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    [UE4] Slipgate Complex Remake

    Hi Mapcorians! I wanted to show you the progress on my Quake 1's E1M1 "Slipgate Complex" remake in UE4. I'm focusing on a set of first few rooms, adding more fidelity into walls, some background environment story into it, etc. I'm trying a modular approach that is based on 1x1x1m volumes that "reserve" space for the building block. This method applies only to building geometry (walls, floors, ceilings). I also look for the amount of details in this corridor. Here's how it looked like in Q1:
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    It's deffo open world, with stealth elements and A to B traversal since it seems you're basically some sort of mail man. New trailer gives some more answers and as always, puts forward some nee questions. More gameplay bits too including combat, cannot fucking wait, looks so sharp and clean. Mads looks absolutely badass, and the new characters revealed look dope
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    This is our first Gameplay test! A lot of things are missing but the gameplay part is already finished and fully playable to playtest.
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    Battlefield V

    Breakthrough is pretty much the only game mode I play with my buddies. We play other modes only when there's no players to fill a match. It's one of the few modes where you might witness a rare sight of a well orchestrated artillery barrage followed by a team wide push to the objective. Frontlines is a fun mode as well but it's a hit or miss, some times the match length just drag into infinity.
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    [CS:GO] Beyond [WIP]

    Don't know why I've opened this topic, you can write something but not too much as I'm not sure to remember me to read this forum CS:GO Defuse Map
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    [CS:GO] Golden

    A new update is out yet again! The changes included are: -Improved detailing on church. -Refined detailing in certain spots. -Bugfixes. -Minor clipping fixes.
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    How do I make my map look good?

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1690431421 screenshots there
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    How do I make my map look good?

    Wow, that sounds almost like what this guy is saying
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    How do I make my map look good?

    Show us some screenshots, maybe we can help if we can see what you're making. One thing that took me a long time to get over, is that your level will look crap for a long time. It only really comes together in the end. All maps look really crappy at the start! Personally when I start an environment (in your case, a new map), I do a very basic blockout of the rough layout to get a feel for it. Even if it ends up changing later, it's a good start and you can iterate on it. I then take one little section and make a little 'beautiful corner' of the map, that is quite highly detailed, to see what the final result could look like. Then, do what Minos said, and start applying what you learn there to the rest of the environment, bit by bit, working in large passes. One other thing - lighting makes such a huge difference. It can make or break an environment. Look at what other maps do and try and replicate what they're doing.
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    How do I make my map look good?

    Always keep things simple early, and work from macro to micro. Instead of beautifying just one corner, make one texture (don't finish it) and apply it all over the map. Then make another texture, and apply it all over the map. Repeat that, until you have a somewhat solid texture set. By this time your map should start to resembles some place. Then you start detailing. Detail things like door ways, doors, windows, railings etc... and propagate them through the map. Try to reuse as much as you can so you can finish the map (it's very important to finish a map, even if you could make a better one by the time you are almost done). Then lastly, when everything is in place, work on lighting, set dressing and final polish (decals, little props, flowers, etc...). This process should tallow you to be creative and artistic in a manageable way Of course that is just the dream... the reality is that we as artists tend to focus on the result, instead of the process. Enjoy the process and the result will be good, make lots of mistakes until things start to click. I wish I could send this message back to my 15 year old self in the past.
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    How do I make my map look good?

    I would suggest you not only look at photos of real locations, but maybe try to “copy” locations from other games set in the same theme. Say COD has some Middle Eastern locations. That’s because real locations will have loads of stuff you would need to custom model, and replacing with custom assets might make it ugly in your eyes, no matter what. Another thing could be instead of going about to detail the whole map, pick one hero location you can see in your mind very well, say a bomb site or spawn (because they are probably more confined) and fully detail it. Make it a map of its own even, put spawns inside or just outside it so that you immediately see your work when you run it (rather than walking through lots of greybox). I think you need to sift through your reference material to spot the main features of the location you are building, say a ramp and a tower, and work around those. Pick up on the details and patterns that create a location. Last but not least, lighting does A LOT so you need to read up on how to properly light your map, and be patient trying different settings
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    One of the things that helped me when I started detailling maps was to analyse deeply existing maps. I made tons of screeshots of everything I found cool in maps and tried to understand why and how they did it. You can take a deep look at valve latest maps and even some really good ones from the community. For techincall stuff, having decompilled maps to see how they made stuff is really usefull too.
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    Dying Light 2

    My most anticipated games this E3 just so happen to both come from Poland.
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    How do I make my map look good?

