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    What's going on with your life?

    I've been working too hard for a few years now, went through some deep burnouts and such, but taking control back a bit. Putting boundaries on work, and investing in a healthier lifestyle -- I realize I don't like living in a city because I don't know what to do when I take a break from work (that is, things that don't involve spending money) and have been picking biking and exercising a bit. The appartement above mine was also not used for the last 3 years but now peeps are moving in and I have to get used to the reality of living in an appartement building (especially since I work late at night to be in sync with the US.) Working too much did help me save money so I've been looking at houses for a few weeks but running into walls: houses that were sold in less than 24 hours or while I was on my way to visit them, and since I'm renovating my mom's house I don't quite feel like another year's worth of renovations for the next purchase. When I was starting to think I should wait this housing market rush out (the rate of people looking for homes vs those selling is crazy right now in this part of France), I ran into a cool house close to the coast that ticks all my requirements. It's like a 8 min walk to the beach and close to hiking trails. Was dubious at first because there's no cell-phone coverage at all and shittiest internet, but after poking around the town officials guaranteed optic fiber internet and 4G coverage by end of year. My offer was just accepted I got pretty lucky on it as the estimation was done before confinement so prices didn't rise, and I might be selling my flat super quickly and at a good price because there's a high demand in the area. Peeps built it themselves because the whole family worked in construction, so it's a 2nd-hand. Its layout is weird and its interior is a bit odd for the area (the owners liked the style of mountain homes, with lots of visible wood inside), and I'll tweak the decoration, but I generally really like it. Now if only I could see my american girlfriend, we've been kept apart since February...
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    working on a jump map for Diabotical, editor took some time to get used to but it's rather intuitive, can't wait until it's all fully finished! here's my spawn / first jump
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    As Roald said, you should make a topic of your own in the 3D section. The amount of updates you post here kinda feels like spam in this thread
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    Looks Great! Hope you're still working on it and Good Luck!
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    THPS 1+2

    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX6F6y6vVLZ8H?si=Uwh088wQTeiLt7PLUrBE6A :D
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    hello! i'm new making maps for CSGO! i'm working on a new map inspired in a city from assasins creed 4, and i would like to know your opinion, any feedback is welcome and it would be of great help Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2192643195
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    Watch Dogs Legion

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    THPS 1+2

    Damn, this game is good. My muscle memory triggered right up, the only thing I forgot about was the special moves. Let's go!
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    THPS 1+2

    It feels exactly like the old game when you play it (with some improvements no doubt). They must've at least looked at the old game play code because I could instantly pick it up and start making combos RE2 is a different type of a remake because they had to completely change the gameplay for it to pass in 2020~ It's also cool to see my materials in another childhood game remaster Fuck alarm bells tho.
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    Doom 2, GZDoom:
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    I've made some more progress with rock gardens and a staircase. These will eventually replace some larger areas alongside the building walls and sloped surfaces to add a whole lot more natural setting to the map. They won't be at the main keeps or central square to keep it more authentic to the original reference, but since everything around it is completely artificial, I'd figured it would be nice to implement the typical Japanese gardenesque style around the castle. Below are some images (still WIP)!
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    3D Printing

    Oh I haven't posted anything in more than 2 years ... lol I made this, because it's getting too hot in there https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4565466
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