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    Here's a follow-up on the basewall, and some additional corners. Most of the walls are now done. Some of the old ones will remain for now in the next playtest version, as I'm now advancing in my planning and working on the dragon and fishmodels, that I hopefully will have finished in the next two days! It's a lot cleaner, more natural, better colouring, and the rock models and displacement texture flow seamlessly into one another (You might notice that at the top-right side there's a straight line between the rock and plaster wall, that's just because I forgot to alpha those). I'll post some new screens when the dragon and fish are done as well
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    de_rose [remake]

    This map it's a remake of an older version. Here you may access it SteamWorkshop , also you may find it here at good old Gamebanana Although it seems a little bit infantile to me here it's the map's story: The uncontrolled urban development and illegal expropriations trigger a violent reaction of the local residents. The CT are there to defend construction corporation's interests. The maps it's designed with large public server in mind for casual play but it can be played in the competitive mode if necessary. It has details but not too many according to the today's standards, i want good performance at high player load after all. Doesn't have soundscapes because during the playtime i never hear them and they serve no purpose in this regard. Doesn't have nav with callouts either because the callouts available in csgo don't fit very well the map's pathways. But who knows on a future update maybe i will add them. It has some custom props made by me in 3dsmax (student edition), custom materials and sprites, many of them from textures.com.
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    de_rose [remake]

    I made a zoo map with the custom resources. It may be downloaded from HERE. Contains a vmf and a bsp from that everything can be extracted with VIDE.
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    My First CSGO Map de_Bronx W.I.P

    Update: 03.05.20 -added building Ct / Aspot -added kiosk
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    de_rose [remake]

    I really like the colours, especially indoors -so soft and pastels that feel “RTX ON” on the outside seems a bit too clean and cartoonish, in particular the bricks of the first spot outside. Looking more closely it seems that the wooden floor texture is not aligned properly or just the surface doesn’t match the texture size/scale… or you just need to add some trim where handrails are
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    de_rose [remake]

    On a second look you are being right. Indeed the texture its not aligned properly, and it does need a trim over there. However i am feeling s-o lazy these days that i am not going to correct it very soon As for those exterior bricks, i had tried to imitate the Red granite but obviously i kinda failed. I will search a better texture.
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    My First CSGO Map de_Bronx W.I.P

    That is not gonna prevent you from running into the issue I've mentioned before. But yes, all the ornaments and non blocking geometry should be func_detail. The reason for that is that source engine uses binary space partitioning as an occulusion culling method. It needs to generate the series of rooms and all the ornaments would create too much splits thus make ur vis-leaf graph very complex. Here is the link to a good video talking about binary space partitioning if you are interested, it's more from a programmers point of view but still very interesting. The reason why the vertex count for all the brushes on the map is 65k is that all vertices get put into one big vertex buffer. To later draw it you use index buffers. Source engine uses 16bit integers for that, so the maximal number of vertices you can have in your vertex buffer is 2^16. Edit: Each model is loaded into separate vertex buffer (sometimes can be combined to minimize gpu calls), so you can have more than 2^16 in your sceen at the time.
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    Black Mesa Source

    Finished it! Props to the devs for making Xen chapters a unique experience as almost as if it was not Half-Life anymore, but a new game on its own. Well done. Some sections really felt unrecognizable and totally new which is a big plus as opposed to being an exact copy of HL levels. The puzzles in Interloper dragged on a bit and became repetitive, but that doesn't take away from the total experience.
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

