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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Maybe I should post what I've been working on recently, a little Far Cry 5 Arcade level. The objective is to eliminate three targets located in different camps and make your escape through a final wave of enemies.
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    Coming soon Whatup folks! I'm back. I've been away for more than 3 months (116 notifications once I logged in now ); real life issues and work always manage to get in the way Nevertheless, I've been working tirelessly towards finishing this campaign that turned out to be huge in scope and consumed every bit of free time I have. I now basically design scripts and quests while sleeping and dreaming too I had a couple of minor setbacks while designing the finale and I had to counter it by... creating my own custom AI specific for the finale. A year and a half ago when I started this project, I knew little about scripting; now I'm creating my own AI presets and scripts as well as more than 870 lines of quests script. I'm working late nights on this and still have to finish the last 10% of this WIP (final art pass, detailing tweaks, FX, sounds, power lines, AI barriers...), and if everything goes well, I should be going public and releasing this campaign somewhere this month. Now for some screenshots to compensate for the lack of updates in the last 3 months
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    Grazie mille Flavio; you've been a constant voice of support and cheers along this project. (congrats on becoming a dad; just recapping with what happened during my absence here ) damn, I leave for little over 3 months and you already are with Ubi! Jokes aside, congrats on the position . The gameplay will totally depend on player skill (knowledge of parkour and Dying Light mechanics) and style (explorer or just speed-running thru the main quest) If one will choose to go as quickly as possible thru the quests without any exploration of remote locations, points of interest, scavenging, fighting or random encounters with NPC, then you can finish the campaign in approx 2h 15 min (give or take 10-15 min) If you decide to enjoy the campaign as it is supposed to be played, then you could easily sink 3-4hrs +; it's yours to play as you see fit
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    I'm pretty sure a lot of big companies use textures.com for making textures, so you sure as heck ain't cheating
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    I hope the devs see your thing and decide to support you in the release, I dunno some featured DLC with all this effort would be super cool.
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    [WIP] De_Fest ( Wingman ) V 0.2

    [First Version V 0.1] Hello Everyone ! This Year , I work on my first map ! This is a bomb and defuse map in Wingman with one Bomb Site The Map is inspired by Italy ( and the map : Inferno , Italy ) I create This Topic for some Feedback and some Tricks You can play this map by this Steam link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1730844309 And Here some Pictures of the Map : Thank you for giving your valuable time !
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    @Interfearance Thank you! Yep, keep in mind this is just a blockout and everything will be replaced with all our custom assets. Saloon is going to have more out of a futuristic feeling, with holograms and screens, more or less this kind of ambience (This is going to be our main reference), but also with some "classic" assets and parts:
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    Too many site approaches.
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    [CSGO] Dojo (defuse map)

    Update 5: Adjusted CT's enterance on A. Added toxic on A. Made middle -> B rotation quicker. Adden multiple covers.
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    The random model thread!

    Took a break from the bridge and hopped back onto the vfx work for this scene. Made a new, smaller scene so that I can work, refine, and compare versions of the effects (namely the waterfalls with light shafts and mist and fire work).
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    The project is going in the right direction and we already have what we need to start production. For now we just finished the GDD for environment and characters (Which unfortunately I won't be able to share), and we have already done some tests with VR with the basic blockout to see how the gameplay feels. For now we are trying our mod with basic guns and enemies from the main game, so we can already get our hands on how it's going to play. In the final mod scenario, player gloves, guns and enemies will be replaced with our own custom assets. Testing the Saloon level: 2nd Blockout pass for the Saloon level: 2nd blockout pass for the Town level: Some of our concepts for the robots: For the guns, our player will have a set of futuristic pistols, as he comes from the future, but we will also be able to take other guns from the robots that will also be futuristic but with parts from the western universe that robots have tweaked in order to fix their guns. Main pistol concept: The goal now is to start production as soon as we can and create everything we need for the game. The characters team is going to research on rigging and skinning for our custom robots, as we have to use the exact same one as the ones we already have in the game. Level designers will be testing general gameplay and tweaking the level itself to adjust it. Environment team will start creating the main kitbash and all the assets and props for the level, and by the time we get them start developing our final level.
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    @Brightness I just started to learn it as you said that
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    From scratch, it's usually Substance Designer and then Substance Painter, or Quixel.
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    [UE4] Western Recall

    Saloon is looking really good. I have to say, however, the octagonal lighting fixtures seem kinda medieval to me. Maybe a wagon wheel would look better
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    [WIP] De_Fest ( Wingman ) V 0.2

    It has been done to always give a different approach of the site for the T and the CT For the CT you can see where the T go : Moreover The CT Have lot's of Strategic Point ( With their Weakness ) whereas the T don"t have lot's of covers ( like crates or balcony railing )
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    What have you watched recently?

