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  1. Quotingmc


    @Quadratic and I are in full-on crunch mode pushing to get Ivory in the best possible state before the deadline and I am very pleased with what has been achieved thus far. Here are a few of the last screenshots before the final release!
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  2. Nope, I use Blender and I know several other people who do too. There are literally dozens of us
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  3. I've always been a little astonished because apparently everyone uses this software (3dsmax) that cost 2k bucks every year. Well, there is this students version, but you may not make money with your stuff then (CS:GO Operations etc.). Am I the only idiot that uses Blender, which is for free and far good enough to make shitty low poly props for CS:GO? What's up with that?
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  4. Edit: Released June 6, 2020 Go to release post While working on my new main project (pics posted earlier in WIP in WIP thread), I decided to have a small side project in parallel. Unlike my previous project (A New Hope) which was massive in size and scope, more like an open world game/DLC with 4-6 hours of main quests and side quests gameplay, this side project is more linear, much smaller in scope, and the story/action is contained in one smaller region. This will be more or less a total conversion of Dying Light: no connection to the story or gameworld, no virus, no zombies, no infected, no derelict city. The player, a special police unit member, will have a rifle, a sidearm and a knife, and will be dispatched to the industrial zone in the city where cartel thugs have entrenched themselves in a warehouse with their drug stash and possible hostages. This is basically single player Counter-Strike (and potential COOP play): the player will raid the warehouse, eliminate the heavily-armed cartel members, secure the stash and free the hostages. I'm aiming to have a short but sweet campaign that could be done in 10-30 min playtime without being taxing on players' time. I wanted a small side project to work on and release soon in case the main project grew in size like the previous one; and since I haven't played CS or worked on CS projects in over 3 years, recreating one of the pillars and most iconic maps of CS was the perfect fit. The "warehouse 72" in the title is a nod the GoldSrc version of assault. The screenshots are early WIP and the result of roughly 7 hours of work (main screen from the CSGO version is included for comparison purpose): CSGO screenshot WIP screenshots
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  5. JimWood


    Mutiny has been officially released! Check it out on the workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1978052734 If you're interested in seeing some in-depth information about the map along with an interactive map, take a look here: http://jimwood.co.uk/mutiny We've also added a trailer, check it out below! Finally, here's a couple of the screenshots shown on the website:
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  6. working that 3dskybox magic.... note: first full compile for 3d skybox... so twerking to come... need to adjust fog, lighting, polish ect... feeling good aproaching the deadline! Getting better fps than nuke atm and just need to make a few more props, textures... and polish till the cows come home. Im also planning on a name change. Thinking Its going to become de_xenos... which means stranger in greek.... Its shorter and more exotic
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  7. Radu


    Safi is a city in western Morocco, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, and the capital of Safi Province. The city was under protectorate by the Portuguese Empire from 1488 to 1541, was the center of the nation's weaving industry, and became a fortaleza of the Portuguese Crown in 1508. Safi is the main fishing port for the country's sardine industry, and also exports phosphates, textiles and ceramics. During the Second World War, Safi was the site of Operation Blackstone, one of the landing sites for Operation Torch. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984015802 Development timeline:
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  8. ics

    Kingpin: Reloaded

    Kingpin was the first game that didnt offer just the two basic multiplayer gamemodes back then - DeathMatch and Capture The Flag. Instead, it also offered Bagman mode. If you dont know what this is, basically you collect weapons around the map to fight with like in deathmatch, but you also collect money from the middle of the map. Both teams have their own bases with a safe. For example in one of the maps, there's a pipe that spits money out time to time. I think it was 5$ each pile. Then you collect the money from the ground, go to your base and gotta open a safe to deposit the money into. The safe operates on a separate switch, so you gotta go to the switch and then to the safe to deposit. You also might want to close your safe from the same switch, because you know, you can also do this to the enemy - go to their base, use the switch and steal money from their safe. If you dont close the safe, it gets easier to steal the money. Alarm also went off if someone did a steal. I think the max mount was 150$ or 200$ that one person can carry, so you couldnt take them all, unless you did a raid with your friends. Also if you kill the money carrier, you can take their bag and return the money to your safe. So the team who had like 500-800$ first, won the game. I played this gamemode a lot. Especially with todays capability of voice chats and such, it works even more better. You can tell someone to open that safe, instead of typing it down to chat fast. More of teamwork and more fun. This game was also the first one of the multiplayer games i played on PC, and it infact got me started on running game servers, which eventually led me into level design.
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  9. Makes me smile @Radix Obviously you are not an idiot for using Blender. Many wonderful and talented people do. That being said, I am very passionate about making life for Source fun, exciting, robust and powerful inside 3ds Max. Just go scroll through the WW Changelog to see how serious I've been at that for 10 years! (Note the bottom of the page that links to previous version archives... those demonstrate the kind of commitment WW users have been enjoying. Except for a period of several months in 2019 where I was fighting cancer, I have updated WW tools many times every week for many years.) For those that are wanting help with your crunch using WW, feel free to ask for help on the WW Discord channel. I love seeing all the cool ideas people have come to life!
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  10. Radu

    The Alien movies

    Apparently Dark Horse Comics published in 2018 a comic series based on one of William Gibson's original scripts that were intended to be a sequel to Aliens. Then, a year later, the script was adapted as an audio drama, starring Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen, directed by Dirk Maggs and published by Audible Studios. I randomly found on youtube someone that combined the two into something that's as close as we'll probably get to a film. Man, this is so well done, handles all the story bits just right. The person who put the two together did a great job too. If you have time, definitely recommend it.
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  11. Roald


    The topics in here are entries for the Mapcore mapping contest. Unless you want to participate, you might want to post your topic in the '3D' section
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  13. Lizard

    Dying Light 2

    Ideally you want to release before the new generation so you can catch on the market while everyone is buying cheaper previous generations and I think this was the main reason for us and CDP to announce the game in early 2020. But don't take my word for it :D
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  14. Radu


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  15. untor


    Every night - compiling Every day - found some issues and bugs Soon we can play - every night and every day! New radar and some new screens from spawns and bombsite B!
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  16. mr.P


    All interiors are made with the modular Nuke assets, this is how it looks with/without: This is one of the refs I've used, In contrast to the organic exterior the interior is made up of vertical and horizontal lines with splashes of color
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  17. That was literally me during the 2017 contest. It's definitely doable, I always feel like deadline makes you accomplish more under pressure. Just don't burn yourself out!
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