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    CTs have to be limited to Galils and Dual Elites, since the SA Police force standard issue R4 rifle is basically a Galil and the Vektor SP1 pistol is a direct clone of the Beretta 92
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    [WIP] de_Monsoon

    Update time! After the feedback from the forum and workshop page iv'e made some changes to the layout, mainly to increase CT presence at mid and decrease rotation times from B to A. I've increased the height of the wall that separates upper and lower A and added an alternate path into B for the CTs in order to make retakes easier. A new entrance to the A site-Mid connector has been added and the ladder at A has been re-positioned. Mid is a "one way drop" for approaching Ts (you can cross back but you need to do a few jumps that aren't viable mid-combat). A ledge has been added to the space under B's balcony so that players can boost onto the balcony or jump onto it via the snipers nest area. A truck has been removed in the garage area, the trucks at A have been reworked, and cover has been adjusted. Also here's a potential 3D skybox: And finally, I was considering changing the map's name to monsoon to detach it from the physical location. After playing around in blender for a bit i made a potential map pin for it: (The Hindi says monsoon)
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    1- Mid is almost done. 2- CT spawn is done and changed 3- Cool view
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    Some bricks!
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    First complete radar, check! Workshop version coming soon™
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    [WIP] Passo

    Here's my entry. A bomb defusal set in Bulgarian Village in the Rhodopes mountain (might change(changed to Italy)). Neither the layout nor the art is done. The theme is not exactly exotic but as I understood exotic meant locations seen infrequently in CS:GO so I think this fits in this criteria. Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1765451412 Some images so you can make out what the overall architecture and style will be and what the current layout is:
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    Thank you @Roald! The things that you are saying are true but we also have to keep in mind that this project is a VR shooter game, not a 3rd person or a FPS one, so when you are playing both levels with the Oculus the feeling that you get is completely different from the still images you have on UE4. For example, if you modify the ground in the level, when you are doing it, it doesn't feel you are modifying much, but once you put on the glasses and start to play it, you are looking are the same but x4 or x5 times more inclined than what it really is, so we have to careful with that (It has to do with something about vision in a VR that gives you a fisheye effect that you don't have in real life). Beside that, we also have to be careful with what is seen in the screen while you play, if you put too much things in the scene the computer is going to slow down so much and you won't have a good experience. Also, as it is a VR shooter and you always have a lot of robots and things coming to you, you don't pay attention to the details and things around the scene like in other games, so that's why we try to keep everything simple and clean. The color palette it is a nice observation, and it is something we could have done better. The problem with this is that we are so many people in this project, and it is not a professional project, more like a class project in our school, so the standards and everything have not been as high as something professional should have, even though it is what we aspire to. We tried to create everything with the same art style, which is a complicated thing to do since almost none of us still don't have experience in the sector, and with the short time given (Just 3 months) we didn't have much opportunities to change things. For now the project is not going to change much more, as we need to deliver this project this next week, and everyone is now busy creating their Artstation posts and Demoreels. We just had 3 months to create everything form scratch, so we consider it could be better but it has been a great project in such a short time. The goal for our school now is to show it at different expos and education fairs, so maybe in the future we will be able to make it better!! I will post final renders and gameplays this next week so for everyone who doesn't have Oculus glasses can see and experience what it feels to play it. If aneone has some question just ask
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    MAXIMUM Action

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    [WIP] de_bucha

    @Karthoum Ohhh that makes sense. I thought they were imported with materials baked into them. RIP Oh also, mid is gonna be two lanes with the left train line seemingly going from T entrance 1 to A conn. To solve timing issues, a train will block T entrance one for ~3 secs and then stop, conveniently on the empty platform car which player can jump over.
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    Wether it is technically possible or not I think two gamemodes in one is not going to work, rather focus on one of the two. Why? Because the core of the gamemodes are different and require different style of level design. I feel to be really honest with you while looking at your layout drawing and think you should redo it. The bombsites are too close to eachother, the seightlines are very long, the map is very small, there are almost no options for T's, cant tell if there is any elevation at all... my suggestion is to look at a official map of your liking, see how it is, meassure the timings, the ammount of paths and etc. You can defenitly learn from that. Anyways mapping is constantly learning which is fun so goodluck and enjoy!
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    General Vivi