    Is your question about how you make things pretty or how to devine certain areas in your map? Most (beginning) mappers are too much focused on creating one corridor to another corridor leading to a hall that leads to a new corridor. And thats kinda not inspiring at all. So maybe try to think in logic and give each area a identity, something believeable. It helps if you know what theme you want at the start and think of this while building the layout. It also helps to find as many cool references as you can find. You can even create aa overview of the level and drop in reference imagine with lines to certain areas so u get a good feeling of how each place should look and interact with eachother. Sometimes corridors are a must to block seightlines, but it doesnt always have to be a tight boring corridor. Like cobblestone has this open field near T spawn/mid which is alright or abbey has a small pathway devined by a fence with behind it a open beautiful field and blabla.
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    How do I make my map look good?

    See, you just gave yourself the answer! If you don't know ho to make custom assets, stick to those already present in the game. Most of us had started like that. If you want to make your own assets try first with custom textures/materials. Those are the easyest to make, up to certain quality level.
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    How do I make my map look good?

    Take some time to look for real world references that you like. Try to find some contrasting subthemes that fit your overall theme. For example an urban setting could have a storefront, a backalley and a parking lot. Then take your map overview and scribble in those areas. If you like how everything comes together start working off of your references. What theme do you have in mind for your map?
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    [CS:GO] de_Shrine

    Update to the map! 1. I made it into a bigger standard defuse map! 2. I uploaded a WIP version to the workshop for you to play! 3. Added working Radar (Terri00's CS-GO-Auto-Radar) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1751393466&searchtext= Thanks for your feedback so far, please have a look and leave a comment for me
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    Hello again! As we move forward to the 5th week of the project, we are just 3 weeks ahead for the delivery day. Most of the big work has already been done but we still have a lot to do in these days that we have left. First of all the main levels are already in a good progress and most of the blockout has already been replaced by the final meshes. The Saloon level, as it’s smaller than the main village, has had more improvement and most of the kitbash and main props have already been created, so we are now working on set dressing and smaller props to give to the Level more variety and to make it more beautiful. We are also working on the lighting part to try to give it the ambience we want. For the village level we already have all the main structures and houses with the final mesh, but we are still working with textures and shaders, so that everything that we have created has the same visual style. Also all the enemy waves have already been set and the game is already fully playable. We are trying to get to a same artistic style for all the level, as 8 different people are working on it, and sometimes it is difficult as each one has his own way of working and his own style. Saloon: Some screenshots from the Main village: The church is one of the main buildings that we consider it has the style we are looking for, and it’s what are we going to use as the main reference for the other buildings. For the characters side, all the Robots have already been implemented and are fully functional. The character team is still working on them, as we have the main blockout in the game to test everything. Female biped: Big bot: Flying bot: Speed bot: Bird bot: Custom gloves for the player have also been implemented in the game. We are working on the HP + Bakes, and they will be replaced once the texture part has been completed. And finally for the guns, they have also been implemented in the game and are fully functional. Shotgun, Laser gun and revolver are completed, and we hope to finish the automatic pistol this next week. Revolver: Laser Gun: Shotgun: Automatic pistol: This next week we are going to playtest the game with some people to see how they feel about the whole game, and to change what we need based on the feedback that we recieve. We are also going to work on finishing characters and creating some bigger hero props and some smaller ones for detail and set dress. There’s still a lot to do but we think that we are doing a great job and we expect to have an amazing project by the time we finish it. Have a great day!
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    [CSGO] Dojo (defuse map)

    The latest version of the layout. Gonna submit this version for playtests.
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglety (Danger Zone)

    UPDATE Started working on map undergrounds, caves with some new assets
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    Custom gloves blockout: Flying bot low poly: Female enemy blockout: Basic blockout from the church:
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    Mapcore Job Census

    So I had my last week at Splash Damage and my last week for now as a lead, start as a level designer at Arkane next week. Time to get immersed.
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