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    [CSGO] de_Shrine (Wingman)

    Made some changes today to improve on the maps theme. 1. Made all of the slidingdoors actual doors, so now you can completely open up or close the main building as you like (including bombsite). Good or bad idea? Seems like fun 2. Created a huge Torii gate near CT spawn (outside playable area).
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    screen grab of a re-purposed old map, finally something for danger zone, will hopefully become another odd one out -- nothing casual, very vertical, shotguns and smg + power jumps and hopefully featuring all the latest valve shenanigans for csgo hammer! :D~
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    El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    Hey, perhaps you'll like this...I went to a great roman show here in Nîmes (Fr) and I came back with pictures. You'll find them here : Enjoy !
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    PlayStation 5 Reveal

    I dunno man this is an opinion I can’t support. FF7 was just killer. 1. Music? Dank af. God tier. 2. Visuals? Insane for their time. 3. Gameplay? I think it was pretty sick tbh. It pushed a good pace and sure there were some grindy parts where you have to level up. I remember playing Final Fantasy X and getting a wee bit pissed because I couldn’t get past this boss without getting owned, so a lot of times what happens is you end up dicking around farming enemies for a while until you level up. I do not remember this being a major hassle in FF7 and I think I’ve played the game a total of 3 times. You might have to spend 2-3 hours in total grinding up level, which admittedly sucks. 4. Story? I actually think that FF7 had a pretty moronic story but it set a great mood and ambiance that took you to some truly unique locales, sunny beaches, dark underground laboratories, skyrise buildings where tons of people got murdered and there is blood and corpses everywhere, gloomy cities and cyberpunk areas, futuristic Las Vegas, it’s an environment artists paradise in terms of variety and colors. Look at dis shit it’s beautiful I’ve definitely never played a game that moved through so many unique, different locales with as much confidence and so smoothly. I think that’s why people particularly love FF7, it really does feel like a massive adventure. Even with the turn based gameplay there are some really fun memories, like if you play one character he basically had a roulette wheel so you could do 9999 damage to a boss or -9999 to yourself. The game has a huge sense of humor side of it. I think calling the turn based gameplay boring also overlooks the fact that this sick soundtrack is going on the background. I dunno, you’re missing out on FF7 if you haven’t very deeply explored what it truly brings to the table. I know, opinions can’t be wrong, but this is many people’s #1 of all time, for a reason.
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    Dojo (defuse map)

    This is the latest minimap I've made. Any thoughts on the layout?
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    Havana is now on live
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    Hello, for those that do not know me, I'm David, a self-taught Weapons & Hard Surface 3D Artist. In this post I will share with you the steps I had to follow in order to make this scene for my entry in the Hum3D weapons challenge. I still consider this piece a work in progress and I plan on updating the entry once I come up with a better lighting setup. Everything that composes the final shot is modeled from scratch in Blender 2.79b, textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Marmoset Toolbag was also used to bake the AO and Normal maps because it does a better job than Substance Painter (Marmoset is super intuitive and it gives you a lot of control over the baking process). I started with the most time consuming piece: the pistol. Initially I wanted to make the SIG Sauer P226 but later on I decided to switch to the P228 variant since the P226 grip resembles the wood in the way the material needs to be textured. Wood is nice but texturing wood is a struggle for me and for many other artists. A flat piece of wood might look good but when complex shapes come into play, only a few people can come up with a realistic texture. Excepting for the switch to the P228 model, the modeling phase did not consist of any challenges. Here you can see the lowpoly and highpoly models. When it comes to the UV unwrap, I had a few mirrored pieces. The faces you see missing are being mirrored from the other side. Overall, the pistol has a small amount of mirrored parts and I believe I could get away with 0 mirrored parts if I wouldn’t focus so much on showing the internal pieces. Unwrapped to use 1 single texture set at 2K resolution. For the highpoly model I added more detail to the base model, separated some pieces (more visible in the top down view) and subdivided the mesh for a clean and smooth look. For the front of the grip, rear of the grip and trigger guard I used floaters to add the details. Here is the low poly model with the Normal and AO maps applied. 5.1k polygons I am super pleased with the baked maps. The lack of detail in the mesh is not visible at all when the Normal and the AO maps are applied. From left to right: Highpoly, Lowpoly, Lowpoly+Wireframe. Moving on to textures. As you might have seen already, the focus on my models is the realism and the game ready aspect. Shortly after the P228 model was done, I jumped straight into Substance Painter and did a rough texture pass, matching the look and the colors as good as possible with the real life counterpart. A solid week of detailing and watching reference videos and pictures came after this. I think it was worth every single hour. I definitely improved a lot by doing this. I like to duplicate my model and mirror the duplicated piece in different positions. In this way I can look around the model and see the separate pieces as well as the final model. The SIG Sauer P228 is my best weapon model to date and I took my time to learn as much as possible during the making of it. In total, I spent over 2 and a half weeks only on the pistol, texturing taking me over half of that time. This is the top down view I was talking about when I said I separated the high poly slide model. In order to add the separated metal piece in here I modeled it separately and it really adds that little extra realism.
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    [CSGO] de_Shrine (Wingman)

