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  1. marnamai

    Half-Life Alyx

    Source 2 user friendliness has been vastly improved, importing assets is mostly drag and drop, the asset browser compiles it into the game format in the background. QCs are a thing of the past. Model editor https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dota_2_Workshop_Tools/Model_Editor https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamVR/Environments/Importing_Tutorial Material editor Naming conventions are important, if you use the correct post-fix, materials slots will be automatically filled out in your material. Setting up a material is basically checking a bunch of flags and assign
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  2. Squidski


    Pretty proud of what we've accomplished so far here. Still a bit of a ways to go, hope we can wrap everything up we'd like to before the deadline! (Obviously still WIP!)
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  3. Minos

    Pet Thread

    Kitties today
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  4. Hi I have been working on this weird ass source mod for over a year now. It's mostly complete (some assets needs to be redone, need voice recordings as well), so I'm releasing it now to get feedback. It's a full singleplayer campaign with 5 maps, fairly long (between 1 to 2 hours), with custom mechanics, weapons and enemies. There's a few cutscenes and some story, some puzzle and parkour, but it's mostly a lot of bunnyhopping around and blowing up carebears. Go play it and (hopefully) post feedback here! Download link https://www.moddb.com/mods/bisounours-party/downloads/bisounours-p
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  5. Interfearance

    Pet Thread

    We need a pet thread that isn't a decade old. This is my ragamuffin cat named Bunny:
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  6. Zanek184

    Hideout [WIP]

    Detail progress. Only a few months until the deadline hits!!!
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  7. Radix

    Static Prop Combine in CS:GO

    Static Prop Combine in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive A step by step guide thanks to @untor What is Static Prop Combine? Static prop combine, or informally speaking "autocombine", is a new feature in CS:GO's VBSP. It allows VBSP to merge together multiple static props into a single static prop, either automatically or with user-defined rules. What is static prop combine good for? Static prop combine is another feature to optimize your maps. Most people might think that "the less geometry rendered the better". So if you use small props, it's easier to hide wh
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  8. Vaya

    de_napoli WIP

    I'd suggest doing a bunch of tests around the place if just for promo work, best way to get people involved. Adding some details about the sort of work you want done will also help
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  9. Good for you guys, this kind of work it’s useful, especially if you are interested in food/cooking. But in general, low level stuff builds confidence, life skills… and motivation to aspire do something else. it also keeps you humble and lets you appreciate people that do these jobs for you once you move on. Funny I also applied and was offered a position at deli/fishmonger counter once I worked as a cafe/bar waiter as my first summer job, summer postman to pay uni; when I moved here in the uk I ended up working four years in hospitality and catering, went from cleaning rooms an
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  10. mtchromatic

    Pet Thread

    here's a picture of a friend's cat
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  11. Sears

    Bisounours Party: Adventure

    Congratulations on release!
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  12. Started my first map ever for CS:GO. de_upkeep for Wingman mode. Gotta keep it simple. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1931859340
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  13. I also recently started a new job working on the counters in a local store. I am training to work as a baker primarily but also on deli, meat and fish. Certainly, isnt my life long career but it pays decently and you get to learn a lot about food. It beats shelf stacking any day even if the standing up and early starts can get tiring.
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  14. So a couple of days ago, I worked my first day. It's quite nice actually. But I'm really gonna have to get used to standing all that time. But aside from that, it's quite simple. I'm sure I'll get used to it! And besides, the pay is actually above average for the position! So that's a plus Once again, thank you all for wishing me luck! It looks like I'll finally be able to take my brother bowling like he always asks me to!
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  15. Wintrius

    de_grotto [WIP]

    Well, layout always comes before visuals in my eyes. You can adjust the visuals to the layout I'm sure. Still, I wish you well on your future developments.
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  16. KingOfCorn

    [CS:GO] Golden

    Just uploaded the first version of Golden since July. Been doing a complete overhaul of the map visually and also added some gameplay elements. Several new custom textures and some new models aswell. Here's a summary of the changes made: -Major visual rework -New 3d skybox -Added a drop in second mid -Added cover for safeplant on B -Raised the tree for cleaner gameplay and visibility around the courtyard. -Improvements to optimization -Boosted the lighting in the metro area -Several minor changes throughout -Bugfixes Have a look and please let me know what y
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  17. Recent progress on a wingman map, DE_MOROCCO
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  18. zuzs980

    [Wip] De_Croatia

    Hey everyone, been a long time once again. My computer literally caught fire so I've lost most of my files for this map I was wondering if anyone had v9_c i have the workshop version but i need the playtest version. The end of the I'd would be 516587257 Please ge tback to me i would be very greatful
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