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    Hello guys. New update. For the last month I was working on map terrain, bunch of smaller generic structures and underground areas. Terrain is almost done. Only one terrain patch that is still work in progress because Jakuza had some cool ideas for it Should be done next week. Right now I'm working on mine shafts that leads to bigger and more open underground chambers. Also some generic buildings to scatter across the map. Cheers!
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    3d artists learning blender in 2020
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    The random model thread!

    More concept design, more images on my artstation. I learned a lot, I know I can still do better! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ZG0mR0
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    Looking spicy my dude. I like the unique take on the underground areas—offers something different from the other DZ maps and folds into the theme nicely rather than being an afterthought.
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    Sawmill (WIP) (wingman)

    One month remains in the competition and there is much work still left to do, for now all I have to show his the latest overview and some screenshots. Im hoping to get 1 more playtest in before this is all over.
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    [CS:GO] De_Backlot

    De_Backlot is set in a Hollywood studio back-lot, featuring multiple film sets in a variety of “locations”. Whether it be the streets of York, England in Mid, Old timey’ Mexico on Bombsite B, or an indoor sitcom film set on Bombsite A, Backlot’s goal is to provide diverse game-play and visual experiences across the multiple areas. Hey everyone, here i'm just going to be posting progress updates for my map de_backlot. This map is inspired by theme parks such as Hollywood Studios (USA) and Movieworld (AUS), that provide a wide variety of simulated environments in a very small area. This is my both my first time using Hammer seriously, and designing a Counter-strike map, and as such has been a real crash course in the whole process. The general layout has now been iterated on enough to where i'm happy with it, so i'm moving onto play-testing very soon to get some much needed feedback from competitive players. Hope you guys can follow along the wild ride with me! Any feedback is much appreciated! Radar Bombsite B Bombsite A Mid
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    PlayStation 5 Reveal

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    Control (Remedy)

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    Map for Deadtech project (Doom 2, GZDoom):
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    Frostbite - Danger Zone

    Frostbite Update 2 We updated Frostbite today. This update mostly focuses on bug fixes but we included some gameplay changes too. Fingers crossed that we can publish a big update in about two weeks with lots of gameplay improvements - that is if we manage to compile the map Feel free to leave feedback for this one. Patch notes: [General] - Tweaked weapon spawn positions to prevent bad clipping - Adjusted snow on buildings - Adjusted map boundary rock formations and clipping - Changed some map location names [Village] - The houses have been connected to the power grid [Cove] - Opened the cabin [Town] - Improved clipping - Reworked stairs - Added missing stoops [Tourist] - Revamped visuals [Outlet] - Added a hut [Echo] - Added more snow [Shack] - Made it possible to enter the building from the south side [Tunnels] - Added new ladder exit in long hall before caves - Fixed more stuck spots [Boat Houses] - Added snow to boardwalk edges [Tower One] - Fixed z fighting [Misc] - Made wood fences darker and more saturated - Made sun smaller Pictures of the new exit from tunnels and the new hut we added:
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    Frostbite - Danger Zone

