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    Your prop design image needs to be pushed up from last on the workshop... it is so sick: Where would one make the "chalk" effect sketches?
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    Just updated the workshop version with a lot of changes to both bombsites!
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    de_peak [WIP]

    Good progress so far @pylac!! Keep in mind that gameplay should dictate space, not the other way around. Don't constrain your layout to a visual, constrain a visual to your layout
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    [WIP] Dune

    Hello everybody, I know I am a little late to post here and begin my maps thread but after a little break from mapping I want to come back to have a go at this contest. I am a terrible procrastinator, so maybe a little bit of peer pressure will help me get more work done as I have a lot to do in the coming months. So to keep me working I will try and post every day here with any new work. As far as the map the theme will be a military base inside and around desert ruins and temples. Bombsite A will be outside the temple where materials are being transported away from the area and bombsite B will be inside the temple where the military have set up operation to extract goods from inside. For the layout right now, its rough. A lot of paths are very boxy and uninteresting but as I begin building up the world around the map I hope to bring some more natural shapes and paths into the layout. The layout's main concept is having 2 mid like areas. One main mid and another alt mid or long A that will serve as a rout to A but also will allow T's to execute some interesting strategies as it also connects to mid window and can be used to rotate over to B. Before I start I made a couple Photoshop idea boards for the map so I will post them here. I will also post the main picture that sparked the idea for the map, its a little futuristic but don't worry it will be toned down for cs
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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    https://robert-briscoe-th6h.squarespace.com/commissioned A little more on it.I believe robert joined, made the nuke_HR remake and then left. Hero.
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    System Shock 3

    Agreed, also it does not look noisy as fuck, i can actually see stuff.
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    [WIP] De_Luau

    Thanks for the suggestion! My family tends to travel to Hawaii a lot, and one thing that I thought would be nice to go for were the beachside homes near the coast, whilst still not being super abandoned from society (thus sort of the reason why it's in a resort). I really want to share the experience I've had vacationing there, so I try to keep it pretty surreal.
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    System Shock 3

    Looks pretty good to me? Seems like a solid trailer
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    Hideout [WIP]

    Had a second playtest just now. Found more problems but we are definitely going towards the better! Changes are most likely going to be made this/next week.
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    [WIP] Dune

    Those not actually holes in the ground, lol. I added in those lines to some of the ramps around the level as decoration (of course they will be clipped and such) but thanks for looking out anyway.
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    Here's a peak at the new underground offices area! This sign marks the entrance. Here's the office of the former owner of the mall. This is an old photo of the mall owner. I'm sure y'all know who's in that picture IRL, it's me! And lastly, this is a note left behind by the owner 2 weeks before the place was abandoned. Try and find these types of notes around the map, they'll tell you lot's about the lore.
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    Freesh Milk

    de_santamarta [WIP]

    An initial sketched/painted/photoshopped layout. A basic structure to work from during grey blocking.
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    [WIP] De_Luau

    Looks pretty authentic (i live in Hawaii) Needs some "Brown Volcanic Lava Stone Wall", a really popular material in Hawaii.
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    Hello! A new portion of Props at your service ) "short" cover "Long" cover Rail holders also, I changed our lovely clouds from blue to orange, cause I decide that blue is not a color for the sunset) and orange is more suitable for this and made the first pass with foliage for the whole map thank you guys for watching and commenting my stuff, I appreciate it very much till next time!
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    The random model thread!

    Learning Blender in my spare time. Really cool piece of software with a bunch of weird quirks. Still, gonna hopefully make all my personal stuff in Blender from now on.
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    Ok guys, the final version is here (well somewhat final because soon i'll be leaving my country and i didn't had time to place more details). The map it's playable, optimized, it has a nav with callouts for a better orientation and last but not least, it has custom assets too, made by me.( only mapcore members have my permision to extract and use them if desired) Workshop link. Here are some pics:
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    [WIP] De_Luau

    Hey y'all, back again with another blog post! I've primarily revamped CT Spawn, extended B site to play around the elevator, reintroduced heaven as a boost, and added floor texturing. My plans are to start trying to make my own textures and models for the map, but in the meantime stay in tune! New Radar
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    [WIP] De_Luau

    Hey y'all, sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm still here! I've just been busy figuring out if I want to push a visual update or not, but I'll intend to just update on this thread instead. New Info Booth By CT Spawn! New Heaven! (Note: I currently removed the area because during my playtest session, it became evident that it had a bit of an issue with it. Might revamp or possible remove entirely.) New Long! Remodeled Tiki Bar! Expect more updates to come. School is starting, so I'll start trying to pump out as many updates as I can. A few notes though: Should I move CT-Spawn closer to the bombsites? This would probably open up the area more, but allow faster access to sites and such. More wildlife and cave reworks to come! Maybe route overall in general? Removing the original B connector is eminent, and may change connector route for A therefore. New name change to Luau! How do I change the title of the post? Anyways, I hope I can get some feedback, so signing off!
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    Thanks for your enthusiasm, it's nice to see! I've updated the Workshop version, now I'm waiting for it to be approved.
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