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    De_Dust 2 in low poly style

    This level was created for PolyStrike, more you can check here - https://www.mocherad.com/polystrike Ohh 5 mb file limit, other screenshots you can find on my AT submitted work - Artstation
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    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: Current state overview. Simple story overview: CT SPAWN: MIDDLE: B SITE: A SITE:
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    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    CS:GO Map "Jupiter" Hello everyone! I want to show my current 2019 project called "Jupiter". Work in progress... Map is situated at industrial zone. Color pallet for this map is red brick, gray metal and concrete as you can see in screenshots. I want to make layout as simple as possible, with interesting aspects in some places like boosts, risk->reward action for both sides and easy to learn smoke executes. Right now map isn't ready for playtesting and I havent uploaded it to workshop. Just wanted to hear your opinion and maybe you can help me think out a story for this project. I have some toughts for story, but I would like to hear something from you guys. Map's name "Jupiter" is meant for name of this industrial zone that I want to make look huge. MIDDLE A SITE I wanted to ask you guys - How good would be idea that you could surf on this almost 45 degree corrugated metal roof on A site? Right now jump has to be made from high platform on right of screenshot. B SITE T Entrance to MID Layout right now, minor changes will be made, but map will look something like this.
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    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Looks promising!
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    Getting the mood for the Saloon level, more soon!
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    A Game of Thrones

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    Dying Light 2

    Newest article on the game https://www.unilad.co.uk/gaming/dying-light-2-will-take-multiple-playthroughs-to-see-everything/
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    TellTale Games is closing down(?)

    Noclip has released their documentary
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    Rage 2

    Let's see who's profiting from this situation: The editor who wrote the article (getting tons of clicks due to the controversy/backlash). The people who create video responses to such articles and who know that this is a topic that gamers will get enraged by/content they will share (like you). Note that you are missing from this list.
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    A Game of Thrones

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