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    AK Addict

    [WIP] Oasis

    Hello everyone! This is my second csgo map that I'm working on, playable version and radar will be later as I'm still experimenting with the layout. Here are some parts of the map that look more or less finished (lighting is still undone) Edit: Finally put it on the Workshop for better playtest. The map is not as detailed as it looks on the pics as it's a playtest version. Still not sure about the mid area so any feedback is welcomed. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1934976592&searchtext=
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    Doom Eternal

    Doom Guy is hot, actually. He’s sexy.
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    Wow Classic

    Amazing game. I've put in over 30 hours of queuing and maybe about 5 hours of playing.
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    The point of no return Hello Mapcorians I am about to write stuff down that was a lesson for me and could be a lesson for others aswell. You may skip the text and check out the new screenshots or give some time to give this a read. For those who followed my progress could have noticed I started off big. I wanted to put in alot of art ideas right from the start and focus on the asthetics of the map already. The reason why is simply because Enviorment Art is the lesser thing I like to do, so why not work on it during the Level Design progress. I knew I was going to take a risk, but I just wanted to try and take it and see how this work out for me. At first it started out great, I had a clear vision of what I want, but afther a few playtests I had to change stuff in the layout I kinda wanted to hold on to. I did so and done 'minor' changes to fix certain things, but not enough to make it succesfull for the next playtest. During this progress I think I had 5 playtests in total with each time a small improvement, but not the way I wanted it to be. It was very hard to keep things in Hammer organised since I started off the wrong foot and put in so many details on such a small grid, it was a pain in the ass to rework it. I ended up frustrated by reworking whole areas, but still didn't fixed the issue of my workspace becoming a mess on most parts of the map. Afther the previous two playtests I decided to rework the entire map and that's what I did. I went back to graybox and reblocked some of the geometry in Hammer and cleaned it all by using a overall larger grid and less unnessecary details. I decided to do some big changes and reworked B entirly, midle and T spawn. The map still needs to be playtested, but atleast I broke the barrier to sacrifice the art, to keep more focused on the gameplay. It wasn't all for nothing though. I think its not bad to put in extra time and details on important areas like the bombsites to work with more natural cover and corners, atleast thats the way I like my maps instead of a square site with a bunch of crates Momo has not much time, if there is a great enviorment artist who can make custom assets, then please hit me up! My goal is to start on the enviorment during september.
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    Hi y'all! Since Dixon is probably gonna end up not being finished (For the contest, I do plan to get it done someday), today I present to you guys Blossom. A map set in a Japanese rock garden. @Interfearance has been a major help with this map (Thanks by the way!). It will be ready for playtesting in a few days. I hope to make some final changes to the layout first Not to mention that the buyzones and B-Site aren't ready yet. And for the first time, this map isn't overdetailed for a greybox this time unlike Dixon
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    [WIP] de_apelsin

    Apelsin is facility specialized in water production, located somewhere in desert.
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    [WIP] de_funcenter

    Hello! This map is set in an abandoned USA Laser Tag/Arcade facility that the Anarchists were squatting in. FBI-SWAT have found and secured the location while the Anarchists were away, and with their home base compromised the Anarchists must return to destroy the evidence at any cost. I'm trying to build it one site at a time to maximize feedback. I currently have A Site (The laser tag arena) and Mid (The arcade midway) relatively complete. There are no custom materials and props yet, but there are hopes to include them. Feel free to give it a shot in it's WIP-Wingman format at the following link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1836512090
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    Doom Eternal

    Away from opinion on which design is better now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , doesn't seem like he got magically buff. Doomguy was in stone coffin thing for a long time, his muscles probably atrophied. The events of 2016 made him buff again. Wait why am I even talking about realism at all with a doom game
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    Looks awesome already tbh, I hope you find an artist to collaborate and give it justice. The blockout stage take is something you can pass on to your kids one day
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah I am already scared of this. I have a 8700k, 16gbram, ssd, but my gpu is a 1050 because my funds... evaporated. Next summer they'll pay me more cuz I'll be 16 lol. The massive amounts of narration made me annoyed. I too hoped for some more actual gameplay. The idea that you can build a class around a playstyle is interesting, and hopefully stealth is more rewarding than it is in most games where it is an option. The way the hacking works is interesting, but it might become a game in a game. Also what even happened to the van they mentioned initially? Did I miss something? Anyway, I totally agree with you; there is not even enough raw gameplay for me to form an opinion.
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    This map is looking really promising. Keep up the great work
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    After finally being able to log into Mapcore again I can actually discuss my map again, today I'll be having the playtest with the people on de_kuru and I've made some pretty big changes to A site. I've added a platform for the terrorists to use, to hopefully balance the site out a bit. I've also added a garage to A site to act as deep cover if you wanna play some hide and seek. Other than that, I've made a few tiny changes which I don't feel like mentioning. You can also find some new screenshots on the workshop page!
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    The whole indoor outdoor seamless transition sounds awesome. I always wanted more interiors in GTA since the few that there were were dope. The whole concept of having a cyberpunk game that is not exclusively night is also neat. Hacking looks meh. It's just press this to do that. Anyone remember system shock hacking?
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    Cyberpunk 2077

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    [wip] cs_vilarosa

    I thought it would be a shame not to upload the map since i worked at it, so here it is, the whitebox. On steam workshop of course.
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    Doom Eternal

    @Interfearance The color palette we're seeing in the teasers so far also struck me at first, but let's trust the experts on that. They made DOOM 2016 into what it is now so they obviously know what they're doing. A critique that sequels often get is that they're repetitive, formulaic etc... we should probably encourage and appreciate creativity here. They broke new grounds with the first game, let's let them break *newer* grounds with this one! I understand your sentiment, but experts with 15 years of professional experience are put in charge for a reason... and design often seems simple from the surface, when you don't know the intent, context, and constraints devs are dealing with. Chances are we'll play it when it comes out and then understand why all these decisions make sense.
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    [WIP] de_havana

    B Site!!!
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    New contest, new update! Took the chance to get the rework in a presentable state. Might be changing it further in the coming weeks depending on feedback. We'll see I guess. The dos and donts of csgo level design - 2019-06-10_2.pdf There is also a Steam version of the guide if you prefer that: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1110438811
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    Cyberpunk 2077

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    Cyberpunk 2077

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