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    Hey, We're looking for mappers who'd like to join us making Classic Offensive a reality for everybody to enjoy on Steam. If you like the old 2000s CS style, have free time, looking to improve, layouts aren't your thing, or contests aren't for you yet... Then this might be for you. What's Classic Offensive? Classic Offensive is a free mod for CS:GO I've started as a test about four years ago and attracted more attention than I expected, ending up as a full fledged mod in the end. I've released it in Beta on Christmas 2016. The mod aims to restore the classic feeling of Counter-Strike while taking most of the improvements Global Offensive added as long as they don't break that classic feel. You can see footage of that original version from various people: Since the release the team has been expending and we've been working on it for about a year. Shortly after the mod release, we went for Steam Greenlight and we've got Greenlit. We've changed directions for a quality similar to what CS:GO has to offer due to the team wanting to push the boundaries for the steam release, needing us to scrap the CS:S assets and ported maps since it wouldn't fit the new fresh quality we wanted. It is available on ModDB in its original fixed version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/counter-strike-classic-offensive And here we are about less than three years after the initial release. What's the goal on maps? We've planned a few maps for release (which isn't near set yet): Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Train and Nuke, with Inferno being the furthest map in development by poLemin, and Train by Quoting currently getting a face-lift by Grillus. Dust2 has just started, Slimek was on it right before the exotic contest. Nuke was being worked on by Quoting and stopped a year ago. In addition Quoting did a few classic fight/yard maps such as fy_poolday and fy_iceworld which look very good and are almost done. Additionally Cache has been worked on by Bezimienny aiming for it's classic CS:S theme. He's the man doing the work on bots which are to be honest better than ever on CO. Needless to say that things have moved since a year and people have been busy. Some had to step down due to life complications, less free time and contests getting in the way leading to a slower development. Still the most important for us is having a good time, improving and pleasing the community, that's all that matters. Here's a preview of the said maps: What's the goal on weapons? We're also looking for modelers even though Ordanicu does a great job, he's overwhelmed by the 27 weapons he needs to remake on his free time. With the USP, Glock 17c, AK-47, P228, and AWP done at this time, I guess he could use some help. If you're a modeler, want to improve, have some free time, and want to give a shot at reviving the classics and you feel like CS:GO didn't do them justice in both look and feel, we beg you to contact us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) On my side I'm currently the animator for the team, I started not so long ago and I'm still learning, I tend to tweak them from time to time when I think they feel wrong the more I improve. Again, we're all here to improve, and make the best CS in both feel and balance which we all think we can achieve and is already feeling better than GO on some aspects. Here's some of Ordanicu's models on my animations in action: The whole "feeling" of the mod we're going for? Classic for sure, we want to hit sharper than CS:GO. Weapons feels too smooth in a bad way in GO. We want the players to feel powerful with just the right dose of "Action Movie" kind of DNA that the original had and of course... Nostalgia. We value the attention for detail for weapons as well which is something often neglected. CS:GO's weapons for instance all feel the same, specially pistols. We want to fix all that and give all weapons a purpose and their own unique feel. Don't get me wrong though, CS:GO is the best version of CS... but only until CO releases. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Examples: What's next? Well here I am asking for mappers and weapon modelers. And hopefully soon new devlogs on our Twitter https://twitter.com/csco_dev as our team is working on the mod. This is the part where you come in. If you want to join us, either reply to the thread, PM me on Mapcore or on discord (ZooL#4200) we'll see what you're capable of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We're everyday impressed by the work we see on Mapcore and we really wish some of you guys would be interested in sharing the passion of developing Classic Offensive with us, giving the community and CS what it really deserves even though Global Offensive is already perfect. PS: some users have asked for how much we pay and I must sadly say that it isn't much or not at all. We do this mostly by passion and money wouldn't impact our work. We're sharing Patreon money which at the end of the month isn't much for each active developer. Here's some of our links: https://twitter.com/csco_dev https://discordapp.com/invite/HRWRv7c https://steamcommunity.com/groups/classicoffensive https://www.moddb.com/mods/counter-strike-classic-offensive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCspq-yxRK1uUuEJcw59JgOQ https://www.patreon.com/ClassicOffensive Have a great summer!
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    WIP Rio

