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    Some progress on T to Mid/B Site.
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    De_Hongya [WIP]

    Currently working on a map set in china... location will be revealed later. This is a solo defusal map and is my second ever developed map (first one was pretty bad). Progress and map layout will come soon, but here is a sneak peak (mid) Some progress is being made....
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    M4A1 Rifle

    Hello everyone! I always wanted to model the famous M4 rifle and I finally did it. It's an awesome gun present (with various alterations) in all FPS games I know of and it's there for a good reason. It has a beautiful design that stands up to the test of time. Despite its age it never lacks that tactical modern look that we all know and love. This project is made using Blender, Substance Painter, Marmoset Toolbag, Rizom UV and Photoshop. I hope you like my take on this awesome rifle that rules all FPS games next to the AK. You can find the detailed post on my artstaion profile along other projects that might interest you. Until next time, stay creative and keep improving! Cheers ! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gJW5vG https://www.artstation.com/ordanicu
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    What happened to the community maps (Ruby and Breach) was pretty much what I expected (looking at the queue times), but the fact that they were not replaced with other community maps but with Cache and Mirage is interesting. Cache because there will be a reworked version in a few days, so it can be tested easily. But Mirage? Will there be a reworked version soon as well? It's currently one of the maps of the comp pool that need a visual rework the most, so I'm pretty sure this is what is going to happen.
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    De_Hongya [WIP]

    Make sure that non blocking and complex geometry is func_detail.
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    Really good video here guys, we play games since we're toddlers, and some of us are making games for decades now, so some of this stuff is a really good reminder that the balance of hand holding and exploration is key even at it's fundamentals.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Ruby is removed fully while Breach is in casual rotation only.
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    Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

    I don't need to be inspired by an imaginary character to do bad stuff. I'm quite capable of doing bad things by my own white male self.
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    Yes! these people don't go online and talk about the games on forums etc. You rarely see any feedback from this group. If a game is too hard they will just stop playing. Also a reminder that what you read about a game online is almost always from a very loud, small and hardcore minority
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    [WIP] de_stonetown

    Hello all! here are some screenshots for the latest version! The map is textured but is still a WIP! Link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1877089951 BTW please note that clipping is ~60% complete. However i would still like feedback on some OP boosts.
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    This is partially my fault. I thought it might be a good idea to do a “black and white” old Cache in that video, but they just turned saturation down 50%. Then when you see the new Cache it’s like “omg”, but the reality was it just looked like the colors were messed up. We need to take saturation down but yeah, gotta take some responsibility for that one. I also should have unbuttoned my jacket on the desk, looked pregnant at times o.O oh well, no do-overs in life. Still pretty happy with how stuff went, and still a bit of work to do before release
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    MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 5.0

    Hi Guys, I've taken over playtesting from @MaanMan due to his other commitments. Thanks for all his efforts thus far. I'll probably be making changes and streamlining how I do things over the next couple of weeks.
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    Rebellion - Multiple roles available!

    I wish. We don't have the rights sadly
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    de_peril by kamura WIP

    Currently I'm still working on the layout and have started to plan out some areas in terms of looks. If you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. My map is small. I like fast action, quick rounds, the possibility, to use every weapon, strategic grenades. For people testing it out, you may find that the layout and overall gameplay will remind of 1.6, that's by design, I've been a Counter Strike player for about 10 years now, and a making a layout like this is kind of my way of paying homage to the game that has held me by my hand for such a long time. Although, getting suggestions from friends, I know some places will have to be stretched out for better gameplay.
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    Major Update Sliding Door is now functional and begins open each round. CTs can now hold angles that don't require shooting through the glass. A Site has been cleaned up quite a bit. I removed a lot of the furniture for better mobility and additional playable positions. Also expanded the bomb plant zone. Expanded the hallways so things feel less claustrophobic. Added a door between Bedroom and Kids Room to provide another route for retakes. Also allows you to clear angles in Bathroom and Front Door. CTs defending from Backhill can more safely fall back and re-enter the site through the window because of the new protruding wall. During retakes, they can clear several angles of Bedroom through the window. Widened Lobby and parts of Mainhall for better holds and approaches. The extra space in Lobby makes it more contentious. Redesigned Frontstairs to be wider and have more cover. Replaced Fronthill with a walled-off pool area to block off a ton of sight lines and create more separation between areas. With Farside gone, there is a heavier focus on Mid so that called for a little more complexity. I also clipped off all the hedges to put an end to silly boosts. Added stacks of plywood onto Pickup Truck to block even more sight lines and provide more substantial cover for Ts defending a push from Frontstairs or Driveway. Ts can hold T Garage more safely with all the additional fencing. Widened the entry to Utility Room from Pit and made it angled so you can clear a common spot on B Site. Expanded B Site and added more cover to create more playable positions. +Dumpster + Concrete Pallet +Luggages Added a Ladder that leads from Driveway to the top of B Hill. This gives CTs a way to fight for control of B Hill but makes it risky for them to play aggressive. If Ts gain control of Mid/Frontstairs, they gain this vantage point into B site and can also watch a push up Ladder. Closed off Construction to reduce the number of angles Ts could be playing, bringing the focus more towards Driveway. Also to prevent unfair angles towards A Long/Yard. Moved T Spawns back to slow down timings towards B Site. Hoping all the changes improve the flow of the map. Let's see how it goes! Thanks again to @Interfearance and the playtesters at Raidboss.org for all the feedback.
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    Rebellion - Multiple roles available!

    AvP yes? no?
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    [WIP] Balkan

    A bomb defusal map for MapCore's Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019 currently in development. The theme is a traditional Bulgarian village/town. I'll wait for community feedback and make some layout changes if necessary. I'm willing to collaborate with someone who can make custom props (fences, windows, flowers, trees, etc.), PM if interested. Тhe name of the map is subject to change, I will be glad to see your name suggestions. Workshop Page Progress Table Pictures (01.10.2019) Pictures (01.09.2019) Pictures (01.08.2019)
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    @Squad Thank you for your expert insights. You also gave me lots of inspiration when we talked about the radio tower idea some years ago. I sure will take your kind offer to share your knowledge. @blackdog Excelent! I haven't played these games. Thanks a lot for the hint. So with this kind of reasurance I'm confident to stick with the anchors as bombtargets. I'll try and see if I can make the tower collapse in convincing way. Accentuating the wind should also be a good idea. On other notes there has been another playtest yesterday. Here is the gathered feedback from that and from this thread so far. This should keep me busy for a bit
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    What have you watched recently?

    I'm re-watching Charlie Chaplin movies starting with "The Kid" (1921) and "City Lights" (1931) Nothing beats childhood favorites
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    What have you watched recently?

    Seen Spider-Man Far From Home a week ago in cinema, then Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse on digital tonight; this is the most impressive animated movie since the release of Monsters Inc., absolutely captivating in terms of art. Also a very good story Dunno why they are so stingy in terms of web slinging for the MCU movies. Also watched for the first time Big Trouble in Little China So I now understand the meme
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    I heard that in the swamps people often disappear. I will be excited if you disappear in my swamp. A lot of work and a lot of things I want to do, before the first public playtest.
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