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    I think Nuke is functionally still a 3 lane thing but with bombsites on top of each other, which is a terrible idea nowadays. I think something like train (but with less annoying bombsites) would be more reasonable. But I suggest to move this discussion somewhere else. This thread belongs to de_swamp.
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    What are you playing now?

    I just started playing this game. I think I am at chapter V or VI. I think the LD is great on how they intergrate new mechanics per level and get the player familair with it and meeting new characters. The LD language is very clear so thats good. It is nice it has a story and the game looks stunning. Just not sure how long it will keep my interest as it are about the same puzzles/stealthy levels repeadingly. I guess I also didnt espected that from the game somehow
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    [WIP] Arcadia - danger zone

    Hey, I'm working on a map for danger zone mode. It's still very early WIP. For now I'm almost done with general ideas for all locations. I wanted to share what I have created so far, although it doesn't look beautiful. I'm trying to work as fast as possible to finally play and test it with the players, but there is a lot of work and very little time. Maybe after the pictures someone has feedback that could help me. Have a nice evening More pictures https://imgur.com/a/PixTsSL
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    [WIP] Arcadia - danger zone

    Yeah, it looks like they are pretty nicely spaced out and almost entirely unique. You should make the roads not only distinct in texture, but also size. If you're gonna have the main asphalt road go through the town, have that one be the widest, while secondary dirt and third types of roads get increasingly narrower. Good job on making the turns round. It looks pretty fluid overall. There's also a clear distinction between the map areas through the biomes, so that should help a lot with orientation. Edit* maybe would be worth making the hydroelectric power plant into a major location as well? so you can better triangulate between them. Then you'd have smaller ones as buffer between.
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    [WIP] Arcadia - danger zone

    Seems like you're off to a good start! Get feedback as soon as possible and test often I would say. My advice would be to make sure your locations are evenly spaced and distributed across the map. Also, try to have a mix of differently sized ones, with 2-3 that stand out as major locations. I saw you were doing instances of buildings? That's already a smart move. Good luck, man!
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    Kingpin: Reloaded