    My map for this contest will be based in the Favelas around Rio De Janeiro, Situated around a railway track which the terrorists aim to blow up. Bombsite A is located at a train intersection near a railway bridge, and Bombsite B is located underneath that bridge. I aim for the map to have colourful and bright atmosphere and aesthetic. Here are some references: I have made the greybox in hammer over the last two days, so here are a few screenshots and the workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1800132839 Thanks for the opportunity, all feedback is welcome.
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    [WIP] de_hillside

    I didn't posted pictures for a long time, so here's some:
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    There is so much pink, man. I'd change at least half of all those lights you have laying around to sky color blue, and leave most of the spotlights pink. I think the interiors, especially should rather be 100% blue, instead of 100% pink. Also I think it would benefit from a bit of simplifying. Especially the T routes to A are super convoluted and confusing.
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    I have listened to all of your feedback, and have started improvements. I added many of @Ynel's suggestions on the layout, and changed the light to light blue + white. But, for the record, submarines do have red lights to preserve night vision. More improvements coming soon. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1783407163
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    WIP Rio

    Small Update: I reworked the drop-down entrance to the A-Site so that it is less useful for the T-side, and i moved t-spawns back as the map felt ct sided. (A site is the left site on radar)
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    Welcome to Bucharest! My goal is to have a better looking graybox than Roald. But seriously, I want to produce a simple and fun theme with some new ideas. The layout is simple, the palette will be warm, and the middle will be vital. Here are a few screenshots (I have opted out of blocking window frames and stuff because they will probably end up being models and there be many facades that would be very taxing if blocked). Also I need to incorporate a few more mats for the gray box, hence the errors XDDD. I also am having issues with TAR, if you can help read the text at the end!!! A site (W.I.P) Upper A stairs Upper B B site (W.I.P) B courtyard (W.I.P) Whenever I try compiling the tar map I get this log: If you can help then PM me and I will love you forever
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    i hope you have a wonderful day to and wb
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    What have you purchased recently?

    Finally upgraded my phone after many many years to the iPhone XR. It’s the same old shit but it’s sooooo smooth! Faceid feels really futuristic too. Enjoying it so far !
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    For those of y'all who have been wondering where I've been, I was on Vacation to the province of British Colombia! But now I'm back in Toronto and ready to continue! I'll probably try and polish up the layout tomorrow, and make some more models/textures the next day. Have a wonderful day!
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    [WIP] de_Monsoon

    Since I've not updated this in a few weeks now I think it's about time I do. After the playtest of my map I planned many map changes and for a little while now they've been successfully implemented. I personally already much prefer the newer version, if just feels improved. As of posting this I will be away for a week and unable to work on the map, so any feedback may take a little while to be implemented. Anyways here is the layout comparison and changelog! any feedback is as always, much appreciated. Old layout: New layout Changelog:
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    sir goober


    yea...the final compile I did had the lights shine WAY brighter than the fast compile i use 99% of the time. I'll have it scaled down a lot by tomorrow.
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    Even if this is a cool idea, my head just hurts from these colors... Please turn the contrast down a bit.
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    The workshop version isn't packed, so all the tree models are big error boxes
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    sir goober


    Alright guys and gals, the time has come... de_Vice is now up and ready to be tested! I realized that I had spent more than a month making this beautiful thing, and I've been waiting for this day to proudly announce it's arrival! Here ya go, a gift from me: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1802024714 No, go ahead. It's for you. couple of pretty screenshots: now I sit back and R E L A X ... p.s Custom Tree Models made by catfood (good guy) =-]
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    update bump! Changed T side to B site, added vents to B site. opened mid to b and now can drop down to T side to B site Also changed T side to mid, still diagonal, now its stairs.
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    What's going on with your life?

