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    We know we have been silent for a long time, so I think we should post some updates. https://imgur.com/a/08eknEJ here we have been working hard on T spawn. Enjoy.
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    Don’t mix oranges and apples. The problem with Brexit was a misrepresentation of what they wanted, why they wanted and how to implement. Which is a shit show. There are also good things that come from the EU, above all laws to protect the environment. Anyway we probably don’t want to go down this line.
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    What's going on with your life?

    It's gonna get real cold and dark soon. Stay active and eat vitamins or you'll be miserable for the next 4 months when it's dark and you're freezing your balls off all the time. At least the snow is pretty once it stops melting and being slushy mess. Welcome!
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    Then people are surprised at the brits for wanting to bail the EU.
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    [WIP] de_funcenter

    Did some massive revisions to the front of the site that I'm happy with. It's always been hard to balance the extremely maze-like and cramped nature of a laser tage arena design with the more variable engagement distances of CSGO but I'm feeling pretty confident on this one. More rotations have been opened back up which is a bit of a change I'm less confident about, but seems to play fine with the site layout changes. But hey, it's on the workshop and I'll be throwing some images below, so feel free to drop some feedback!
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    sir goober


    Jeez, it's been a while since I last made any update... But development on the map is not dead!!! I've been slaving away on this map for a Long time, and now it's time to finally show what I've done. I took the screenshots in hammer itself, but it'll still look pretty. So 2 Major things were changed! A ) I reworked the chokepoint at Bombsite A since I wasn't too happy with it because I lazily put it together and it all looked messy (it was the last part of the layout that was made) B ) I've done some detailing on a few parts and focused on it to really nail the theme that I wanted, and I believe it worked out nicely! Here's the re-worked chokepoint for Bombsite A: So it flows waaaay easier than the previous version, there's still the one-way drop in the last image, but everything is overall much better than before! If it's hard to imagine what the changes are layout-wise, here's the radar (bottom left portion) After the chokepoint was re-done, I worked on detailing a few spots on the map, and I'll let the images speak for themselves! T Spawn: CT Mid: Overall, I'm starting to get way better at detailing without sacrificing gameplay! Recently I realized that playing on this map was a little dull, so I've been working at trying to make it fun, and the update at Bombsite A is the result of it! P.S. the new assets are from FMPONE's de_santorini (they work really well with this map =-])
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    Random Photo Thread

    with my Nikon coolpix P900, untouched
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    It’s not in the interest of many EU states to agree with this french court, given the export value of the games industry. It’s not even in France’s best interests even though they are a smallish player by comparison to other EU members. I think the worst thing that could happen here is Steam pulling out of France. The only dev in the world who can get away with an entirely free second hand digital goods market is Nintendo. Because they have full control of the hardware and a handfull of the most beloved IP:s in the history of video games. I wouldn’t like to imagine a world where every game deb (bar Nintendo) require a live service subscription in order to get around the used market regulation.
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    Lol its giving me Siege vibes. Seems like an awesome map
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    de_army [Old]

