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    Not to discourage you from your current project, but if I were you, I'd definitely still focus on Jungle. There's definitely a lot of valid criticism to be had about the map, and as it is already in CS:GO, I see no better time to work on it. If you aren't willing to go back to Jungle, I'd suggest getting another experienced mapper to polish it up. Otherwise, this new map looks interesting, but I hope it does not suffer from the same visual issues as the previous map. That's not to say it looks bad, it just doesn't fit Valve's style as much as I would like. Either way, I wish you luck. Also: How long do these maps take you to make?
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    Black Mesa Source

    Might be a bit of a stretch, but I think Black Mesa is a good opportunity to talk about this type of traditional design. Yeah, it doesn't offer much replayability. You can play through it once or twice and can say that you're done with it, whereas an open world game can offer sometimes an entirely different experience with each playthrough. But how many people even manage to get through to the end? This is entirely personal, but when games go over 15-20 hours, they become almost a chore to finish. Sure, there's some exceptions, like Borderlands, you do need a bit of a change every now and then. However, every Far-Cry game, although I've enjoyed, felt like it overstayed it's welcome after 20 hours. I would rather play something more directed that has a proper sequence of events and gets you to the end of the story. Since you mentioned "pc games" I can't really use Naughty Dog's games now can I? but I would point at those for more recent examples. Hell, take Titanfall 2 for instance. Its short 4 hours sp campaign is regarded as one of the best, which I have to agree with. Doom 2016, even more of a stretch back than Black Mesa or Half-life 2 in its design. And there's plenty of hype around the upcoming Doom: Eternal. As much as companies have shifted to big open world games (which are easier to monetise), there's still a big space to be filled by more traditional linear games. Regarding the hype, idk, look at every successful game/film sequel and what they did right. Take what made your game good to begin with, improve on the weaker areas and then add that extra something which might be what I was mentioning earlier - a systemic design or if you're into a more open metroidvania level design - maybe what Metro: Exodus went for. The VR might work for the novelty, but it's still gonna be limiting compared to traditional games. That's what kind of sits bad with me. We're taking a step forward when it comes to immersion, but taking one backwards in terms of gameplay. How will it hold out over the years, because HL2 still does even now, as rough around the edges as it may be.
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    [CSGO] de_dlag

    Good day everyone, I have been working on a layout for past week and finally managed to get it done! The map is designed to be a 5v5 standard bomb defusal map. I am currently looking for feedback on the layout because it might need some tweaking. Map has basic clipping and basic lightning, but i really don't wanna sink too much time into stuff like that, because things change very quickly. I really want to hear what you think, what changes should I make, what angles should I adjust etc. I've playtested this map a bit, but not in full 5v5 lobby yet (looking to get a bit more feedback before submitting this map to the Mapcore playtesting sessions). Here's a link to the workshop page: CLICK HERE! And here are some previews: Overview (panorama style radar coming soon): Bombsite A: Bombsite B: Middle: I think that that's enough images for now. After the layout is finished and angles are done, I will get into detailing. Also, I will be posting updates here, whenever I will have something cool to share! I'm really looking forward to see what you think about it. Have a nice day!
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    [CSGO] Night Mode

    Can't play 'Night Mode' gamemode in the new COD game because i can't afford it, so i created one in CSGO instead. Map: This map is supposed to be a deathmatch map. but, i added a bombsite. The title pretty much sums up the map. In this small map, Footstep is the key. So, if someone is running around, they will have a high chance of being spotted. Nightvision: The map is too dark. You will need a Night Vision Goggles. Sadly, with this limited vision, you cannot take it off. if you could, it'll be dark anyway, so it'll be pointless. Player View Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/9mUbuGm Map Screenshots (including minimap): https://imgur.com/a/93h2fn8 Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1941174961 Behind the scene:
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    Mapcore Job Census

    heading to the US for now, taking some time with the family etc., hopefully back on track with something later next year
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    Black Mesa Source

    Ultimately I'm not sure yet another traditional sp campaign would really raise the stakes much. So, let’s say they did do a really nice Titanfall 2 style HL3... I'm not sure that would be that hype or new or different or exciting enough at this point, or even a few years ago. They themselves raised the stakes so much by delaying EP3 on and on, to the extent that they would really have to do something crazy. At least VR is a big enough risk to meet that burden.
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    Half-Life Alyx

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    Mapcore Job Census

    Can you tell where you're heading now? Either way, best of luck!
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    Black Mesa Source

    They could have hired a couple of people to polish the first half of the game. There are stock HL2 assets in there, and custom stuff that’s not much better. Then there are also the rough sound effects (shotgun in particular sounds pretty clippy), and clunky weapon switching. It’s not the super polished feeling experience now that it was a few years back when it first came out, it’s a bit clunky at times. As the game is a commercial product I’m just evaluating it on those lines, but the real context is that the first half is a community mod for sale, it’s probably not fair to expect a new Xen and a repolished first half. But having played through Xen which felt a little bloated at times, maybe in hindsight that’s one approach they could have taken instead. I did notice some new sprites they were using everywhere that looked pretty nice and helped modernize the old chapters pretty nicely as for lighting. Source aged well in terms of particles/effects IMO, some of those hold up pretty well. The rocket launch in particular looked better now, it looked great.
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Going indie? Wishing you the best, P.
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    [WIP] de_zansort

    It took some while so here is some progress i made in the last few weeks (no big detailing yet because i want to do a competitive playtest for this layout first). I will update the workshop page today. PS: how do i put these images in spoiler tags because it looks like a mess.
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    [WIP] de_zansort

    Last week i did some little more detailing (no props or anything, just shaping the house a bit more and i added a roof over the bar area)
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    [CS:GO](W.I.P) Flume

    I'm loving the theme!
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