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    I just got a new PC and noticed for the first time the bloom intensity on this map was out of wack. That's what happens when you build a map on integrated graphics! So much better now. I redesigned the layout of kid's room and removed some furniture for better mobility and additional after-plant positions. CTs will now have a much easier time rushing through the window to get into A Site at the start of a round. And the extra space gives Ts in a post-plant scenario more options to defend from this location. -bed -cupboard -sidetable A Site / Living Room also went through the same process of removing furniture and making space for better mobility and additional post-plant positions. -couch -sidetable -boxes
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    AK Addict


    Hello everyone! This is my second csgo map that I'm working on, playable version and radar will be later as I'm still experimenting with the layout. Here are some parts of the map that look more or less finished.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Release version: Workshop link
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    [WIP] de_funcenter

    Hello! This map is set in an abandoned USA Laser Tag/Arcade facility that the Anarchists were squatting in. FBI-SWAT have found and secured the location while the Anarchists were away, and with their home base compromised the Anarchists must return to destroy the evidence at any cost. I'm trying to build it one site at a time to maximize feedback. I currently have A Site (The laser tag arena) and Mid (The arcade midway) relatively complete. There are no custom materials and props yet, but there are hopes to include them. Feel free to give it a shot in it's WIP-Wingman format at the following link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836512090
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    de_napoli WIP

    Some more changes to the map b site has some more height difference so its a dig site and 1 of the entrances has been blocked off with a wooden plank so some nice wallbangs can be done, i also started detailing the t site of the map
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    [WIP] de_durani

    Not that you said the currently displayed textures are final, but if you're planning on keeping them I'd recommend otherwise. Although layouts are of foremost importance, visuals may also go a long way. In this case, I'd say that the lack of custom assets blurs any new (or exotic per se) theme that you're trying to get across. When I look around this map I see Inferno and Dust II, but not much that establishes your map's identity. The direction of your map in terms of layout seems interesting, and think it'd be magnified by some original assets rather than Valve ones. Although this may not make a difference in the eye of most normal players, it certainly does in regards to Valve and other mappers. If you don't know where to start with custom textures, I highly recommend learning Substance Designer. It's free if you are a student, and easy to forge your way into if you are not. Good luck!
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    [WIP][DE] Antiquity

    Hello, everyone! This is my entry to this contest. Had to pause current project, to make something exotic. Map is situated in Georgia, somewhere in old Tbilisi. Made some art to get feeling of the place I am making. Haven't posted to workshop yet, play-test version soon. P.S. Sorry for bad quality of pictures.
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    Neighbors Bomb Defusal Domestic terrorists storm a northern Virginia community to locate the home of a notorious hacker and destroy his trove of stolen data. Objective A - Destroy the hacker’s PC Objective B - Destroy the backup drives in the hacker’s car This project began as an exercise in capturing a real life location and re-imagining it in a way that's conducive to CSGO gameplay. You might call this the "Canals approach." Creating was a great learning experience and I'm pretty happy with where I landed given the inherent constraints of the location I was trying to capture--particularly the fact that it was a fairly open environment. The biggest challenge was figuring out ways to reduce sight lines in ways that made sense thematically. The result is a map that strongly resembles the source inspiration but with plenty of necessary departures for improved gameplay. It's also my first completed map and entry to the CSGO workshop. Looking for feedback on layout, gameplay and visuals. And please let me know if you find any bugs. Hope you enjoy! Special thanks to Yanzl for various assets. Workshop Link
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    [WIP] de_Oasis

    My entry for the Exotic Place mapping Contest! Concept "A strong sandstorm hit a modern city in the Middle East. What remains after is a devastated city covered in sand. The CTs are mobilizing for the evacuation of civilians, while the T's intend to destroy two vital strategic positions: a launch of supplies landed inside a luxury palace or a truck full of water stocks in a road tunnel, near a military checkpoint . Tthe loss of one of the two objectives will lead to the retreat of the Counter Terrorist, to the conquest of the territory of the Ts, intent on loot what remains of the city." The idea is to create a map of the disconnections with a theme that has its roots in Middle Eastern environments (Dust, Dust, 2, Mirage), but with a more modern approach (Overpass, Nuke, Agency).The presence of sand and the destruction caused by the sandstorm, tries to give an exotic touch to the map in general. The main source of inspiration is certainly the game environment of Spec Ops: The Line. I think that game has a phenomenal artistic style and I thought it might be fun to do an elaborate version for CS:GO. Layout Screenshots
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    [WIP] de_hillside