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    Norte | 3 Bombsites Map

    That is a good question. My old goal vanished away 2018. I wanted to become an indi developer who works with a small team on athmosperic games or how I would call them "playable experiences" as level and gamedesigner. Games not just made for entertainment. Every game should have something that could make the player wonder or think about something. But in a subtle or even hidden way and not didactic. Edit: Oh, and I wanted to achieve this by building a portfolio. Now I just want to create innovative maps with new ideas for csgo. But it depends on the success of this map wheter I continue to create more maps for csgo or not.
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    I love the way it looks! Mainly because I'm such a sucker for abandoned places, heh. The way the temple themed water park so easily blends with the decay is fabulous! I even love the little details like how the tarp at CT spawn is more faded on the side that faces the outdoors. Not to mention that I love how eerie the map is too! Not only does the decay look scary, but the theme has a brilliant element of Fridge Horror too (Which means, something that's scary when you think about it after). Since when you really think about it, the place is probably super toxic (Chemicals + mold). Plus, the speaker at T-Spawn still working is pretty creepy to me. And the idea of being there is quite terrifying. I guess I should be glad that the water pumps aren't running. That'd be a nightmare-inducing sound for sure! (Side note: Something that's sorta Silly-Scary is the thought of who on earth is paying for the electrical bills? I doubt that the single generator at T-Spawn could power the whole place... And furthermore, who or what has been replacing the burnt out torches and lightbulbs... I know not ALL of the lightbulbs would be burned out, but there's a suspicious amount that are still on, and it scares me You did a great job with making the atmosphere!) Only thing I'd like to mention is that this puddle seems to be magical, because it's floating. Heh. But either way, it's an awesome map! I love the scariness of it and I can't wait to play it more soon! Great job! (P.S. I really want a can of that Pop Dog soda from that machine at CT-Spawn. Even if it was expired and tasted like the rotten water that's still in the park)
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    There might be more in the future, plan on sketching up some stuff for future updates on the map. I think there are a lot of visual improvements to be made. The general idea of the sketches are to understand how theme can effect the layout. Which is very important when you're in a collaborative effort with another person. I'm not very good with explaining my ideas with words, but I find drawing allows me to better understand the possibilities of the theme, and then start conversation about them to the people I am working with. Most of what I drew was not used, but influenced the future decision we made. We pretty much used them the same way you'd use reference photos. I should probably say I don't think sketches are always needed, but more ambitious the idea the more you should be trying to visualise ideas before hand. I just come from a more traditional art background so drawing feels like a decent way to express ideas. The workflow for assets was pretty straight forward. Models generally went 3dsmax > substance painter. The sculpts were a bit more complicated since most of them need to work with existing brush work. In those cases it went hammer rough blockouts > import to 3dsmax > new blockout > import to zbrush > import to 3dsmax for retopology/unwrap > painter for bakes and texture. Normal textures were substance designer for the most part, I also ended up leaning on heavily modded textures.com photo scans.
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    de_control Welcome to my second competitive map for CS:GO: de_control I have been working on it on and off for about 9 months and am currently still in the process of polishing it up and tweaking some last-minute changes. The map is mostly inspired by games like Half-Life and GoldenEye 007. I am sure there are some of you, who will find references to these two iconic titles. There are also a few inspirations from and cheeky references to the game Control (2019). I submitted this map to because we had a lot of maps set in underground research labs/facilities/compounds back in the original Counter-Strike, however almost none in CS:GO. Therefore, I think this map fits the exotic places theme well, as its shows a setting not often seen in CS:GO. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1823018210 (Workshop link should be working now! ) Anyway, if you like lore and stories keep on reading. If you just want to play then hit subscribe and enjoy! GLHF Briefing T-side: The nefarious V.Shipping Corporation has been profiting from conflicts around the globe for the best part of this century. Selling small arms and rifles to rebels like us and equipping our enemies from the Coalition Taskforce with advanced weaponry, like tanks and helicopters, which they use to oppress freedom worldwide. However, their newest venture is far more concerning than any before them. A new type of hypersonic rocket designed to deliver death and oppression to our brothers and sisters over thousands of miles. Their only working prototype is currently located in the Launch Complex at the V.Shipping Research Compound in [LOCATION REDACTED]. However, of higher priority is the rockets flight management computer: C.O.N.T.R.O.L. It is believed to be in the Control Room of the Complex, but reaching it is no easy task. It might prove more effective to attack the prototype rocket. The resulting explosion should vaporize the entire Control Room and the C.O.N.T.R.O.L.-System with it. Attacking the Control Room directly is also possible. The Complex is currently undergoing renovations for the planned fitting of the new System, so security might be less tight… Whichever way you choose, good luck to you Brothers! Briefing CT-side: Domestic terrorists have breached the facility! It seems like they are making a push on the new Launch Complex in the southern part of the Compound. The highest priority goes to the C.O.N.T.R.O.L. flight management system, protect it by all means! However, them attacking the Launch Silo-A located to the west of the Control Room, is also a possibility. If the rocket currently stored in there goes up, the C.O.N.T.R.O.L.-System might get damaged in the process, or worse… And yeah, you would also probably be blown to bits by the explosion, so make sure to protect the silo as well. At least there is currently no science personnel in the Launch Complex, due to renovations. Which means… Shoot everything that moves!
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    Now that is a good question, actually. I thought about it for some time and Computer-assisted Orientation Navigation Tracking Radar-based Orbital Launch -System was the best I could come up with.
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    WORKSHOP LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1881843696 I present to you: de_daigo (beta-release) by @JorisCeoen (level design, artwork) and @shawnolson (technical assistance and Wall Worm Model Tools) Daigo is a competitive 5v5 defusal map, set in Japan featuring a large castle. It is geared towards all kinds of playstyles (short and longrange) and features some verticality on A-Site. The map is in dire need of multiple new passes, such as overall optimization, clipping, lighting and material-model management, and improved artwork. I'm aware that there will be numerous nodraw gaps throughout the map (and dev-textures), and that there's currently no 3D skybox to give more depth to the map. The development and design of the layout and artwork is entirely made by me. All technical assistance with the creation of custom content and level design tools was managed and coached by Shawn Olson, creator of the Wall Worm Model Tools. This mean that the entire map was designed from scratch in 3DS Max. Hammer was never, ever used to create anything related to the art- or brushwork. It's all still a heavy-WIP, but the map will be improved over time, with more custom content (that will be better managed versus the mb's in filesize). Hope you enjoy the project for how it currently stands. Without Shawn, this project would never have come to its current status, which is least to say fully functional and playable. We will update this post in the future as more progress is being made
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    Well, I'm not overly proud to enter the map in this rather rough state but I'm doing it anyway. It was fun working on Anchor so far and I'll be happy to bring it more to life in future updates. Workshop Link (may need a little time for steam approval): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807037033 Congrats to all that made it to the finish line. I'm excited to try out all of your awesome maps.
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