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    Sorry it took so long but here's the full release of all the grind assets! We've just recently updated the workshop submission, so this content release should contain all the new edits we've made so far. This release contains the max scene files as well, which were made using 3ds max 2015. You will need to load them up in versions 2015 and beyond for them to work. Sadly I did not pack all of the bakes or highpoly source models since they are huge filesize wise (like multiple gb's per hp mesh). The texture source is once again quixel suite, which is mostly old and deprecated now. DISCLAIMER: This content is provided as is and was designed with pbr type reflectivity and values in mind. If you decided to use the content in your map, please credit the usage and drop me a note on steam or discord -Thanks! CONTENT LINK
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    Thought I'd make a new thread since the other one is super buried and has broken links. I've gone and (finally) updated the content release for junction with all of the latest art in _r2 of the workshop release. I'm also attaching a separate content release here that contains all the max files. I'd totally link the art src files, but they're all for the old version of quixel suite and are super huge in filesize (besides who uses photoshop anymore anyways!) p.s the max scenes are for max 2013 (I think??) So they'll work in newer versions of max, but will absolutely not load in older versions. DISCLAIMER: This content is provided as is and was designed with pbr type reflectivity and values in mind. If you decided to use the content in your map, please credit the usage and drop me a note on steam or discord -Thanks! CONTENT LINK MODEL SCENE LINK BEEG Shots of some of the new assets in the latest map:
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    Get making / get playtesting / get reworking / fail fast, learn fast. Screwing over the player isn't funny. Make sure you break down your ideas into smaller digestible chunks. Give each moment it's own breathing space.
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    Sneak peek of some progress so far in mid. If you're curious, the arch on the right side is using UnlitGeneric because I was testing with it. Hope to have at least a base version done soon.
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    According to the site that has them, they date back to 2004. Deck16 with sgtech textures. Morbias arena with ancient theme.
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    [WIP] cs_Fever

    My first csgo map ever, its based on the house I grew up in. Hostage rescue. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640173218 Still left to do: Redo the side tunnel Overhaul the lighting Add detail and also remove redundant detail Optimize Change stuff Finalize layout And whatever else needs doing Thanks for looking.
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    Step one would be to familiarize with the Source 2 engine, other than that I'd say you are facing the same struggles as any game dev...however modding is in general easier since you don't have to make stuff from scratch, I know exactly what I want to make and how to make it...I'm just waiting around...can't waaaaait!
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    cs_tori Workshoplink: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1918081512 More screenshots: hi I decided to bring back my maps. They got deleted with my steamaccount, whoopsi.. Now cs_tori is back and I made a big update as well. I ran through the map and whow I saw so many things that had to be improved. So, I could not resist and started to hammer this world again. The most noticeable changes are the improved skybox, less bloom, the "new" ambient sound (the same but without this constant annoying sound) and the new textures. I tried to remove distracting props and adjust the fade out values for no annoying popup effects. Overall I made a few hundreds adjustments... most of them are minor detail. It still needs at least one more update, because the edge of some shadows were messed up with this compile and because of a few other things. In spite of that I uploaded the map because something is wrong with my pc. The last compile needed almost 10 hours instead of 6,5 hours. I removed stuff from the map so it had to be less than 6,5 hours... It also got frozen during one compile before. I don't know wheter my pc can handle another compile or not. We will see. Besides the few messed up shadow I am very happy with this update and I hope you like it!
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    [CSGO] cs_tori (rerelease and big update)

    The reason is that valve has the FBI lady as fbi_variantB, which was previously a default model. The original Variant b was shifted to variant C and C to D and D to E and E to F. This means that any existing KV file with the fbi or any future Kv's made with the generator will have the FBI lady in them. Somehow this is isnt affecting pre existing maps using the FBI.
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    Thank you! I thought about that as well. I used a paid model? I used this: FBI "models/weapons/ct_arms_fbi.mdl" { "ctm_fbi""" "ctm_fbi_variantA""" "ctm_fbi_variantB""" "ctm_fbi_variantC""" "ctm_fbi_variantD""" copied from: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Choosing_Player_Models The CTs can be at gap from the bridge and look at the way down in about 9 seconds before the Ts arive there. The Ts can rush there in 11 sec and in 10 sec to the bridge. It is not perfect I know. I always thought about wheter it would be better to change the gap at the bridge to a path down or not. Maybe a one-way-drop. What do you think? Yes, I already changed the color of the minimap. Hmm maybe. But it should be more secure for the CTs to go from B to the rescue point than from A to the rescue point. At least that is what I thought. I really have to think about that. ^^ All I can say is that I always had the concern that the rescue zone could be too casual like for most players. And I was not sure about this area: This is what I could think of right now: 1: Make it not climbable. 2: Close the middle entrance. Edit: Oh and also make the rock columns beside not climbable. I guess that would be a good start. Thanks for the feedback and the time taken!
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    Oh ok, while walking around the green hostage sign got the same color around it. The hostages spawns every time at the same place. After collect one you go to the blue area but you also walk under the yellow parts. Hm, yeah better change the color. Thanks. ^^ Edit: It means Bird. My first layout drawing of the map looked like a bird. Here it is from the 26.08.2017:
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    [CSGO] cs_tori (rerelease and big update)

    ok, thank you!
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    [CSGO] cs_tori (rerelease and big update)

    @Ringel I'll look at the VMF for you when I get a min to see if I think that's the cause. you'll need to re-add me on steam since you nuked your account
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    i am getting my 3600x tonight
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    Doom Eternal