    Kuto's to the editor^^
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    [WIP][CS:GO] Jupiter

    Status Update: CT SPAWN Made junkyard theme at CT spawn. B SITE Added two silos for fun round angles to play with. B SHORT B short now have a boost spot over wooden fence from B long for T's to have more gameplay options and easier B short take. MIDDLE FROM T SIDE In middle T's now have a scaffolding with ladder to play with if they are smoked off in middle. TOP VIEW FROM B LONG Overall view with changes I've made for B site. As you can see from B site picture, added a large ramp that reminds me a dusts A pit with only cover that is the ground. T spawn now have a 45degree garages for better saving options.
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    Dome Modeling Pains

    Here's my quick and dirty 5 minutes version, hope this helps:
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    What's going on with your life?

    I've been learning Polish. It's quite a cool challenge to learn a new language, and especially one that's so fucking hard. It's a really good feeling when I can read something that looked like alien talk previously. The people in Poland are really chill and friendly, and this feeling totally reflects in their language. Some words sound so beautiful and cute. I mean look how cute "thank you" is: dziękuję (if you are wondering how to say it). And in a way it's very similar to Portuguese. I'm definitely having a much easier time getting the pronunciation right than americans
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    I have been going through a phase where I have had a stronger desire to work in the indie space vs working for larger companies. Breaking into the industry has become a different beast. It's rather about breaking into solvency, if you can make enough money to survive its equivalent to getting a job. When you do get a gig where you work for someone in the indie space its a very different as well. You are encouraged to talk about your development. Live stream and use social media regularly. After working in the industry for almost 20 years I have found myself wanting this style of environment a lot more. Maybe just because its different. I have also made the observation that too many people are over valuing getting that super awesome gig working for X big company... My experience with every larger company has always been both internally and externally. Have super long meeting about X new project and make no real decisions (Super exciting!) (busy work) for (a) (Weeks-Months-Years) as people finally decide some basic rudimentary things. Everything that was already done has to be scrapped because of new choices. Have super long meeting and make no real decisions. - Everyone spews the "We really need to focus on making the game fun!" platitudes and usually derails into some conversation about World of Warcraft or anything but the actual topic. (busy work) for (a) (Weeks-Months-Years) as people finally decide some basic rudimentary things. Is deadline looming within the next 12 months? If yes continue - If no begin line 2 and repeat until looming deadline. realize we need to get the game done in 9 months. - (14 years into Duke Forever this finally happened.) Have super long meeting and make no real decisions Management still has no real idea what is going on so everyone in the company makes their own choices based on confirmation bias and astrological constellations, whatever feels right. People begin to argue over various decisions because none of it lines up. (We really need to have a meeting to lock down the design because we only have 6 months left! email may occur here.) Have super long meeting and make no real decisions. - I have literally seen grown men REFUSE to actually commit to a single shred of actual design choice at this stage. Its like Peter Pan syndrome. The reason this happens is because nobody wants to stick their necks out. You have maybe 5 "leads" and they are all def willing to do cocktail parties but all of them have different ideas on what the game is supposed to be and all of them fear each other so nobody is willing to over speak the others. Things continue until some kind of breaking point. Usually employees begin bickering with each other on some internal chat forum or email. (Almost literal firing squad of indignation towards management may occur here) --- This is the turning point I have found for projects, if this part fails the project can die, usually with layoffs or people leaving. If the project doesn't die then you push back deadline for the release of the game and start back at the top. Finally lock down some design choices! (We only have 3 months left but I finally got a chance to actually play the game! email may occur here.) (Usually the E3 Demo or some vertical slice that was hamfisted together). After the demo goes live there is no bullshit "oh yeah! So this is what the game is supposed to be like!" moments for more than half the company. No bullshit this is really a thing! It extremely common for people to have worked on a game for multiple years and never even played it until the final weeks/months. They have no idea what the game even is half the time. The rest of the world now knows about as much as the fucking devs! (It looks like we may have to crunch to get the game done at this point email may occur here.) (That company wide email about how badass we all are and that this is the home stretch and its time to really finally shine email