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    I think they didn't add it to the game because de_junction was never finished. Can't talk about gameplay, because I never really played it. But yes, the visuals are awesome at some spots, but some areas need a lot of additional work imo. I don't know why, but it seems like the creators abandoned this map (?) The fact that Valve only picks Mapcore maps is because pretty much every good CS:GO mapper is at Mapcore. Valve also tests every candidate internally, that's why some awesome looking maps sometimes don't get added (because they are not fun, completely imbalanced, exploitable, not optimized (low fps) or whatever).
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    son...junction is a mapcore map...
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    Of course I can. - Biome and Sub-zero added on 9.10.2018 - Season and Abbey added on 24.01.2019 - Workout and Ruby added on 25.04.2019 - Seaside and Breach added on 31.07.2019 - Jungle and Studio added on 18.11.2019 - Anubis and Chlorine added on 1.04.2020 Majority maps added by valve were not a part of mapcore contest. And even if they were. Its obvious they have the highest quality out there so it is a good decision to add them.
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    You are so wrong...
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    Corona Virus

    She's doing better thanks. First couple of days didn't know which way it was gonna go but it settled into mild symptoms which is basically the worst case of flu you'll ever get. To say I was stressed was an understatement.
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    Overpass for sure, I started playing CS around the time it came out, so seeing it evolve from complete shit to, in my opinion, the best competitve layout in cs:go was really cool to me. The four lane style overpass kind of pioneered is my favourite type of layout design, with T's fighting for control for connectors between sites and routes before being able to fight for a bombsite, aside from a classic B rush. I also really like the theme, and how the bombsites play into it, unlike most active duty maps where you're just blowing up crates. Also, having almost every area look completely different to each other while maintaining a consistant theme is really commendable. The radar image is just so cool to me as well, being the only active duty map to play into non-right angles, whilst still looking so clean and polished.
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    Hey heres my piece of feedback! First I've experienced this bug when I played some scrimmages on it. The eyes are missing a texture when the bomb is planted (its ok when the bomb is not planted). Next, this place felt really overcomplicated, I would personally remove the wall with the entrance altogether and just kept the staircase leading to the upper A. Still, congratz on getting this into the game! Its a nice map and had fun on it so far!
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    Norte | 3 Bombsites Map

    you had a spelling mistake there. corrected it for you.
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    The Last of Us Part 2

    Crunch continues at home.
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    Corona Virus

    Hey long time Mapcorians...I come back here regularly to read...much less regularly to post. I think now warrants a post: 1) I have several people in my circle who have had this. (a) My long time JKD/Kali/Silat/BJJ instructor got it. He's in his 50s in Los Angeles suburbs and had heart valve surgery four years ago. He recovered after being on oxygen at home for 6 days. (He's got connections to people in medicine/emergency care...lucky him for not having to go into the ER). His lungs still hurt despite being designated recovered. (b) My close friend in his 40s in Los Angeles with two kids under 10 has it right now and they are debating if they should take him to the ER. He has no underlying conditions, was never a smoker. (c) Another instructor I've trained with over recent years has his own MMA and film stunts school in Vancouver got it. No underlying conditions...in his 30 and TEACHES BJJ and was a pro fighter for a while and is the toughest, healthiest person I know. He "home cared" and thought he was going to die and after 3 weeks is now mostly functional again despite still feeling very weak. 2) My parents are old...pre-diabetic and have other conditions. I am terrified of them getting it. I ain't getting this. What if I need to help them or buy them groceries and deliver to their house? Don't want to risk infecting them. 3) There is so little incentive to get this because you just don't know how it will affect you. Even if the death rate is 1% and heavily skews towards elderly, already sick, etc. think about the odds of needing hospitalization. Is that a 5% chance? If the odds of young, healthy person getting it and becoming a serious case is 5%...or even 2%...that does not sound that appealing. 4) Seems like China did not fully report how serious it was and how many people died there. 5) Shutting everything down is going to crush the economy. Not shutting everything down will cause mass infections and hospitalizations an order of magnitude(s) worse...and would then break our economy. The way to save the economy is to kill this virus. That's gonna take a while and it's going to suck. However bad you think it realistically is going to suck, there's a strong chance one way or another this is going to suck worse. ....not sure what else to say. I hope no one I know dies. I hope no one I know suffers...but some already have. I hope all of you stay safe and healthy and are able to work and maintain a living. Being in the games industry is a lot better than working in event planning or restaurants or etc etc. Count your blessings if you can.
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    The Bible also works, doesn't it? Far better than it would have if it was released today. It was released in the peak of interest and when there wasn't much competition. That's not to say the literary and social theory of religion hasn't evolved since then. Back in the day there were no dating apps and no social media, so you just had to date people in your local community. There was far less choice, but that doesn't mean people were less happy. I feel like there's always going to be a misalignment between the interests of mappers and the interests of players. You gotta think about this like a drug dealer - you must know your audience, know what they're currently on and what kind of nerve it's scratching. You need to make them feel comfortable and safe in changing over to the new drug and convince them that it is a sufficient substitute. If you're a biochemist making designer drugs, you might take pride in making the *best* drug (some drug that stimulates your brain and makes you smarter, or some drug that turns you into a warewolf), but if you want to make big buck off of that drug, you gotta streamline it - you gotta make it easy to consume, make it scentless so police dogs can't track it, etc. That's why maps that stick to standard 4 square layout (flat map with few paths) are more accessible. Mappers think like mappers, players think like players. That drug which turns you into a werewolf might get a lot of praise from your fellow mappers, but it's not gonna be the new tobacco. Here's another analogy: There are games that liked by many - like Super Mario, and there are games that are loved by few, like Prison Architect for example. Imagine booting up Flappy Bird on your computer (Don't know why you would play flappy bird on your computer, but what do I know. You're the weird one, not me), and then you see a small button below Play that says "New Mode", so you press it and suddenly it boots up Dark Souls! You're not in the mood for Dark Souls, you're in the mood for Flappy Bird. It's 2 AM and you're lying in bed with your laptop. Hell, you don't even have a mouse. I'm probably overthinking this and layouts may well be a minor factor in getting players to play new maps. It may be the way the areas are designed, or the way the art is put together that makes something tick in peoples brains so they think to themselves, "ah this feels familiar, this feel like those other 5 maps I've played for hundreds of hours". I personally like making maps with crazy layout constrains like De_Graveyard, driven by some grand concept, because I know other mappers will appreciate the effort it takes to make such a layout work, and because some people are just gonna be fascinated by the all-round coolness of having a map set on a ship, or in a radio tower, or a large open train-yard, or around a giant fucking statue.
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    We have released another small update with fixes and more visual improvements.
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    Corona Virus

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    Corona Virus

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    The Last of Us Part 2

    Demo commentary/behind the scenes
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