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    Hey guys. The Gap, an exploration game I'm working on, now finally has a Steam store page! Check it out and wishlist here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1458300/The_Gap/ We also have a new trailer:
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    Please do not talk about LOWERING prices that Valve pays. Valve is generous in what they give (because the fact that they are paying you is enough as is to me) for sure but Valve also makes a literal shitton more from the skins than you will ever know. You're talking about hurting the community further to desensitize people from making content when the reality is that people are already there knowing that Valve only selects from a few in most cases. I'm not even sure what your point is anymore. Are you trying to say that Valve needs to tell skin makers to go heck themselves from now on? I feel like there may be a language issue going on here and maybe your words aren't meaning what you think they are (and I'm sorry if thats offensive but this is reading very strangely to me).
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    @Ringel, you writing as if something bad happened to a friend of yours. I hope is not the case. But dude, you realise what you are writing is the equivalent of saying: Google should pick a few YouTubers and tell all the others to fuck off and do something more productive with their lives. Would you like a YouTube reduced to a handful of channels? It’s not a company’s job to look after the mental health of their community, might sound cynic, but if you are in the conditions you describe, you’d do something stupid no matter what, if not skins then slot machines… Plus the whole logic is incredibly condescending, how do you know that successful skin makers want to do that full time anyway. I imagine most people create skins as a hobby in their spare time anyway.
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    @Radu Yeah that would be a crazy gamble. It could help to not pay as much as Valve do. The amount of money they pay seems too large for me. But they already paid large. If they would start to pay only 2000$ per accepted skin some people would probably go super mad. Although it is still a good amount of money. At least for me.
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Not sure if I can already call myself a Level Designer, but I (Roald van der Scheur) did sign my contract to start working at Bongfish in Graz, Austria as a Junior Level Designer on 11 January 2021! I will be working with @poLemin
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    What are you playing now?

    TLOU and Uncharted 4 came with it and whatever is installed on the HD. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I know P.T. is on it, so I'll be checking that one out for sure
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    007 by IOI

    Yes, the creators of Hitman are switching agents for the next mission: https://007.ioi.dk/ Details are spares, but judging for their previous work of very agent heavy games.....this could be something special!
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Final trailer, I guess
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    Well, that escalated quickly. Yes, not everyone is going to make it because people are different and subsequently vary in skill. And, yes, there are people who are going to be tempted by the money, by the chance of making it big in one hit, but that is not something isolated to skin making for csgo. People have to realise that striking gold in one hit happens once in a million and that it's a bad strategy to religiously dedicate themselves to pursuing that. Creating something of value takes time and you need to take care of yourself. Otherwise, you'll end up dead before you've barely started. Valve is offering people a chance just like you would have in any other field. But I have to admit that compared to a traditional employment situation, you are leaving a lot to chance by doing work without a contract. If you have a contract with an employer, you are getting paid no matter what. However, I don't consider this a problem. It's perfectly clear that this is not a job and pursuing it full time would be a gamble.
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    Like you know what I have experienced throughout my life dude. Cut it off. Please go back to the topic of this thread.
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    This is just nonesense for me but maybe someone else will have a different point of view on this one. Stay strong man.
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    Like I said they get forced by their body because of their bad situation. You clearly have absolut no idea how strong your body can react and try to force you to do something bad. Edit: And please do not come that there are other temptations. It is about this specific one that can be erased by Valve. Edit: It could also be erased by not paying for skins which make it into the game. But I guess the most people will stop creating skins as soon as they would get to know this.
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    Then maybe they should look for a stable job instead of trying to winning a lottery ticket with steam workshop. If you are in a bad financial situation and think that creating a skin will help you then you should rethink few things. You need to realise that every finished project is a value added in many ways. Not a wasted time.
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    They are not forced into making skins. They have full knowledge that there is a good chance their skin wont make it into the game and they still do it because making a skin and having a chance of earning big ammount of money is better than not making a skin and having 0 chance of earning big money. Thats how life works... You can't expect Valve to pay every single skin creator. They were great enough to allow some of the people to profit from what they been doing for free.
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    Yes, as objective as the csgo team is during the selection process, there's still gonna be a bit of their personal preferences at play. But I believe they don't just pick what they like and instead look at the skin pool as a whole to decide what it could use. The reason why they go for some of the same skin creators is because of reputation. If the said skin maker produces high quality skins that have no contextual issues over time, all the better. Generally, you want to be sure that there's no copyright infringement or offensive materials in these skins. Valve said it themselves, nobody is gonna beat the community's creativity. It makes sense for them to support their current model. You have people from all over the world, with different tastes and experiences, producing high quality content for them to pick from. As for skins that go unused, nobody is forcing people to make these skins. People have been creating skins for their favourite games since forever. If there's a chance of them getting paid in the process, all the better! Sure, there's a high level of competition and some people might be picked over others repeatedly, but that's just the current state of the workshop after years of maturing. Ultimately, it's everyone's personal choice to decide what their time is better spent on and what adds value to their lives. If that means making skins, great!
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    Those are some good looking trees
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    Nice! Around 3k tris each? or lower for an open danger zone map?
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    What are you playing now?

    I just bought the PS4 from a work buddy, who got himself a PS5. This is my first console since the Xbox360 and it kinda feels like I've been living under a rock for 15 years console-wise Time to catch up on some TLOU, Uncharted etc!
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