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    [WIP] De_Luau

    Hey y'all. Back again with an update from the playtest. Many suggestions asked for revisions similar back to the A15 version and simplification, so here are my notes: Removed Long and Drop (simplification) Changed B catwalk route back to drop route (in development) Rerouted A main route to lead into connector (currently in development, may change) Spa Room house closed off, connector inbetween T middle and remainder spa room (The most notorious entrance was directly in middle, but that allowed long sightlines from the building and middle. Gives new purpose to T middle now.) Balcony staircase now on A site, staircase extended into spa room CT Spawn made shorter and faster (currently in development) Middle now has 1 sniper nest window, and 1 middle passage (may change) Opened up CT backsite on B, as a raised platform (may change) B extended to take up more space and more plant routes Rerouting of B CT Main (currently in development) These two I will do. I also got suggestions about it, so hopefully I can fix up the lighting to look a little bit more natural. Hopefully some update shots later on!
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    It has been quite a while since I have posted an update so here is some information on where I have been. A bunch of real-world factors from starting a new job to losing part of my vision resulted in my progress stalling but I am happy to report I am back to working on Ivory. I am still trying to develop a visual style I am happy with and getting the lighting right which is proving a challenge as I am new to making night maps. This was another one of my goals with this project in pushing myself to try something outside my comfort zone; I just hope I haven't bitten off more than I can thew. I am aware working alone means I have an extra layer of difficulty compared to some of the other entries but I believe I can still produce a fun and well designed final product. Hopefully, I can have a version ready for the deadline, finishing at all will be an achievement I can be proud of but a top 10 spot would be even more amazing! Finally thank you to everyone who has asked me about Ivory and shown an interest in Ivory, either here or in private messages. Your support really helps me find the motivation to continue working.
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    [CS:GO] Golden

    Just uploaded the first version of Golden since July. Been doing a complete overhaul of the map visually and also added some gameplay elements. Several new custom textures and some new models aswell. Here's a summary of the changes made: -Major visual rework -New 3d skybox -Added a drop in second mid -Added cover for safeplant on B -Raised the tree for cleaner gameplay and visibility around the courtyard. -Improvements to optimization -Boosted the lighting in the metro area -Several minor changes throughout -Bugfixes Have a look and please let me know what you think!
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    [CS:GO] wm_creek

    Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1917973316 I've messed around in Hammer a lot but not really gotten around to publishing much of anything, so my main goal was to finally get something out there I was satisfied with. Feedback is appreciated but it will probably go into whatever I make next. Also the new character model skins Valve added made my concerns for player visibility infinitely worse so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Some feedback I received already was to alter grass colour so it blends better as well as the nuke silo not being so white.
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    Mustang (formerly Everest)

    Your rock puns are getting...boulder!
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    Mustang (formerly Everest)

    Prockress being made
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    Connection Info CS:GO Server IP: Location: Central Europe Slots: 20 players Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/nQWzYhX Playtesting Information Playtesting is held every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, at 20:00 UTC (or UTC+1 during BST), with a maximum of 2 maps per session- one if the first submitted test is competitive Make sure to join the Steam Group and Discord Server for regular updates and information on CS:GO playtesting! As a map maker you will expected to be in the discord voice chat during the test for feedback. FAQ Additional FAQ can be found on the old playtesting threads & feel free to contact myself here or on discord (Vaya #0001) We are open to test any kind of layout as long as it’s not fundamentally broken. https://www.mapcore.org/topic/17116-mapcore-csgo-playtesting-40/?tab=comments#comment-359987 Submitting Before submitting please check to see if there is a slot are available on the day you wish to playtest by checking on the current schedule spreadsheet, and make sure to allow at least 24 hours until the date before submitting: https://goo.gl/a5n1M1 Reminder – with Valve’s new moderation system do not update your workshop entry less than 24 hours before the test starts. Submissions can be sent through the google form: http://goo.gl/forms/qK15A03oAI Note: If you would like to resubmit for playtesting we generally request you wait at least two weeks before resubmitting
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    I feel others have said what I have to say but I want to chime in anyway Start small, be realistic, don't go in expecting the world. When I was 17/18 I'd always dream big and go into making a map with the intention of it being the greatest thing created since the statue of David's ballsack or something. The further in I got with my projects the more I realised I sucked and got super frustrated at what I was making because I was just biting off more than I could chew. My vision outmatched my abilities and I refused to accept that. So if I could go back and give my aspiring idiot ass some tips, downsize and get rid of that ego and just release it. Small maps or whatever, and level up as you go. A good example of my younger thinking was Half-life Nightwatch was all the rage back then in the HL1 modding community, It was the Duke Nukem Forever of mods and everytime they released screenshots I got really disheartened with my own work and just binned it and started over. I was always comparing myself to people with far more experience and ability at the time. What I should of done is ignored all that and focus on my own creations and work on my skills rather than looking at what the best at the time were doing. I even remember applying to Nightwatch at one point as an LD, I sent in shit tonnes of my work hoping they'd take me on but they ultimately rejected me citing I wasn't quite up to the standards they required. That really stung as I thought I had the abilities to match their amazing work, but alas no. That was the spark that ignited me to really drive myself and improve my skills as an LD. So yeah, moral of story, finish what you start. Don't be afraid of negative feedback. Don't get distracted by what others are producing. Don't bite off more than you can chew and be realistic with yourself.
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    1- Work you ass off 2- Don't get paid 3- Be proud 4- Repeat
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    Release early, release often.
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    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Hi, i'm a new mapper from finland, i have never made actually finished map so my skills are not too good. I started 3 months ago mapping and have made constant progress after it. I'm here to get help in my mapping "journey" and I might be participating in the mapcore contest (Who knows :)).
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    [CSGO] cs_tori (rerelease and big update)

    depends a lot on processor too. I went from 6.5 hours on a i5 4570k to 1.5 hours on a ryzen 3600x
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