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    Corona Virus

    Hey long time Mapcorians...I come back here regularly to read...much less regularly to post. I think now warrants a post: 1) I have several people in my circle who have had this. (a) My long time JKD/Kali/Silat/BJJ instructor got it. He's in his 50s in Los Angeles suburbs and had heart valve surgery four years ago. He recovered after being on oxygen at home for 6 days. (He's got connections to people in medicine/emergency care...lucky him for not having to go into the ER). His lungs still hurt despite being designated recovered. (b) My close friend in his 40s in Los Angeles with two kids under 10 has it right now and they are debating if they should take him to the ER. He has no underlying conditions, was never a smoker. (c) Another instructor I've trained with over recent years has his own MMA and film stunts school in Vancouver got it. No underlying conditions...in his 30 and TEACHES BJJ and was a pro fighter for a while and is the toughest, healthiest person I know. He "home cared" and thought he was going to die and after 3 weeks is now mostly functional again despite still feeling very weak. 2) My parents are old...pre-diabetic and have other conditions. I am terrified of them getting it. I ain't getting this. What if I need to help them or buy them groceries and deliver to their house? Don't want to risk infecting them. 3) There is so little incentive to get this because you just don't know how it will affect you. Even if the death rate is 1% and heavily skews towards elderly, already sick, etc. think about the odds of needing hospitalization. Is that a 5% chance? If the odds of young, healthy person getting it and becoming a serious case is 5%...or even 2%...that does not sound that appealing. 4) Seems like China did not fully report how serious it was and how many people died there. 5) Shutting everything down is going to crush the economy. Not shutting everything down will cause mass infections and hospitalizations an order of magnitude(s) worse...and would then break our economy. The way to save the economy is to kill this virus. That's gonna take a while and it's going to suck. However bad you think it realistically is going to suck, there's a strong chance one way or another this is going to suck worse. ....not sure what else to say. I hope no one I know dies. I hope no one I know suffers...but some already have. I hope all of you stay safe and healthy and are able to work and maintain a living. Being in the games industry is a lot better than working in event planning or restaurants or etc etc. Count your blessings if you can.
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    RaVaGe's real life WIP

    More pictures coming soon d:D (some things were still missing).
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    Half-Life Alyx

    We just need to go back to Gameboy cartridges, then.
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    Oh man Nikio this is so inspiring! It really make me want to sell drugs and use it or what the hell, abuse it! so good. Or wasn't that the message of the story?
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    The Bible also works, doesn't it? Far better than it would have if it was released today. It was released in the peak of interest and when there wasn't much competition. That's not to say the literary and social theory of religion hasn't evolved since then. Back in the day there were no dating apps and no social media, so you just had to date people in your local community. There was far less choice, but that doesn't mean people were less happy. I feel like there's always going to be a misalignment between the interests of mappers and the interests of players. You gotta think about this like a drug dealer - you must know your audience, know what they're currently on and what kind of nerve it's scratching. You need to make them feel comfortable and safe in changing over to the new drug and convince them that it is a sufficient substitute. If you're a biochemist making designer drugs, you might take pride in making the *best* drug (some drug that stimulates your brain and makes you smarter, or some drug that turns you into a warewolf), but if you want to make big buck off of that drug, you gotta streamline it - you gotta make it easy to consume, make it scentless so police dogs can't track it, etc. That's why maps that stick to standard 4 square layout (flat map with few paths) are more accessible. Mappers think like mappers, players think like players. That drug which turns you into a werewolf might get a lot of praise from your fellow mappers, but it's not gonna be the new tobacco. Here's another analogy: There are games that liked by many - like Super Mario, and there are games that are loved by few, like Prison Architect for example. Imagine booting up Flappy Bird on your computer (Don't know why you would play flappy bird on your computer, but what do I know. You're the weird one, not me), and then you see a small button below Play that says "New Mode", so you press it and suddenly it boots up Dark Souls! You're not in the mood for Dark Souls, you're in the mood for Flappy Bird. It's 2 AM and you're lying in bed with your laptop. Hell, you don't even have a mouse. I'm probably overthinking this and layouts may well be a minor factor in getting players to play new maps. It may be the way the areas are designed, or the way the art is put together that makes something tick in peoples brains so they think to themselves, "ah this feels familiar, this feel like those other 5 maps I've played for hundreds of hours". I personally like making maps with crazy layout constrains like De_Graveyard, driven by some grand concept, because I know other mappers will appreciate the effort it takes to make such a layout work, and because some people are just gonna be fascinated by the all-round coolness of having a map set on a ship, or in a radio tower, or a large open train-yard, or around a giant fucking statue.
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    Norte | 3 Bombsites Map