    Frostbite Update 1 We have just updated Frostbite for the first time with a major update. We tried to include as much of the feedback posted here and elsewhere in this update. Feel free to leave more feedback. We are working on another fairly substantial update right now, trying to eliminate as many bugs as possible, so post everything you may find. Patch notes: [General] - Improved performance (up to 20%!) - Reworked lighting for better contrast between in- and outside areas. - Added fences/rock cliffs to areas where the map boundaries weren’t obvious. - Reworked map boundary clipping. - Added more weapon spawns across the map. - Fixed weapons spawning underneath the ice. - Fixed drone delivery issues (thanks Valve) [Radio] - Reworked buildings to eliminate dead ends. - Added a lock to the outhouse. - Added second story to the telescope building. - Added chain-link fence around the base of the tower to indicate inaccessibility. [Village] - Opened up one of the previously closed buildings. - Added pathways between buildings for better navigation in the area. [Town] - Reworked building frames for lighting and collision improvements. - Added graveyard area. - Reworked statue. - Reworked textures. - Adjusted clutter. [Tourist] - Fixed misaligned ski lifts. - Added more ski lifts. - Added ladder and jump puzzle to get on top of ski lift building. [Alpha] - Moved resort building moved further away from ski slope. - Opened up first and second floor of previously inaccessible resort building. [Shack] - Opened up first floor. - Added stairs to connect garage to first floor. [Tunnels] - Added signs for easier navigation. - Added path from west entrance to north exit. - Improved lighting. - Reworked north exit. - Reworked tunnels near west entrance. - Removed bathroom area which led to a dead end. - Improved visuals in the cave section. [Boat Houses] - Reworked one of the buildings. - Added snow on outside wood flooring. [Tower One] - Added information sign. - Added snow on outside wood flooring. [Misc] - Added more snow. - Improved texture blends. - Made ski flag poles more vibrant. - Fixed an issue where broken windows would still make glass sounds when shot. - Fixed misaligned props and displacement gaps. - Disabled ice reflections on low shader detail settings. - Updated and reworked deployment overview to better indicate the actual playable area. Pictures of the new fence and watchtowers around the map, aswell as consistent snow ontop of every building:
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    Hello, Quickly writting that tutorial from my experiments but a more official tutorial on the wiki should definitely replace this. First, gather the source files. We will consider a material with a standard PBR shader. All the folders are relative path, so find this location on your pc : Half-Life Alyx\content\hlvr_addons\your_addon\ And then place the files over there : The model itself : \models\folder\mesh.fbx The collision if you have one : \models\folder\includes\mesh_physbox.fbx The diffuse (must end with _color) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_color.png The normalmap (must end with _normal) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_normal.png The Roughness (must end with _rough) : \materials\models\folder\mesh_rough.png Note : You can use PNG, but also TGA, JPG or even PSD Note 2 : The normalmap doesn't have its vertical values inverted like it was the case on Source 1. If you import a normalmap from Source 1, don't forget to invert the green channel ! In my case, it's a vehicle that I'll name "vehicle_sherpa", so here are my files : The model : \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.fbx The collision : \models\vehicle\includes\vehicle_sherpa_physbox.fbx The diffuse : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_color.png The normalmap : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_normal.png The Roughness : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_rough.png The AO : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa_ao.png Then, we'll start by creating the material. On the asset Browser window, find the Material Editor and open it. File → New And then immediately save (File → Save or CTRL + S) to define a location of your vmat. In my case, it will go along with with the textures I just imported : \materials\models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmat Note : once the files are compiled, you'll get the same hierarchy over the game folder than the content folder. Once the vmat will be compiled, it will become vmat_c (compiled material) and will have vtex_c with it (combined texture). We will keep the Vr Simple shader And you can start importing the textures by clicking on the folder icon next to each field. It will only look for files ending with the right suffix, hence the importance of naming your files to make your work easier afterwards. In my case, I have an AO texture so I'll check "Ambiant Occlusion Texture" on the left but it's optionnal. In the end, it should look like this : Feel free to use more complex shaders and to tweak things better. My model should definitely use a metalness texture but it's fine for this demonstration. Ok now save and you can quit the material editor. Back on the Asset Browser, find the ModelDoc Editor Same thing, start by saving your model. In my case it will go there : \models\vehicle\vehicle_sherpa.vmdl Start by selecting an archetype, for this we will do a simple Static Prop Model. And then, import your mesh by using that cute little star button : Once your mesh added, it will feel like nothing is happening. Try pressing the compile button on the right. That's right, you need to press that compile button to make sure to compile stuff. It wasn't the case for the material editor, everything was being compiled automatically. Your model should be a ref wireframe because it doesn't have any material assigned to it, so let's start with that. On the left pannel, check "Show Empty Categories", it will show you "categories" for which you can configure stuff (i'm vague because ... i don't know most of these stuff for now). Right clic on the category "MaterialGroupList" → Add DefaultMaterialGroup And then, if the item "DefaultMaterialGroup" is selected, in the Node Editor pannel you'll be able to assign a material. I assume you can manage with this category the multiple materials you might need for your model. For my simple example, there's only one material so I will stick with 1 group. Compile your model and it should start to look like something ! You can move like in Hammer (hold RMB/press Z and move with WASD) or you can rotate around the mesh by holding ALT + LMB. Cool ! Now let's add a collision. Right clic on the category PhysicsShapeList and you'll notice multiple options to add collision I assume it's there because you might be able to add shapes (box, capsules and spheres) by hand or you can decide to generate a collision from ModelDoc. By in my case I have a mesh, so I'll pick "Add PhysicsMeshFile" and gives the physbox FBX I imported earlier. It should look like this in your 3D view Compile your model and you can try to place your model in hammer !
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