    Mapcore Job Census

    I guess I never updated mine, I quit Starbreeze Dec, 31 2017. Started my own studio with my buddy Mike called "Bounding Box Software" , we're making a game called Prodeus.
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    Villains lair

    Check dis
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    Mitch Mitchell

    E3 2019

    Well, like Hollow-wood, Games publishers are not really any different in terms of the sort of people they hire: spreadsheets-wearing-suits/suit-pant-suits. Check the job listings to work in the executive branch of a games publisher, it's all spreadsheets and product-marketing-led desirables. The people working in the executive-branch typically come from another consumer-led industry, like: sports apparel, healthcare and beauty, cosmetics, soda-pop, Public Relations, music, lifestyle magazine/e-zines, fast-food and so on. The highest requirement in gaming is typically 'must have an interest in the games industry' and that is about it, because in the executive branch it doesn't really matter that you understand anything about games, just how to get products sold, on the shelves and promoted accordingly, with a massive back-end in marketing statistical analysis for the future. This is why there is a homogeneous tonality to gaming: lowest-common-denominators rule, as the data is like a bell-curve.
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    Back again! We have almost finished the project and everything is now being prepared to show all the work we have done. We are going to post breakdown, assets and all the stuff in a few days so that you can see the way we developed this project and what we have achieved in these 3 months that lasted. The game is now fully completed and playable, and we have finished all the robots and tweaks. These are the last robots to show fully texturized The mod is going to be uploaded very soon so that everyone can play and test it.
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    I wanted to wait till the layout is whole, but saw so much cool updates coming by I just have to share the things we are currently working on. @Momoderator has converted some assets we used on the Desertruin map for PVKII, we will use it as a base to expand on. The assets are originally created by @LATTEH and edited by @phonebooth I bumped into maaaany challanges already and i think the biggest challange is keeping the map compact as the egyptian structures are huge and I want to put in so many ideas in just one small map which is competitive based. Its a new workflow to focus so much on the art direction already while grayboxing the layout and I hope I can get it done well Below a few screenshots of the start of the graybox with a few of the asset placeholders being used to see how they look ingame and what feeling we are going for. Again, these are placeholders! Bridge to midle and canal functioning as A/B rotation for T's View from T spawn B main route, will change from the layout drawing as the road is terribly open and no good for gameplay
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    [WIP] de_hillside

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    [WIP] Rumble

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    Villains lair

    This might be good, this might go nowhere. I'm entering the contest with a 60s inspired villains lair, forgotten and then rediscovered in the present. Dilapidated from the years of neglect. Vintage interiors, lagoon like exteriors. Here's a mood sheet of some of the interiors. Exterior mood sheet. I'll be back, probably.
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    thanks for all your information i appreciate it. so it will be a bomb map only and here is another quick draw in paint for what i have in mind.
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    It is very interesting to follow this progress, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy watching these updates. It looks beautiful, fun and interesting! What I would love to see is some dust/fog on the background to set some mood to the enviorment and to blend the playable area with the background. Right now it feels a litle plain and not like a believable place. It would be nice to get a feeling of being in a small western town in a super large desert. There is not much use of color I see, is this on purpose? When thinking about western towns I think of those big colorfull signs that say 'saloon' or 'bank' and etc. I can image signs like that on the buildings but then maybe digital to make it more futuristic, though not sure if this will become distracting. Anyways good work! And goodluck with finishing it
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    [WIP] de_bucha

    Are the both train lines and T entrance #2 to B connector all 3 different lanes, like A site on de_train? I quite like that, especially the middle part between the connectors. What do you mean by materials? You would just UVmap a texture and then use VTFedit to create a texture file from an imported image and a material file can be automatically generated from it. You could try using the Valve stock textures but I doubt they'd be always that useful as most of them are too specific.
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    Villains lair