may occur here. The "everyone is a rockstar" fallacy.) (Company wide email where some super awkward choice is made at the last moment like how high the player can jump or what content is being cut which causes a huge redesign of large chunks of the game may occur here. Same deadline but like 5 times as much work. Bonus points if the cut happens for paid DLC or micro transactions.) This is usually the point where you get those amazing emails where people totally lose their minds. "May the bridges I burn light my way" kind of shit. Its glorious to just see people completely jettison sanity. High amounts of stress often just causes people to pop. (This is the death march hell phase...) Game finally comes out... (Everyone in the company is worried about their jobs and what the new project will be. Nobody is excited unless its at the release party. Most people are kind of silent and worried. I find there is almost a feeling of relief mixed with a memorial service kind of vibe.) I have been through this process probably 10ish times with varying results. Its literally like maybe one day we should have learned by now how to alleviate the issues. But its very rare that anything ever actually can be done. But I mean this is usually exactly what happens every time. I am not kidding around! If you don't believe me then either you have a unicorn company or you will learn for yourself eventually. Whatever you do, try not to be that guy who burns bridges to light his way. I have also observed that if you try to change the above list you will become very discouraged very quickly and fall in line eventually. The above happens for many many reasons and its almost impossible to do anything about it. Its like staring into the abyss. If you end up trying to be a lead then you will invariably become that lead who misses the good old days when you were in the trenches, swig a bottle of gin and pat level designers on the back with a tear in your eye. Strip clubs and wads of money probably help a lot with this.. With indie dev its something else entirely but seems to share some similarities. The main difference is that from what I can tell is that the game stays in this unfinished phase for the entirety of the project where its like in limbo but not in limbo permanently. Everyone in the company tends to work like its just a mod community to some extent and leadership usually falls on one person who can be either passive or fucking nuts. Either way it kind of goes on forever. I am really certain that after awhile the patterns become just as predictable as the above but so far it has been less annoying because there is a human element to it. Mainly your humanity lol, because you are making like zero money and very few people even know who are ect... But I have found that recognition is not super horrible if you can get involved with more well known indie projects. At the moment my only true experience was with Subnautica. Overall I am kind of surprised this method works at all because its so organic. People come and go fairly often. Usually some mid 20s dude who's super good at promotion and has a wad of cash calling shots or something like that seems to be kind of common. To me that's where its really at honestly. Fuck man that is the true ideal and I kind of wish I had envisioned that much sooner in life. Definitely more interesting than being a robot on the assembly line that has not even played the game until the last couple of weeks of production. at the same time there is a kind of grass is greener yerning for the day you can be scooped up by Blizzard for a chance to work on that next big project .... That stays in preproduction for a decade. Then after you go through that a few times you can think about indie game development again and be too expensive for them to pay your rates. Staring The mid 20s dude with the money. His best friend/wife with a lot of influence over the project. Pajama pants. Pajama pants everywhere!!! Normal cloths are for outdoors people!! That Kickstarter campaign, indiegogo, crowdfund or all of the above! That one guy who barely speaks English but fucking kicks ass. Always at least one Australian guy! A person you never talked to but is literally ghosting the company while still on payroll. Its totally going to be done by December guys! Weekly meetings ... maybe maybe we will do it tomorrow. That one super talented artist who apparently is working for 10 dollars an hour and nobody brings it up. I merely exist on the dev team as QA! The discord server where players ask for impossible stuff! We will add multiplayer down the road! (HAHAHAHA!! This one is my favorite). The holy shit what is this new thing that was added to the game I had no clue this was even being worked on! Some random controversy because someone said or did something weird, usually on twitter. An impending feeling that everything can crash down at any moment! This is my life... But after seeing all of the layoffs in the game industry maybes its a good idea to long pajama pants company stock... Sorry about the long post but I kind of needed this for catharsis I think..
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    What's going on with your life?

    You could send them to English school while speaking French at home (or vice-versa), and I guarantee they'll learn the Montreal way! Genre tu parle en Francais but sometimes you switch to English dans le middle de ton sentence.
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    What's going on with your life?

