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    What's going on with your life?

    Just got engaged to my gf this past weekend! Feelsgoodman.
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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake AKA I'm Buying a Ps4

    It's funny, I don't know about you guys, but It's so god damn obvious when in some games, you can tell the team behind poured their hearts and souls into it. Your human instinct can absolutely tell, and you can tell the people behind this seriously cared about the original game's legacy. Just as much as the guys that made RE2 Remake.
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    Sharing a little update as things are starting to shape up I also added an assortment of grenades to the player's arsenal (smoke, explosive/shrapnel, and custom flashbang) to be as close as possible to Counter-Strike.
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    While working on my new main project (pics posted earlier in WIP in WIP thread), I decided to have a small side project in parallel. Unlike my previous project (A New Hope) which was massive in size and scope, more like an open world game/DLC with 4-6 hours of main quests and side quests gameplay, this side project is more linear, much smaller in scope, and the story/action is contained in one smaller region. This will be more or less a total conversion of Dying Light: no connection to the story or gameworld, no virus, no zombies, no infected, no derelict city. The player, a special police unit member, will have a rifle, a sidearm and a knife, and will be dispatched to the industrial zone in the city where cartel thugs have entrenched themselves in a warehouse with their drug stash and possible hostages. This is basically single player Counter-Strike (and potential COOP play): the player will raid the warehouse, eliminate the heavily-armed cartel members, secure the stash and free the hostages. I'm aiming to have a short but sweet campaign that could be done in 10-30 min playtime without being taxing on players' time. I wanted a small side project to work on and release soon in case the main project grew in size like the previous one; and since I haven't played CS or worked on CS projects in over 3 years, recreating one of the pillars and most iconic maps of CS was the perfect fit. The "warehouse 72" in the title is a nod the GoldSrc version of assault. The screenshots are early WIP and the result of roughly 7 hours of work (main screen from the CSGO version is included for comparison purpose): CSGO screenshot WIP screenshots
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    Art by @Bevster, layout by @tr0nic. The map is inspired by South American colonial era architecture and regional coffee production. Workshop link. Although I didn't have enough time to polish the art and gameplay to my desired level, I'm sure the remaining things won't take too long. Current version still has some minor lighting/shading errors on existing content, there's no 3D Skybox yet and the clipping, optimization passes also a bit rudimentary. Hopefully it's nothing gamebreaking. I'm going to update the entry as soon as possible.
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    I went back and found some pretty bad bugs involving run boosts.
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    Pretty Weird Bug here. The map Looks really good. I think B Site is a bit too hard to hold/retake. There are just too many angles for CTs to check on B.
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    Found some bugs on the map. This map as an amazing soundscape and the alligator textures are so good!
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    Hey, I have played 2 matches already. Layout seems cool but maybe too hard without grenades? For me water is more annoying than fun and cool future. Maybe think about removing it or reducing areas with water? Also visibility is pretty bad on this map with all this green CT skins. Finally I think CT need some cover on outside A, something like tree or plank of wood. TT needs just 1-2 flashes to dominate this area (if they find a green opponent in a green area which is really hard and annoying). I like the map and wish you all the best.
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    Norte | 3 Bombsites Map

    New Update Steam Workshop Link: de_norte Changenotes: - I made a new skin for the phoenix playermodel to slightly improve the visibility. - New texture for the ornate lantern. - I lowered the height of the grass model by 50%. - a few places got lit up - covered two more rock models with displacements because they were too dark and could not lit up properly - I changed the colour of the wooden poles. - I found two spots where you could not collect the bomb anymore => fixed - A few props still had a too low fade scale and vanished too early. => fixed - rotated the rock at connector - and some minor changes Edit: Next update improves the custom phoenix skin I made. The worst visible part of the origin skin was the head and the trousers. I could improve the trousers immensly. But I strougled with the head. After hours of experiment around I now found a pleasing way to improve the visibility of the head. But because of the lack of feedback not much other changes are currently made.
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    [cs:go] de_cleanup - wingman

    Love the style of the indoor area by far. Great detailing man, tone, and really shows your style. The only area that seems a little bland is the parking lot area (Image). Possibly the addition of pipes above or some type of vent system, could help sell the detail even more. Of course the addition of a small yellow speed bump and decals to show how used the area is down there. Best Regards, Nick Nugent
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    Doing well overall, just cruising along in life with college and such. Was working with BrainBread 2 on steam for some time since 2016, but finally taking a break from level design altogether. I need to check out your Dying Light campaign that you made. I know you did allot of custom work within the scripts and such. Again, congrats on that front and hope the Dev's check it out as well. Was thinking about the grass area and what you could do. Possibly a small parking lot for those who use the subway above, while also being enclosed by a wooden fence or some type of barrier that limits player/AI vision. The area will have two entrances with the first entrance being located by the ramp leading down to the tunnel area. This entrance is a typical parking lot entrance with a small guard post for protection Second, would be the fence/structure that surrounds it, having a small break in the foundation that allows for a second exit closets to the warehouse tunnel area. It seems more like a 1 to 1 comparison project. But never the less, just a thought. Maybe add some nice ivy trickling down from the wall, graffiti infested, and some small bushes in strategic places.
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    Stranger Things

    S3 was too over the top with the russian base indeed, but what killed it for me the most is that they're no longer kids and instead teenagers now. Worse, early teenagers. Who would want to revisit that period? Get outta here
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    Does anyone else love to play around with projected textures? I used to have hours of fun just playing with them back when I used to make P2 maps. So I decided to have some fun with them. Only thing is, I have no clue why this one isn't casting a shadow of the chain-link decoration when the wallpaper box has one... The world may never know. Either way, they're lot's of fun!
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    Hi everyone! I'm looking for people interested in finalizing a project named Jurassic Life, on the Source Engine (free HL2 modification). It's loosely based on the Jurassic Park universe where you play as Robert Muldoon. Project was in development for several years on and off. 2013-2014 we came to a complete stop due to personal reasons and some other factors. Now hoping to not get extinct and finish what was started. Plan is for a 2020 release. Coder position: We're looking for someone that can create our remaining NPCs and improve existing ones. Experienced with working with Source Engine. Compiling necessary .dlls e.t.c C++ Entity/NPC creation Faceposer: Hoping to find someone well traversed in that to help us when our human NPCs need that added. Hammer gameplay scripter: Well traversed in Hammer editor and knows how to utilize entities to create interesting dynamic gameplay 3D Modeler: 3 weapons 1½ Dinosaur Couple more props needed Familiar with creating models for Source Engine. This is our mod page on moddb https://www.moddb.com/mods/jurassic-life Thank you for your time. /Robert (taurus)
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    What's going on with your life?

    When i finally started getting into Hammer again, having fun, i met a woman. Funny how everytime i start mapping i meet someone that keeps me occupied so i dont map. But, i think she is great so, i am very happy
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    I have an announcement to make

    Your Elite PC Gaming Master Race membership has just been revoked
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    Artdump of selected assets from the level: High polys (used to bake meshmaps for substance painter) Lowpolys Substance Designer textures
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