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  1. For playtest on the 11th: Workshop link to the second map is this: cs_marstest: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2118892154 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hey people, screenshots see below or at the imgur link https://imgur.com/gallery/20n8GQu. I took the cs mapmakers wingman competition as an occasion to make a new map. I figured two against two was a small enough scale to slot this one in. Little did I know that within one week I would already have developed two entirely different concepts and greyboxes, and be toying with a third. de_Loreley is the most polished, so you get to see this one first. For this map I was inspired by a train journey I did along the Rhine basin recently. One stop along that journey is the famous Loreley cliff. I thought it was neat and based this layout on what I saw. Check after the screenshots for some of my reference material. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2111658014 The layout is a very simple threelane design. There are three distinct pathes, separated by elevation and theme. The uppermost path is a slightly bent train tunnel, connected by an emergency door to the main street along the center of the map. The CT end of the street is flush with the tunnel's elevation thus allowing CTs immediate control of the tunnel. The main objective is on the street. Locals are entirely fed up with the rampant tourism in their home and have decided to symbolically target an open-topped tourist bus. Right next to the street where these actions are meant to take place, the third and lowest level is the riverside of the Rhine. Taking control of the Rhine's beach allows Ts a great insight into common defense positions further behind the site. Final touches are added by some accessible rooms (one staircase and one basement workshop) in the local houses that divide the street and beach. I hope you can find the time to boot this up and have some fun on the map. Enjoy your stay at the Rhine! Screenshots:
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  2. Achievement unlocked: you kept the baby alive for 1 year
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  3. mrpotato44


    Hello! After a few years of development, Coachi (https://www.mapcore.org/profile/37221-coachi/) and I have finally released our map, Firenze. We hope you enjoy! Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2105680462 "Terrorists have driven into the previously busy streets of Firenze, with the goal of causing as much mayhem in the city as possible. They have set their eyes on select cultural centers and local tourist attractions. They plan on detonating either the the statue outside of the De Vitis shoe store or the local street market. However, Counter-Terrorists have been quickly dispatched in the city to disrupt the actions of the Terrorists. Who will win?" Full Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/HEixUjk
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  4. Oh my lord... the entitlement! Back in the day, when you bought Street Fighter II (or any other game) for the Genesis, it wouldn't run on the SNES or any other console. It's hard enough to make a game for one platform, it's an extra pain in the ass to make it multi-platform, now there's this extra stuff to worry about? Yeah... no. When you go out for a concert the ticket is valid for that one venue. When you go to a sports event, ticket is valid on that stadium When you go to a restaurant, you can't order the food in a place, then claim you wanna eat it in another. Creating the expectation that a video game (or any other software) needs to run on your kitchen toaster because you "bought the game" is so unrealistic it's almost comical.
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  5. Vilham

    Dishonored II

    Grigori was always about traps even though he had a shotgun, do you remember ravenholm? No fauna? There are literally birds in the first 5 mins of HL2, when you open the train station door pigeons fly off.
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  6. WIP background map for Map Labs competition mod
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  7. I was lucky enough to be working on my home office for the previous year. Now I'm actually using it. I must say for my line of work WFH makes more sense. Ideally I'd go into the office once or twice a week for design meetings and my general sanity though. Anywhoo. Epic just did a video on our company. We use the unreal engine.
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  8. I accidentally let a 30 miunte warmup run while I was afk. It was bloody.
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  9. ┌HP┘

    Corona Virus

    Speaking of guns
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  10. JensTrolldom

    [WIP] Fishtown

    Hi all! This is my entry in the exotic location map competition. I first heard about this competition in the end of November, so I didn't get a chance to start before early December. But I've been at hard work since then, and now it start to look like a map. I've only playtested with friends throughout the development, so I hope that it's balanced in a fair way. For the exotic part, I've taken another approach than most other maps on here. I've tried to replicate a typical fishing community in northern Norway, where industry and housing, new and old, goes hand in hand. It shows how old buildings and new buildings are mixed together, and the layout is somewhat typical of a Norwegian fishing community. It also showcases that when people were working as fishermen, they lived close to the docks during their employment. It's still work in progress, and need some more optimization and overall polish. I hope you enjoy it, and any feedback welcome. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM THE WORKSHOP Backstory (just to get in the mood): Objective Bomb defuse map: Screenshots:
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