    New update is coming soon!
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    [WIP] | Moon

    Looks good
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    As long as there's intention behind it I dont think you should change your vision! I'm sure there's other ways to add visual appeal. Good luck with it.
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    [WIP] | Moon

    Update time. Since the map wasn´t ready for playtesting due to its very early state, I started blocking out some stuff and reacted to some of the feedback rzl gave me . Will further work on it until it´s ready and then retry the playtesting service. Workshop is updated, take a look.
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    [WIP] de_Digital

    Thank You!
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    Escape Gamemode concept

    The beta for Counter-Strike had a third mode called Escape. I made a little test map for this in global offensive. Terrorists have 3 minutes to reach an escape area that Counter-Terrorists have to guard. Both teams can win by eliminating the other team(5v5). Terrorists lose if they run out of time. To make it faithful to the original, only CT's can buy weapons. Terrorists have to find weapons around the map. I don't care much about the layout of this map, as I made it in a few minutes to show the mode. Note: @Interfearance made a post a while ago about a custom gamemode idea somewhat similar to this. escapeconcept.vmf escapeconcept.bsp
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    You are the only reason I started using ref b textures, there is no point in scaling and messing around with measure wall textures to look good when they will be replaced later anyway.
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    [WIP] de_funcenter

    Ooh, you could do cool lighting in a laser tag arena.
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    With the realistic fire effects and dynamic lighting options in source, you almost feel like doomslayer! Edit: this took 15 minutes of my life what was I thinking
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    [wip] cs_vilarosa

    I thought it would be a shame not to upload the map since i worked at it, so here it is, the whitebox. On steam workshop of course.
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    [WIP] de_Digital

    Looks good Very interesting idea
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    Long time since I posted here, but Ive been busy playing around with materials and props that I know I need no matter any layout changes, as well as trying to refine some of the spaces that feel "safe" without over-committing. Ive had one play test (props to the Source Engine Discord Server!) that was a pretty cool experience with lots of informative and constructive feedback. However I will definitely need another play test soonish with the new changes even if they are relatively subtle: blocked some nasty sight lines on long A and added a small cover made pit at A less deep and lowered heaven position (definitely focused too much in aesthetics there) moved Tspawn back a few inches to give CT more time to get to mid expanded box at B and reduced sight lines expanded wall at B to make it harder for T to get to site. moved the bridge at B closer to make it easier for CT to cover position. lots of small stuff! Changes are not online yet as i only have the old grey box but here's a few teasers until i get it ready with new radar etc.
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    de_napoli WIP

    so after some more feedback i had a big problem with bombsite b and not so much with a but a was also not fun so i redesigned them and now they should be better the rest of the map hasnt changed
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    Swamp autocombine of props Hi Mapcore! Today, I want to show you, great stuff! I finally figured out the issue of auto-combination of props_static. I have a many props environment, tree, woods construction and others, and all built on a modular system. And I initially wanted that, as a result, they were clustered. But without the final problems and mistake at release.
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    Mustang (formerly Everest)

    A lot of entries have had months/years of work-in-progress (or even use assets that have been made long-before but never used before) and are being entered for the contest. This is within the rules of the contest, so it's normal to see this. Obviously, it's hard to compete against those maps, but that's just the challenge I guess most people make a map for a long time, and then wait for a good contest to enter it. Even then, working on a map regardless of when you started it, can always be useful for later. In fact, if I'm not wrong there was once a CEVO contest or some other one of the same level, where one of the losing maps was accepted by Valve regardless, which I guess is the biggest reward you can ever have. In any event, whoever thinks any of the entry maps looking extremely good (or a very detailed greybox that looks insane for just a month's time of making) have been made only from the announcement date of this contest, is kidding himself. So yes, start crunching those mapping skills !
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    I heard that in the swamps people often disappear. I will be excited if you disappear in my swamp. A lot of work and a lot of things I want to do, before the first public playtest.
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    Layout update: Shrinked the map to a more reasonable size. Moved A split closer to the bombsite entrances. Second B entry is now only connected to mid. Added more cover to both bombsites. Added a back path for CTs to bombsite B. Blocked some sightlines around T spawn. Here's a comparison showing the changes, radars by @Terri's auto radar!
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    Modular system for the Swamp project. Every day, we inspect hundreds of photos, think over ideas and implement them in 3d. The modular system is one of the principles of convenient use of content in large projects. And that first props.
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    heightmap + terraingenerator is a good start?
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