    I'm in! de_norte made with love. Norte means north wind. Steam Workshop Link: de_norte Important gameplay infos: - This map has three Bomsites! // Oooh really? - Yeah! But why? To make the game more diverse, dynamic and interesting. It keeps the game fresh! - I picked the two best visible playermodels. For T's pheonix and ct's jumpsuit. Yes, jumpsuit. Valve please create competitive ready playermodels. Thanks! - A few rocks and floors -at important places- are clipped with grenade clips to provide better grenade bounces. This may look unrealistic in a few cases, but hey in csgo is it possible to let molotovs bounce of walls and they do it like they would be perfectly round objects. So, I just made something that fits very well into the world of csgo. The only sound I added to the map is the birdsound. Because in competitive matches you don't want to be annoyed or distracked by any sounds. All you want to hear are other players. Edit { And those constant sounds you hear too often inside csgo are not apropriated. They may not annoy everyone by its sound directly but indirectly. They produce some kind of stress you may not recognize or it seems you get used to it. But over time this can lower your performance and make you more likely to get frustrated. The game itself is demanding on several levels (physically and mentally) and can make you frustrated alot. Thats why a map should try to keep the frustration potential and the stress it produces as low as possible. And you can achieve that by not using constant sounds. Off course there are a lot more thing you should consider like avoiding placing stuff on the ground you can get stuck by or pop up while walking on them. = By providing a smooth movement flow. Or providing a positive athmosphere with a good mood by using sufficiently lights and bright and "friendly" pleasant colours. And much more. } (Almost) Every prop was thoughtfully placed. It may don't look like it but it was hard sometimes to place the rocks correctly. I started developing this map at the 9th of January 2020. I made it within 23 days! I worked on 20 of those days. Spend hours: between 220 - 277.2222 (I guess I worked in average something between ~ 11 and 13.86111 hours a day) I could make it that fast because I was focused. My experience with Hammer was also crucial, I develop csgo maps since 2013 and I developed an own development process. Oh, and the days were crunchy. Except sundays, because I don't work at sundays. The whole project was kind of crazy. I knew I had 23 days to make the whole map. I never believed someone could make such a great map within such a short time. I finished cs_wetland three days before this project and I made it within 11 crunchy days. It was really hard, I almost gave up after halftime. All I did was mapping. I did not know how the map would look like the whole time. I developed it one by one. With de_norte it was similar. Except I never wanted to give up. I focused on what I knew. As soon as I thought about the whole project and what to do I was overwhelmed. This happened only one time. Because I knew if I keep doing the small things I know I will finish this in time. It felt like I was guided the whole time. And I was. I let myself guided by the love I have. Every time before I finished the small parts I knew I had new ideas for other parts. Often what I knew was very litte. As I started I only knew I wanted to make a map with rocks and water and it should have three bombsites. The house at bomsite A with the round towers. All I knew was I wanted to create a house with those rounded windows. So I searched for the window, placed it into the sky and started to create the house. So, don't look at what you don't know, focus on what you know. Let yourself guide through the unknown, trust in love and believe. Then you make it! And now, I need a week of sleep. I hope I will never crunch a whole month again. Oh, and in addition I also had nothing to eat for 2 days and very litte for a whole week. The whole project was everything else than good for my body. But I was proud (only for a day) for the first time in my live of something I made. ^^ I went all in with de_norte. There were no reference images used and I was not inspired by something, but it looks like a place I would like to visit. Yes thats right, I made de_norte out of nothing with pure imagination and love! I hope you like it that I bring fresh wind into csgo. I hope I can continue to do so and you enjoy playing my maps! You got it? ..no? -> fresh wind <- ..no? Open the Spoiler and you get it!
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    [CS:GO] Bakery

