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    El Moroes

    Half-Life Alyx

    Fucking freaky Jeff !!!!!
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206809088 -Updated and improved prop fade distance on many outside props -updated textures on sign asset to make it more accurate -improved clipping across map (thanks seth) -hid gap in skybox
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    What's going on with your life?

    Achievement unlocked: you kept the baby alive for 1 year
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    I haven't played enough the game to be able to fullyjudge the map. But it's insane how it feels like a basic standard CS map and I don't feel any difference between the maps, I don't even know which one is what. It's still quite fun to play this game and I appreciate the visuals I think they have a nice style. But it feels too much like old CS maps to me and awkward, I don't like finding my way in these mazes.
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    Resident Evil 3 Remake

    Finished yesterday in 5 hours, should I"ve played the hard difficulty but it was a pain in Re2. I'm kind of a bit disapointed, it's not a bad game but it really doesn't honor the original material where Re2 imo glorified it. I remember having to roam in the city for a long time but looks like in the remake it's a too short section of the game. But my memorie is probably playing with me.
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    Someone actually took the time to put into words the problems with the games maps The only thing I would add is how uncomfortable most of the angles are on these maps. It doesn't feel like there is a good place to aim and I often get shot from off angles that don't really make sense. Maybe its because I am so used to cs, but even in community tests this happens less often than in valorant. It really seems like the games marketing was all about being a competitive esports game, but all the updates they've done since have made the game more and more and more casual to play.
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    RELEASE Luxury is a Wingman map situated in a modern house complex near Los Angeles, California The residents of the contemporary-style house had held a house party the night before and woke up to the sight of dangerous ammunition crates near the pool. They called 911 and left the residence without hesitation. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT Most assets and materials used on the map is by Yanzl Quoting helped with playtests as well as ideas for the map
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    Half-Life Alyx

    Congrats on the announcement, HP!
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