:GO! https://steamcommunity.com/id/razorblade421/myworkshopfiles/ Don't hesitate to reach out for any inquiries. I used a lot of assets and textures from HL:EP2 and L4D2. Shout out to TopHattWaffle for his texture packs available on his website! https://www.tophattwaffle.com/
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    Half-Life Alyx

    A new look at the liquid shader
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    Music of Half Life

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    Steam Workshop Link Derrick Find the map in the "other" section of Garry's Mod Please play with HDR ON in your video settings Derrick was just a test that I started in Feburary, then after leaving it to rot for 10 months I came back to it and started working on it starting about 2 months ago. Derrick is largely a learning project and does not play well. It is more a demonstration of some features of the Source™ engine that Garry's Mod map makers do not utilize in their maps. It is shorter than I would like but found that making a code heavy map like this is time consuming. The map was not designed with the use of the spawn menu in mind which defeats the purpose of Garry's Mod which is weird now that I think about it. Credits sobecblobec - Main Creator | Environment artist ✪ bow - Bug Test Special thanks to: CSGO - Assets RP_UnionCity - Misc Please support me and consider rating/favoriting Derrick Sponsored by BuffDuckStore
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Acres (Wingman) Gonna try and learn some more about custom assets and materials with this project
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    [CS:GO] Ravine (wingman)

    That lighting is something else, man. Congrats on the release!
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    What have you watched recently?

    Watched this one without any prior info or expectations.. and it was pretty good
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    What have you watched recently?

    I started watching third rock from the sun on amazon again lately. Last time I saw it was 20 years ago. I'm finding it way more hilarious but I think that's because I'm older now and I find dad jokes way funnier. The true sign of aging....
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    What have you watched recently?

    dunno if you already know they have been using Unreal Engine instead of green screen as much as possible
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    What have you watched recently?

    1917 was an incredible visual tour de force. my favourite scene the chase lit by flares. The music that goes with it was superb. I don’t think the trailer makes justice to the one-shot trickery I imagine we can all easily see where the camera actually cuts, but in the behind the scenes they show some more advanced shots and it’s impressive how they strived to do long shots even where they could have faked it (for eg they regularly put the camera on cranes from hand filming, and vice versa) The set models where they planned the shots are
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