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    So I have been working constantly on this map, organising many competetive playtests itterating the layout untill this point. The testers really enjoyed playing this and I am happy myself with the layout as it is. I decided to leave it for what it is and find a Envrioment Artist to roll up his sleeves and make something beautifull out of this. However any gameplay related feedback is still welcome ofcourse! New workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1710165868
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    Before and after for some stairs leading from T-spawn to a main area of conflict. The idea between the two separate stairs is that the farther side is more advantageous for Ts to peak with, but makes more noise when running, while the concrete side is quieter but gives the cts the advantage when peaking. The right side was originally a bunch of metal grate textures and basic geometry, with a low res brick filling beneath. I managed to find a comprehensive guide on how concrete stairs are actually made and got around to reworking the right side as metal rebar used to reinforce the eventual concrete, with a plywood base. The rebar work was left unfinished as to explain why one side was already pored and set, while the other was still exposed.
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    I'm not too far into it but really loving it so far I love how there's none of the bullshit plaguing games these days (microtransactions, endless grinding, bullshit trailers, silly character "upgrades" etc...). It's just a really good game that requires skill, dedication and time, like all the good things in life
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    Reason I'm not talking about it much is because I'm too busy yelling at my fucking TV, lmao. Man, game is hard, BUT when you finally kill that motherfucker that you've been struggling with like mad, there's this rush of endorphins that makes it all worth it, you feel so proud in yourself. Loving everything about this game, even though I'm still about 3 hours in. Love how the combat feels like a dance, you really need to respect the rhythm of the game and dance with it, if you miss a step you're punished for it. Really reminds of a blend of Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden and the old Shinobi game for the megadrive combined all in one. Fuck yeah this is a Video game with capital V ! I love how you start progressing in the game and shit just starts getting really fantastical and creative,.
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    You're too quick!
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Update I made a short showcase video, map is almost done!
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    This game!
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    It's sooo good. Getting pretty far through and I feel like I'm slowly mastering the combat. MAJOR spoilers below, please do not read if you haven't played much of the game.
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    So busy at work
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    Mapcore Logo in The Division 2

    Hey guys, I dont know if this has already been posted or is already known but I found this Mapcore logo in a hidden place in The Division 2 and I was wondering what it means. Someone from this community is working at Massive? :) Cheers Simon
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    General Vivi

    Mapcore Logo in The Division 2

    Ha awesome, made a mental note to put one of these in Prodeus :D!
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    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    This video from the 90s showcases some of the features. Lower your headphones sound because this shit might damage your ears. Sorry for the pixels! We're currently working on a gameplay feature that didn't exist in the original game mode, but that we believe might change the game for the better, pretty exciting one!
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