    I find it a bit odd that the assassin this time around is a viking while the villains are the English, at least I think thats whats happening in the trailer. The vikings are pretty much unanimously the bad guys in any story that isnt by the vikings, they had no mercy (and definitely would not have spared the mother and children like he did in the trailer), slaughtered and destroyed anything and everything and would go back on their word in just about every instance. They are invading England here, its not exactly a great time to live there but the vikings are definitely the more oppressive force. They are invading and slaughtering peasants and the king seems to be fighting a losing battle, yet the protagonist is on the vikings side? It would make way more sense if the Assassin was English. From what I understand about AC is that the main protagonist is living through lives of his ancestors. Of course the sheer diversity in his lineage is a little out there, but I somehow doubt a viking came in to play. They were pretty hegemonic until they started pillaging other lands. Given that other games list Ancestors who seem more pure English it would make more sense for the Assassin to be English in this time. It would make for a more interesting story too (granted we dont know anything about this ones story yet and its a yearly franchise game trying to do a narrative which never works out). The assassin wants to kill the corrupt king whos trying to bring all of England under his rule, but has to set aside this vendetta and ally with the king to defeat the common enemy, the vikings, who will wipe out England and enslave the survivors. Add some story beats here and there about the how the king somehow brought the vikings to England in his stupidity, show some vikings who arnt monsters, throw the player through a loop about who to support. Instead it seems more, king is pompous and bad, vikings are epic and free, go kill knights and soldiers and king, vikings are really cool arnt they. Heres a 40 minute unskipable cutscene intro for the modern day descendant, now we wont do anything with him until the last 5 minutes of the game where its revealed that in fact there will be for sequels.
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    Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

    Never played one, probably never will.
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    Corona Virus

    So why not just look at some non-random ass crime level stats? It's easy, thanks to this new-fangled gizmotron they call the World Wide Cyber-Highway. The UK's ONS (Office For National Statistics) reports 726 homicides in the year ending March 2018. That works out at 12 offences per million population. Whilst in the US, the FBI estimate 16,214 in 2018. That's about 50 offences per million population. Both websites provide a similar enough definition of Homicide to make them a useful comparison. Blackdog's video above was a bit of fun and I'm sure that household is exceptional, but the person who bought those automatic rifles definitely has very unhealthy fantasies about unloading a shit-ton of bullets in to an intruder some day, and I don't think that particular mind-set is as exceptional as it should be.
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    Hi MapCore community, Here's my 10-hours Blockout for FPS genre (aim map for CS:GO almost) Much more images on my Artstation. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Rain [W.I.P]

    @Kokopelli Thank you for all the feedback! Since I playtested this map on Tuesday a large amount of changes have been made. I will post screenshots or a video later today rather than waste my time giving a bad explanation of them. Suffice to say, a lot of cover is removed from the CT sided A site, and there are now 2 T entrances. One is high and perpendicular to the window and primarily fights that whereas the other is low with a door and fights on the lowest level. Hard to explain, but actually more simple than the original to some extent. Basically there are no more unfair headshot angles and T's need to push both entrances to cover eachothers asses. The new setup will almost certainly involve 2 CTs now. Also, mid has had a rework that gives CTs a lot more space, some other angles, and makes the vent hole a better place to hold. Also I removed an intended T boost where everyone was getting stomped from. The CT "path" that everyone was falling down was a big miscalculation on my part. I knew my map so well that I didn't consider that it looks like you can go there. I have since stretched mid which coincidentally fills it in bringing the wall with the ladder closer. I will make the routes you mentioned more obviously playable or deadly. As for B site and the theme. Basically what I had in mind was the Chinese rooftops of Kowloon, and B site did not exactly make things less confusing. It is something I was inspired by in this one room in a BO2 zombies map, but it was less dense rooftops and bigger buildings so it made more sense. I will have to rethink B for both thematic and gameplay purposes. People have said there is too much cover and not enough of an inspired design on B site. So far A site has been much easier to revise... Here is the theme I mean This interpretation of the theme was from BO1. In the future I will have more surrounding buildings, both close and far. Also I might take the idea of making some of the floors secondary roofs or sort of make shift metal floors. And I will probably get a big neon near T spawn
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    I just ship the new update for one of my maps, and i was wonder how the map looked when i started to make it. So I decided to make this WIP video.
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    Mustang (formerly Everest)

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