    Hey Mapcore community! I first began playing around with hammer a couple years ago but never uploaded anything to the workshop. Mostly because of how time consuming it was to create a complete defusal map, so now I thought it would be a good idea to create a smaller wingman map that I could actually finish. Shoutout to TopHatWaffle's youtube channel for teaching me everything I know so far! As of now I have worked on this map for just over a weeks time and thought it would be really helpful to get advice from someone before i put too much time into the project The theme is inspired by my last trip to Japan. My goal is for it to be small and fun! It has many wallbangable paperdoors around the bombsite area. I have not uploaded a version to the workshop yet so i know the feedback will be limited. Thanks for your time and happy mapping! /Chamii
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    Borderlands 3

    then why link to 40 videos about the drama lmao
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    A Game of Thrones

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    Dojo (defuse map)

    Update 6: Started testing bamboos made by Almaas. Gonna fix it tomorrow. Early screenshots here:
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    [CS:GO] Golden

    A new update is out! Here are some of the changes: -Reworked B-site -New A-plattform -Tweaked connector between mid, B-site and church. -Some cosmetic changes made -Minor fixes and tweaks The most notable changes made are to the B-site. The angles are now cleaner and the site is more robust than before with a clear theme. Try it out and let me know what you think! NEW OVERVIEW OLD OVERVIEW New B-site New A-plattform Changes to middle
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    @will2k you are right, so i made a blend material using some white plaster and those beige/brown stones. Also i changed the sand texture from the 4way blend material. I want the map to suggest heat.
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    [Source 2] De_dust 2

    That was a lot better than I expected. I used to play an isometric shooter called Infantry, they can be a lot of fun.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Architecture and lighting is done. I'm not sure what can I change to make it look better. Oryginal vs my version comparison
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    A Game of Thrones

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    [CS:GO] de_border (W.I.P.)

    The light has too much greenish-bluish accent in my opinion, sth like sea color. I would move light color closer to white.
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    Ghost Recon Breakpoint

    hope vehicle controls are better
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    Yeah, it's incredibly sad :( It's been the absolute best time of my career, working together with some incredibly talented people and just having a great time making games. Really thankful and impressed that we actually shipped a game of ECHO's size with a tiny team, that was also critically well received (as well as winning a bunch of awards). Also just sad that the world will never get to see our second game, was really something special. BTW I'm back at IO again, most of the team has found new jobs, though not quite all.
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    Where's They Hunger: Lost Souls gone?

    Wow after about 15 years I get to see what my beloved THLS played and looked like. For how WIP it looked I thought it was pretty good! I really liked the slow intro and build up, I'm a sucker for that sort of atmospheric stuff. And don't forget They Hunger 1 had a pretty long intro + walking. Sure this could of been a bit shorter but for the most part it seemed pretty good! Some excellent work on display for mid 00's source. Definitely suffered a bit too much from HL2 assets, did still feel like it was still in City-17/Lost Coast at times because of that but hey, WIP. Seeing this now is pretty bittersweet as I would of loved this if it were to have been released.
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    A Game of Thrones

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    [Source 2] De_dust 2

    https://youtu.be/cE_A0RUgUPY 80-90% completed, soon I will upload final map on AT
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    Tell 'em the truth, Castle! Man, some lines had me burst out loud in laughter. Probably been mentioned before around here but if anyone who is reading this is interested in experienced developers speaking candidly there is the Game Dev Unchained podcast that I can recommend: https://www.gamedevunchained.com/about-1
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    [CS:GO] de_uno

    @Interfearance I was thinking that the villagers would bomb the companies suplies, the A site crates, and something else for B site (not sure yet) to force them away. Having the cts do this would be cool too and would help with not making new models. The only issue is the cts would have ak's and the terrorists have m4's. I could also go with the more basic story of the group blowing up the artifacts and the cts there to stop them.
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    Rage 2