    Thanks breh
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    The information booth pillar is now a model, so it now has double the faces!
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    First version of a layout which I kinda rushed to finish. note: still missing crucial cover all around the map 3840 x 3760 units ish
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    Radu's mexican town [CANCELLED]

    I blocked out some windows and door frames in hammer:
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    Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019

    @jackophant long time, no see . Hope all is well on your side. Good luck with your entry. Might want to look at the radar creation part of your thread and include the new panorama changes. Nothing urgent, just to keep in mind I would also like to bring the attention of newcomers (and veterans alike) to another thread that will prove useful during your project's lifetime for this contest. @El_Exodus thread from the 2017 contest era Good luck everyone, you have most of the ammo you need
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    Thanks for the mention If anyone thinks it needs to be updated, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Might have to see what I can still do for this and then leave it to rot in the workshop for 10 years Good luck everyone
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    [WIP] de_trias

    This is my upcoming Map for the 2019 MapCore Mapping-Contest. I hope the Contest will help me finish this Project with its Deadline. About the Map: Trias is currently a 2v2 Wingman-Map that favors high-risk, high reward plays. The western Side of the Map is going to be some sort of Middle Area in the final 5v5-Map. It can be played in Wingman, Demolition, Arms-Race and Deatmatch. I will now focus on making the B-Site I had the Idea for the Layout back in November 2018 and I have been working on it ever since. Its gone through many different Versions with this being what I believe to be the best one yet. As nice as Likes/Upvotes are, they dont help me improving the Map so im looking for constructive critisism and Ideas on how to improve the Map any further. Additional Pictures of the Map can be viewed in the Steam Workshop. Current Map (A-Site only): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1768032949
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    Hello again! Our project is getting close to the final part and most of it is already finished. All our custom robots are implemented and fully functional, and both out of our levels are going to be finished very soon. For now we are testing everything to see if we need to change anything or if something is not working properly. On both levels we still need to do a lot more set dress, but the playable part is finished and the game itself is fully playable from start to end. Some WIP Village level screenshots: On the Saloon level, the 1st dressing pass is completed, and we are now working for a proper lighting, while we test everything is working good. The character team is now working to texturize all the robots in the planned time, so that we they are finished we will only have to import the textures to the editor and will be ready to go. These are the ones left to share with you guys: Male biped Big bot We have just 10 days to finish this project and everyone is working hard to get everything in time. Once it is delivered we don’t know if the school is going to do something with it, but we surely try to get it to the official Robo Recall page, and will also post it online so that anyone who has Oculus can try it.
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    All the main buildings from the Town level are already finished and everything has a much better look now! At this moment we are working on smaller assets to create as many variety for the set dress as possible. We have also finished the main bar from the Saloon level. More soon!
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    This is our first Gameplay test! A lot of things are missing but the gameplay part is already finished and fully playable to playtest.
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    Roald van der Scheur | Level Designer

    Hey @Roald I really like your portfolio, it's simple and your projects are all in one place, and easy to go through! One thing I would do is put the email address on the front page, so recruiters can quickly glance at your stuff and contact you. Apparently 98% of visitors spend under 30s on a portfolio website, so you need to get the point across real fast: (Those are stats for mine but I can't imagine it's very different for others...) Think about what you have time to do in like 25s... this means that they don't really read text, just skip through Youtube videos, etc. Recruiters quickly look at your stuff, send it to leads, see the email address, contact you and that's it. The other pages (contact/about/log) won't really be used, you could almost remove them if you want to make your portfolio even simpler. Content is what matters, which is why I personally prefer to remove everything else. That stuff is usually redundant or not so useful anyways: Personal statement/description - Nobody reads that, unfortunately... and that's mostly what interviews are for anyways, to see what you're like as a person. Working experience - They can easily see that on your Linkedin or through the projects themselves (like if you have The Division in your projects they know you worked at Ubisoft...) The list of softwares you know - It doesn't mean much because they expect you to be able to pick up any software anyways. Contacts - Only your email address is needed, which you can put on your front page anyways. Anyways good job it's looking solid!
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