    - changed A long - made it longer for ts to go A long - removed a ct path in B - reworked CT backup and cover on A - added an oven in B - reworked the back of B site - revamped T spawn - added chickens - radar color changed to match real bread more closely And a few new screenshots for the workshop page Sorry for spamming with regular updates that nobody cares about but seeing the process and making everything seriously even tho it's my first map is part of the fun for me. Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900
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    What's going on with your life?

    Switching over to WFH hasn't been too bad for me. The only issue is we currently live with my fiance's parents whilst we save for a house. So my PC is in our bedroom and since my fiance works nights (she's an essential worker) and I start work in the morning she's forced to sleep elsewhere. Could be worse though. In good news we had our offer on a house accepted and got our mortgage application submitted just in time. Most banks are now retracting all of their mortgages since nobody knows wtf will happen with the economy or anything. So we've almost got our foot on the ladder, just wish we could move now!
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    Congratulations on getting this into the game!
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    Corona Virus

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    What's going on with your life?

    Damn, sorry to hear it dude. At least you're still getting a bit of cash! How's everyone getting on with this coronavirus shiz? It's a weird time, even though I work from home anyway, it just feels.. different. A few months ago, me and my partner found out we're gonna struggle to have kids naturally, so were going to go through IVF treatment.. that has now been postponed so it will likely be a year before we can even start IVF treatment. Really sucks, because it now means we're going to be slightly older parents if we choose to go through with it. Fuck you Coronavirus, and fuck people going out and increasing the chances of spreading it to other people and prolonging the situation.
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    Corona Virus

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    Hi Usually people start off with picking a theme for their map before they start on creating the map. The reason for this is because basicly everything (layout, art, mapname, atmosphere) is based arround the theme you pick. For me the right order to start a map is: 1) Pick a theme for your map (and a location/mapname, though mapname can come later) 2) Gather reference pictures from real life locations, other gamers, movies or what so ever 3) Draw a layout on paper with the location/theme in mind and already think of what area will become what. For an example the bombsites are interesting areas, you can already decide how it will look, what the objective is You can use the references to create more interesting shapes then just paths and walls for your greybox. 4) Check timings, angles and such basic things ingame (with a friend) 5) If you are happy with it then get a playtest organised and keep on playtesting/itteration your layout untill it plays well 6) Now its time to work on the art for your work, apply details and textures to your map 7) Time for some more playtest and polishing your map When you do not have a strong plan and vision in mind (step 1 - 3) you will probally end up wandering what to do with your map. There is a big chance you get stuck by a creative blockade and end up with a map exisiting from meaningless empty corridors and rooms. This might not be the best workflow (for you), but for me it works well and it is worthfull to try out. Here is my mapcore topic where you can see the exact progress of my map: The mistake I made is focusing to much from the start on the theme/art, I would suggest to keep your greybox as simple as possible untill step 6. Goodluck with your map!
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    IMHO pro players know nothing about how a map should be built. They can give good feedback on how an area feels or can be modified, but they don't understand what makes a map tick.
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    Norte | 3 Bombsites Map

    New Update: WHO DARES WINS "Who dares wins" is the slogan of the SAS. With this update I implemented my custom SAS Skin. Gameplaychanges were made at Bombsite B at Alley at Banana and Dirt Road. Visuall improvements were made all around the map. Steam Workshop Link: Norte | 3 Bombsites Project started: 9th of January 2020 ; Days worked on this project: 37 Edit: Again an update. Changenotes:
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    What's going on with your life?

    3rd week for us. Hard to work from home with a 15 months old kid who love to climb everywhere. My wife is working for a medical company and is not here 80% of the time. The worst thing for me is my job. I'm in the process of changing and should have started my new one 3 weeks ago. But I'm having trouble getting the papers and everything in slow down with this shit. So now I'm between a company that is waiting for me and another one wondering when I'm leaving.
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