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    I think the main thing you are misunderstanding Passerby is that maps are not "sent to MapCore", but instead most of the dedicated csgo mappers are a part of MapCore's community. And obviously the people handing the Twitter account like to help people get exposure. The MapCore FaceIt hubs were originally setup solely by mappers in the community, which has helped get eyes on maps. Lots of MapCore member's maps have not made it into the game, however yes, a large amount have because there are so many dedicated mappers in MapCore, but this is more down to the hard work of the mappers than the fact that they are "MapCore maps".
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    Corona Virus

    She's doing better thanks. First couple of days didn't know which way it was gonna go but it settled into mild symptoms which is basically the worst case of flu you'll ever get. To say I was stressed was an understatement.
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    yes valve give feedback once you are on their radar. I know horse strangler has spoken to valve about junction too. He's not working on it anymore (or cs for that matter I'm pretty sure)
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    Oh, then I probably just got you wrong. Sorry. Which maps do you think of particularly that were good but not added because of not being "acknowledged" by Mapcore? Yes, there are a couple of maps that looked interesting but never got added (Grind, Import, Sanchez, Waterfall, Iris, ...). (Just talking about the visuals, not layout, because that's obviously Valve's first exclusion criterion) But maybe there are different reasons. As I already said, they might just have failed when tested by Valve... Or maybe there were just other maps that were better at the same time. After all there are only a few mappers that reach the high requirements for the visuals. And these guys try to finish their maps by the end of a contest. Because of the fame/extra money I guess. So it's natural that most "good" maps are contest winners in the end. I agree. Anubis looks awesome, but it's not well optimized yet. (Of course not! Because that's one of the last things you do when you make a map) At it's current state it should not have been added to the game yet imo. It will surely run a lot better in a few weeks... Yes. But mostly gameplay changes. These maps looked very polished and played well already when they were added. The authors just wanted to improve gameplay based on player feedback imo. What I said about Junction was that it's currently way to unpolished to be added. (Flickering props, nodraw surfaces, temporary assets, ...). Don't get me wrong. I like the map. But 80% finished is not enough. After all you remind me of a guy called "Tynnyri". Just more polite.
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    son...junction is a mapcore map...
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    What have you watched recently?

    There will be a season 6 next year which is expected to be the final season (though not 100% confirmed). Expect the final season to have episodes interconnected with Breaking Bad timeline (so I heard, and even mentioned by Gilligan/Gould, the producers at one time) The current season (season 5, events in late 2004 early 2005) is already pretty close to BB timeline (mid 2008), and Jimmy is already 99% Saul (still this 1% of Jimmy/conscience present that needs to die before the complete transformation ); he's already having some serious shady deals with the cartel. Don't wait up until all seasons are done, I would recommend you binge back on BB right after season 5 finale; that's what I would have done
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    Read is as "You really want to make a good quality map that plays well" Case closed.
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    Of course I can. - Biome and Sub-zero added on 9.10.2018 - Season and Abbey added on 24.01.2019 - Workout and Ruby added on 25.04.2019 - Seaside and Breach added on 31.07.2019 - Jungle and Studio added on 18.11.2019 - Anubis and Chlorine added on 1.04.2020 Majority maps added by valve were not a part of mapcore contest. And even if they were. Its obvious they have the highest quality out there so it is a good decision to add them.
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    You are so wrong...
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    Overpass for sure, I started playing CS around the time it came out, so seeing it evolve from complete shit to, in my opinion, the best competitve layout in cs:go was really cool to me. The four lane style overpass kind of pioneered is my favourite type of layout design, with T's fighting for control for connectors between sites and routes before being able to fight for a bombsite, aside from a classic B rush. I also really like the theme, and how the bombsites play into it, unlike most active duty maps where you're just blowing up crates. Also, having almost every area look completely different to each other while maintaining a consistant theme is really commendable. The radar image is just so cool to me as well, being the only active duty map to play into non-right angles, whilst still looking so clean and polished.
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    Hey heres my piece of feedback! First I've experienced this bug when I played some scrimmages on it. The eyes are missing a texture when the bomb is planted (its ok when the bomb is not planted). Next, this place felt really overcomplicated, I would personally remove the wall with the entrance altogether and just kept the staircase leading to the upper A. Still, congratz on getting this into the game! Its a nice map and had fun on it so far!
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    Norte | 3 Bombsites Map

    you had a spelling mistake there. corrected it for you.
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    Random Photo Thread

    Fuerteventura island this morning
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    Hey there! We just released a new update before the deadline is there! I'd like to thank the awesome staff from the FaceIt Mapcore Hub for the organisation and ofcourse the awesome people for playing the maps and giving us feedback and stats to work with. For that special thanks to @Thewhaleman & @JimWood for providing the demo parser, its been very useful! We have done some small layout changes and heard some birds whispering they want more colors, so there you have it! @jd40 & @jakuza have been working their asses off to create new cool assets and doing some more environment work on the map, so a big shout out to those two amazing artists! Enough talking, time to check out some screens and perhaps have a look ingame! Cheers
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