    updated somehow the layout so to reduce distance between the two bomb sites.
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    The current EU reps are so eerily similar to those congress members trying pass SOPA back in 2011. They kind of have good intentions but are so out of touch with what they are ruling over that they dont see the obvious flaws with what they are trying to pass. John Bain asked in 2011 why old men who could barely use a keyboard be allowed to make such radical restrictions on the internet, well today why are people who seem out of touch with their own home countries making laws that affect not only every EU member, but nearly every country in the world? I think the EU as a whole is a good idea but this current batch of reps seems so strangely inept at understanding basic concepts and nearly every EU citizen ive seen hates their own rep.
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    Just as a heads-up for a big mistake I made when participating in the CEVO 2014 contest, make sure to get the scaling right from the start. Back then I wasn't really used to good matchmaking and units etc, and ended up with a cathedral the size of a planet: https://gamebanana.com/maps/181217 This is looking very promising, I'm eager to see the final results
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    Big thanks to the playtesters from the Raidboss community for running Neighbors during their Sunday 10-mans! Also thanks to @Interfearance for a lot of very solid feedback. After taking all that into consideration and reviewing demos, several issues became clear. The map has long suffered from openness and long sight lines. I'm slowly but surely going through the process of creating better separation between areas to alleviate that. Here is the first of many changes in that direction. Added a fence above T garage to cut off long sight lines towards road. It also makes this side of backyard more room-like so players can push for control and hold it. The cool boost from the hedge below is no longer possible, but I feel like blocking visibility here does way more good. There are also more ways to use smokes and molotovs with this setup. Replaced my janky func_detail ventilation domes here with some models i didn't know existed and added a platform below. One of the main issues of the A Site approach was how many entrances it had. Even though three of them were non-standard (windows), it still proved to be too overwhelming for players and made it virtually impossible to hold the site solo. So I've closed the windows to living room and bedroom, leaving only the window to kids room open. This changes a lot. For one thing, CTs can peak backyard and then retreat behind the building much more safely. I've even added a protruding wall to give CTs additional cover when defending a push towards backhill. I also moved part of this fence forward and added a porta potty for more cover at the top of the hill. And I replaced the planks of wood against the tree with bags. The net result of these changes is an area that's a bit tighter with more deliberate angles and a better progression for cover. Now this one is huge. I completely blocked off farside (the eastern outdoor side of the map) to effectively reduce the map to 4 lanes instead of 5. It was too easy for Ts to abuse that route and flank the hell out of CTs. It also drew focus away from the driveway and basement hallway approaches to B Site. I've known all along one of these routes needed to go, I just needed to see the map meta develop a bit to make the right call. With farside gone, I didn't see much reason to keep the grating and planks at the top of pit so I removed them completely. Now players can drop in smoother and feel less claustrophobic while playing this position. I'll get into the changes on A Site in my next post. I gotta get the hell to bed! To be continued...
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    Hi guys, I’ve been super busy this week creating custom music for a bunch of indie projects, but I did manage some more mad experiments with pixel art-style wood tiles...128X128. You can download them freely here: https://soundimage.org/art-wood/ OGG MUSIC UPDATE: All of the music tracks on my Horror/Surreal page can now be downloaded as very high-quality Ogg files. Halloween’s not too far off, so I’ll try to create more creepy music tracks this month. Meanwhile, if anyone has requests for Ogg versions of tracks that haven’t been made available yet, just let me know and I’ll be happy to upload them for you. Enjoy!
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    bbc_Nightclub for Brainbread 2 This map is actually based off of Dead to rights 2 nightclub/strip club level. Basically, watched a video on youtube of some person playing that level and made it into a map in the source engine. (WiP)Outside Area: The player starts in a apartment building overlooking the street. Inside: This area is after the player defeats the first boss. They must move through this area to proceed on. Inside (2nd Stripper: Continuing from the last area, this is a small area to showcase the environment a little more. Inside (Final Room): This area is a porn studio room, which showcases the final boss fight of the level. There's a lot more to this level, but only showing this amount for now. Still a WiP and needs more attention before initial release. If you are interested in designing levels for this mod. Visit us on our Discord!
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    Very good progress so far @Roald @Momoderator, happy to see you're starting to get some art in there too!! I ran through it real quick, looks like a solid layout, I really like the bombsites in particular! One thing I'd like to point out, I see a lot of similar 90 degrees corners and corridors with similar width, which feels a bit repetitive. I know visuals are gonna help making them feel different, but I strongly suggest injecting some variety in there early at blockout stage. Some corridors could be tighter, angled while sticking to the grid, have a volume (pillars, what have you) in the middle of them, etc. Some of those corners could have a different shape, like a rounded or 45 degree shape in the corner either by changing the blockout or by using props to create a volume, like vertigo here: Notice how this could totally have been just another 90 degree corner, but instead they made it a lot more unique (I'm strictly talking about the layout, here) Great example from your map: (althought this one has an impact on gameplay because of the cover, and I'm not saying they should all have a thing like that, but you know what I mean...) Again good progress, can't wait to see the next update!!
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    Hello folks, haven't posted in almost 9 years, some familiar names still around I see which is great. Quit mapping and gaming in 2010 when our second child was born, kids are getting older now thought I would fire up Hammer for shits and giggles, de_cassels was a map I started long ago for CS source, it got put on the back burner and never got finished, thought I would dig it out for CSGO, even though I don't play (4 hours playtime since the release lol). Anyway good to be back, good to see some of the original gang having some success as well.
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    Hey guess who is back So I had another playtest, still too CT sided. Basicly the team controlling mid was controlling the whole map and that was CT most of the time. Now I seperated bridge from canal and made the map alot more T friendly. I hope the next playtest will be the final one. Oh, and @jakuza made some really great assets for me to work with: (still very WIP though!)
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    We've made a lot of layout changes since the last post I made here, I just haven't gotten around to posting them on this page -- I'll go over them after our next release. In the meantime, I've been getting started on the detailing grind. Here's a sneak preview...
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    Testing a totally redone layout tomorrow. I think the bombsites may be a little undercooked but I want to check this new structure works
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    More mad experimenting this week. I’ve been trying to create some new looks for pixel art-style images, specifically tiles that can be used in 2D games and things. On my ART – Brick page, you’ll find: A bunch of cool new brick tiles, 64 by 64 pixels each. Some have a 3D look to them. https://soundimage.org/art-brick/ On my ART – Ground page, you’ll find: A variety of new ground tiles that could work for rocky surfaces, grass, sand, etc. https://soundimage.org/art-ground/ MUSIC UPDATE: Super high-quality Ogg files are now available for every track on my Fantasy 1 page as well as my Sci-Fi/Space page. And for about half of the tracks on my Looping Music page. Eventually, they will be available for every track on my site. Meanwhile, if anyone has requests for Ogg versions of tracks you happen to like, just let me know and I’ll be happy to upload them for you. Enjoy and keep being creative!
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    [CS:GO](W.I.P) Flume

