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    That is true if your gamemode switches teams at half time. In something like traditional domination or capture the flag where there is no half time team switch being balanced 50-50 is generally important.
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    Blizzcon 2019

    Actually met the band during a meet and greet 2007, got all the autographs. Tho it aint a band i listen to today its pretty cool to have experienced it! When will we hear more about Overwatch 2? Need more fap material.
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    What do you mean with the highlighted bit? Because over time there has been much more relaxation regarding the balance, a map to be good and entertaining doesn't need to be as close to a clean 50-50 split. I argued this months ago, posting stats of the maps most played in the tournaments and their ratios.
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    What's going on with your life?

    Fuck bro. Get better. Kidney stones are not a fun thing to get.
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    Blockout is almost done, should be ready to build in Hammer soon, just need to fine tune the lines of sight and see if i can implement the art more, set in industrial revolution Victorian era!
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