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    THPS 1+2

    This might answer that question:
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    THPS 1+2

    Oh damn, that's pretty dope. One of my fav remaster, right up there with RE2, is Shadow of the Colossus. And aparently, they actually grabbed that old engine, retained the code that pertains to animation and gameplay feeling, and reworked everything else. That sounded insane to me but turns out it's true, I wonder if they did something similar with this THPS remaster? Because it's not easy to mimic the gameplay feeling of a game man.
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    THPS 1+2

    As someone who played A LOT of THPS 2 and especially 3, I gotta say, that's a really damn good remake. They didnt just up the graphics and ship the games like they were. A lot of improvements in terms of UI, UX and even some mechanical stuff taken over from the newer games, like Reverts and Wall Plants. As always with THPS games, the soundtrack is phenomenal. It's a mix of the old tracks and a bunch of new ones. I've been disappointed with skating games ever since THPS 4. So I am happy, that they are taking a few steps back and do it "the old way". I am having a blast playing the game, so much so that my fingers hurt already. THPS 1+2 has got to be the best remake/remaster in recent years for me.
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    de_pithead WIP

    Almost done :DDDD
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    [WIP] Arcadia - danger zone

    Hello everyone! I'm working on Danger Zone map since november 2019, with few months break. I'm hobbyst level designer and I'm looking for help with 3D models. Here you can see how map looks and how much more needs to be done - https://imgur.com/a/E9PzVIG I have tons of stuff that are made of brushes and need to be changed into 3D models with some aditional details (window trim, railings and general simple things). Also I need more complex models like air ballon, campers, tent, street signs and more. Finally I need help with retexturing Valve models and making accurate collisions on some of them. If you are interested, write to me and we will talk about details. https://steamcommunity.com/id/zombi321/ discord zombi#0759
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    Hello guys. New update. For the last month I was working on map terrain, bunch of smaller generic structures and underground areas. Terrain is almost done. Only one terrain patch that is still work in progress because Jakuza had some cool ideas for it Should be done next week. Right now I'm working on mine shafts that leads to bigger and more open underground chambers. Also some generic buildings to scatter across the map. Cheers!
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