    Thanks! Flowers is the main reason I'm back at mapping!
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    [CS:GO](W.I.P) Flume

    Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1856054230 Nuclear bomb found in Flume's Flower Park. It was T's. While the police is trying to investigate it, they know that Ts is trying to detonate it manually. So they called CTs for backup. CTs arrived at the same time as Ts arrived. And so, the story begins... Screenshots: Radar: (Thanks Terri for your Auto Radar Generator!)
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    [WIP][DE] Antiquity

    Middle in current state. Currently I am experimenting with lighting color theme and brightness of level. Guys, how do you like sunset theme or is it better to go with mainstream daylight with crisp shadows?
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    Hey everyone, For those of you who have been using my original music in your projects, I’ve had a good number of requests for uncompressed versions of my tracks, so I’ve begun making them available on Gumroad for a small fee to help support the site. The MP3 files that I make freely available sound very good, but the original uncompressed WAV files really sound incredible…give them a try! If anyone is curious as to why I didn’t upload WAV files onto my site to begin with, the reason is that my web hosting service places limitations on file sizes and WAV files tend to be very large. Anyhow, it’s going to take some time to upload everything, so if anyone has any requests for WAV versions of tracks you happen to like, just drop me an email and I’ll upload them to Gumroad for you. Feel free to convert to Ogg (or any format you like.) That said, this week’s new free textures are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless These might be really nice for castles. https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – WOOD – Seamless Perhaps for old doors, structures, barrels or other things. https://soundimage.org/txr-wood-seamless/ More music and ambient sounds coming this week. Enjoy and keep being creative!
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    Greetings fellow creatives, If anyone is interested, I was asked to do an interview for a website called Exilian. Hopefully my answers were entertaining and (somewhat) intelligent…lol. Here’s a link if anyone wants to check it out: https://exilian.co.uk/articles.php That said, this week’s cool new textures are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some really interesting brick textures. https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR – ROCK/STONE – Seamless Some new stone textures that could be used for old roads, paths, castles, etc. Some have grass between the stones, too. https://soundimage.org/txr-rockstone-seamless/ More music is on its way as well as some cool new city ambience sounds. Keep being creative!
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    Hi guys, I’m in the middle of a big project, but I managed to get some new free textures done for everyone. They are on the following pages: TXR – BRICK - Seamless Some new fantasy cobblestone images. Maybe useful for paths and roads in fantasy-based games? https://soundimage.org/txr-brick-seamless/ TXR - ABSTRACT Some new abstract textures. Maybe for sci-fi projects? https://soundimage.org/txr-abstract/ Enjoy!
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    Hi Folks, I have some cool new seamless textures ready for your projects. They are on the following pages: TXR- ALIEN SKINS Might work for creature skin or perhaps vegetation. https://soundimage.org/txr-alien-skins/ TXR – GROUND Some new gritty sand textures. Might come in handy for sandy bottoms of things. (Scroll down to the seamless images area.) https://soundimage.org/txr-ground/ TXR – ROCK / STONE – Fantasy Some more fantasy stone textures. https://soundimage.org/txr-rock-stone-fantasy/ Enjoy!
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    Yeah I have no idea how this becomes workable. Only going to reduce the value of games across the board
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