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    [WIP] Touristas (now) de_xenos

    wow... I didnt realize the sky list was so large! I had played around a bit but that is super helpfull, thankyou @MikeGon ! I have been working on a very large rework and will ppost a workshop spot asap!
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Unfortunately the studio I was part of, Defiant Studios, pretty much exploded due to a nonsensical conflict with our publisher... Good news is, 3-4 weeks later, our team got picked up by People Can Fly, and now represents the NA branch of the company! But obviously during the hiatus, the future was uncertain... and people had to look elsewhere, including myself (cuz livin' in NY ain't cheap, ya know) So I just moved to the West Coast last week, and just started yesterday at 343 Industries, working on the next Halo!! Absolutely love the studio and team, and I can't wait to share more details when time comes Can someone edit my entry in the top post please? Thank you very much Cheers guys!!
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    Shutter [WIP]

    Dear mappers, this is de_shutter, my first map I made in Source. I have no idea what to say here yet... So big shoutout to TopHATTwaffle for the best Hammer Tutorials on the internet! All you see - after you decided to subscribe my map in the workshop and give it a try - is in an ongoing change and mostly very experimental. Please don't judge too hard - feedback appreciated! Some words about the theme: I'm trying to create an old prison, wich is currently under construction to be renovated. Terrorists invade the facility in its weakest state, to blow it up once and forever. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=908266016 Greetings, BetterChoice : )
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    Alan Wake

    "For its first half-year period of 2019, Remedy Entertainment Plc records approximately 2.5 million euros of royalties from previously released games as one-time income. The royalties are paid to Remedy during the second half-year period of 2019. In relation to this, the publishing rights of Alan Wake games are reverted to Remedy." https://www.globenewswire.com/news-archive/1876391/11102/en/REMEDY-ENTERTAINMENT-PLC-Remedy-records-2-5-million-euros-of-one-time-royalty-income-from-previously-released-games.html "In July 2018, Remedy CEO Telo Virtala stated that any further sequels to Alan Wake would require Microsoft Studios' approval as the publishing rights holder, though Remedy otherwise owns all other IP rights to the series. Virtala stated: "Considering our history... Alan Wake was really interesting but it was a collaboration with Microsoft. Due to certain reasons, it never got a sequel."[125] Director of communications Thomas Puha stated in April 2019 that Remedy had briefly returned to work on an Alan Wake property about two years prior, but the effort did not work out, and the company is presently booked for the next few years, between their own new game Control, supporting Smilegate on its game CrossFire, and another new project. Puha said that the only limited factor for them to work on an Alan Wake sequel was "time, money, and resources"." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Wake#Spin-off_and_sequel
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    What have you purchased recently?

    Finally ordered my favourite album on vinyl.
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    What have you purchased recently?

    Congrats! Those cpu are somewhat hard to get in many places!
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    What have you purchased recently?

    Included with GFX
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    What have you purchased recently?

    Steel Series Rival 310. I really like it! Comfy fit.
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    What have you purchased recently?

    I bought my very first car! & very pleased with it! It's a 1987 Austin Mini Mayfair It currently has no registration so the plates on it are useless But it's what i'm working on for the next few years
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    What have you purchased recently?

    Bought a Galaxy s8 to replace my s4. It is as fast as a flagship Phone can be, has every feature you need and most of the ones you don't need, but hell does it look damn beautiful compared to other phones! Paid it the price of a s7, and at that price it is a really good phone. Recommending it
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    What have you purchased recently?

    Just bought the Acer XF270HU, 144Hz of IPS 1440p goodness incoming! On the fence about buying a 1080 ti to push them frames and replace my r9 fury! Edit: I'm an idiot, it's not [email protected] ready for any game, but it'll do okay for now, especially since I spend most of my time on cs go! Update: I got the monitor, and tested it. Okay. It's Amazing! In action in gta v:
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    Epic Games Store

    criminally overrated game, don't buy
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