    Hey guys, I thought that with just less two months to go, it was time to share… I’m going to be a dad This wasn’t planned and I’m getting used to the idea only recently; it’s been actually quite a struggle these months* because we found out at a time I was convinced we were going to split up. As my partner’s ex boss offered us a place for cheap (considering) we also just moved out of an apartment into a proper house. As they haven’t done up the place when they bought it, I’m in the process of doing some decoration myself (so that’s another bit of tension from time to time, not always easy to find the energy to do stuff after a day of work). *hence -I guess- my increased spamming here, just putting my head under the sand *ahem*
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    What's going on with your life?

    It’s good to know you won’t need to #learntocode if all else fails! Jokes aside, congrats!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Found out today I passed the Florida Bar Exam
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    Ok so the game has been out for a bit and I am now at a phase where I want to possibly begin doing a Free DLC content patch. If anyone here can provide some pointers on how I can get more eyes on this game I will be able to actually produce this content patch. Here is a link to the full update on the steam page itself. https://steamcommunity.com/games/719180/announcements/detail/1801908840895158407 One of my goals will be to try and get this game on to the epic games launcher. I think that would be all the fuel I would need to make this game go full out. ======================================= https://youtu.be/PS8_ndI8TpE I am going to have to make a video and talk about this more in depth soon. But below is a list of potential things I may be working on provided I can maintain momentum as far as sales continues. None of the stuff in the below list is set in stone. And the only way I will be able to further work on these things is if the game continues to sell well enough to fund the project further. If sales decline too much I will only be able to maintain the current game and resolve bugs or smaller functionality while I figure out what I can do next. I would really like to continue working on Revulsion for a bit longer and eventually create a sequel. But this is highly dependent on how things play out. I am going to be trying to get more people to check the game out. Streamers and youtubers. If you enjoy the game and would like to see the following things added in a free DLC patch for Revulsion then getting the game out to more people would greatly help! Any suggestions to help promote Revulsion would be great. The bar for success is very low. even just being able to sell a 10 copies a week would be enough. So any little bit does help! ====================================== - Character attribute system Character attribute system that allows you to spend points to upgrade base stats however you want. Increasing max health, movement, damage and accuracy and many other things as you see fit. ====================================== - A new character class, Depraved Depraved starts off with lowest base stats but has the most attribute points. Item quality is now durability on all gear and weapons. Death degrades gear. A new mechanic that allows you to replenish durability. starting weapon is old rusty pistol. (The worst weapon in the game) ====================================== - New open world levels The open world levels will not be new missions but rather slightly larger interconnected levels that flow almost exactly like a Dark Souls style game. You will have a semi linear path but it will allow you to explore and branch out as you get to higher levels. These levels will become the backbone of the game where you will search them to unlock missions and challenges. Ancient Abyss (lv.1-10 Neutral) Ground Zero (lv.10-20 Neutral) Haunted Fortress (lv.20-30 Neutral) Hell's Watch (lv.30-40 Fire) Lost Base (lv.40-50 Ice) Dark Caverns (lv.50-60 Poison) Cavernous Depths (lv.60-70 Neutral) Artifact Containment (lv.70-80 Lightning) Deaths Reach (lv.80-90 Lightning) The Mirror's Gaze (lv.90-110 Fire) Monsters that spawn within these levels will likely be resistant to the element that the level has. Going into Hell's Watch with all fire damage based weapons would be a huge mistake. Each level has areas designated for specific level ranges. 1-100 Explore semi open ended levels to unlock missions, challenges. Mission rewords include Key cards and artifacts which allow you to open doors you were unable to open before in the open world. Some Doors wont open unless you do X floors on the infinite dungeon as well, Some doors require power node battles. ====================================== - Additional random gen content More random gen Dark base tiles. (More verity in the current random gen content.) One new Random gen tile set. (Deaths Reach theme, Hell Tower infinite dungeon.) ====================================== - New weapon, armor and special types To be determined. ====================================== - At least one new boss battle. To be Determined. ====================================== I will likely update this list as I move forward. Any and all feedback is welcome!
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    Here it is in context! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1644959932 Me and Gorb have been working on this map for 3 years in our spare time between other projects; its our first map. There is still a lot of work to do, as it stands it is a 'proof of concept'. The feedback so far has been very positive which is a 'confidence shot in the arm' so we are going to continue making improvements and fix issues!
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