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    Good news!!!! I finally got them to deliver: Looks like we're back in business!!! I guess NYPD finally got to them, because they've been strangely responsive in the last few days...
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    I have 1 problem with this map, and not even anything to do with the map, its that you and half the mappers on here keep using outdated icons on your radar images, seriously that T-side icon hasn't been used since the Beta and those bomb icons got replaced in 2014. My only guess as to why people keep using them is that the cs dev wiki only has the old bomb icons, and while it has the new T-logo its displayed bigger and so people just grab the first one they see. This is what you should be using
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    Wrath: Aeon of Ruin

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    So... this is out it seems like, and it's not getting reviewed very well. I could swear this game was still at least a year out, to see it out all of a sudden feels a bit weird. I think as a whole, gamers are getting very tired of grindy games, specifically Destiny-esque grind games, where the game design is very transparent about the fact that it wants you to play it for hours and hours by having you do menial stuff like to open the loot you just picked up, it forces you to go back to the hub. You can tell a lot of really good talent worked on this, so it's a bit of a shame to see it tainted and ruined by questionable game design choices that is very reflective of the current times we live in.
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    General Vivi

    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    Prodeus is the game Mike Voeller and I are working on together in Unity. Just wanted to start a thread I can keep posting random dev stuff in. Level Editor Pics and Gifs Pylon prefab creation : A nice gameplay element that fills a few different functions - mid height cover / converts to full height cover - Can be used as a quick elevator or boost to gain advantage in combat - Can house items - looks nice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Right to Left) Basic footprint / Creating different parts / quick texture test and basic scripting / refine art style / adjust colors and finer details / Final script and polish pass. https://i.imgur.com/jNMo8Zn.gif
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    Mike is too invested in the current layout and in love with the theme to make these drastic changes, even if they are for the best. It would be easier if you guys provided some ideas on what to do about the underground such as new paths and new bombsite B location.
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    Now, about the map! Thank you so much for playing and sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it!! I gathered all the feedback not only from here, but outside MC as well. Here's what came up the most, and what I plan to do for each: "Underground area doesn't fit the style of the map." So in terms of themes, I really like environments that clash 2 themes together in a harsh way, and that's what I am going for here. But perhaps these 2 themes are too contrasted though... It had a "dirty industrial" look for a while, but it didn't feel very good... more like a scary ugly place you don't want to be in. I want both sides of the map to be as cool and appealing, only in a different way. One possible solution I'm thinking about, is changing the theme for a more stony/sandy "ancient" underground theme, using mostly the Dust2 set. I'll try it and see what it feels like! "...Remove the underground space and put bombsite B somewhere else." Well, that would be like deleting 40% of the map. Having an underground area was part of the initial ideas/constraints for the project, and making such a change at this stage of production would pull the rug under the castle of cards... In other words, one of the main motivations behind this project is to do 3D level design, because I'm not a fan of those flat, "extruded top-downs" maps... Simply put, I like Nuke a lot I'm siding more towards fixing it, than scrapping it. Maybe we can go into more details, and fix the small problems one by one... "There are way too many angles to check and it's literally possible for the enemies to come from behind." The level flow is actually very typical... but with a twist, literally (it's kind of weird to look at, but basically look at how the connections are the same): However, there are 2 extra connectors that I added and probably shouldn't have (I don't remember why I did that, I know I had a good reason to do so...): The little vaulted tunnel that goes from Chokepoint A to Alley The fact that Chokepoint B is linked to Staircase room... it shouldn't be I think that if I remove those it'll simplify it a bit, and feel closer to your typical CS map. I'll try it and see what it feels like! "Map is currently way too big" It was actually smaller a long time ago, but when I saw that the spawn-to-chokepoint time on official maps was bigger, I decided to add a few seconds everywhere. Spawn-to-Chokepoint A is 10.5s for both teams, Spawn-to-Chokepoint B is 10s, if I remember correctly. I agree that shaving 1-2 seconds there would be great. I might be able to make the spawns a bit closer, I'll see what I can do about that... "Rotation takes too much time" I totally agree. The biggest mistake I made during blockout is that I forgot to initially plan for a rotation paths, since I had no idea how CSGO worked (I still don't, tbh) Right now, the rotation route is 14.5s and I wish it was around 11-12s. I could also be more intuitive, because I think the optimal route isn't readable enough. It is: (A -> Alley -> InteriorHouse -> Jump through window -> Stairs room -> Connector -> B). The solution I'm thinking about, and it will be the first thing I will try, is to create a path through the Bombsite A tower, I like an interior space with a stair and a basement, that leads down under the street in mid. So it would cut a long detour: "Stair step are too high" The reason why I made them that high is because it worked well with the grid. Also those steps are actually really big on the references I'm looking at. But I totally agree they could be shorter if it feels more natural, I'll see what I can do! "...water texture doesn't seem to be packed right. It appears black." Will fix this asap!
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Oh yeah this thing exists. I moved to Studio Gobo in brighton uk
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I preparing new update to my Crossfire Remake map for CS:GO and i adding lots of new details. This is test compile screenshot.
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    Great news! But... Are those Tim Hortons boxes I see?! *CANADA INTENSIFIES*
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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Finally found some time to give it a try and opened the ceiling as suggested above. (Thanks @RadimaX and @Squad for sharing your ideas.) I tried out different things, but at the moment it's a mix of second floor+railing and some renovation work going on (so that I could remove the railing partially for easier grenade throws) Also opened the (upper) wall to middle ("main hall") so that you can throw grenades there from the small room shown on the picture ("storage room") (or opposite direction). The room is also larger now. Still not the most exciting room, but all in all I think it's a lot better than it was before.
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    Another update. This time reworked A bombsite and mid to B connector. Also relocated CT spawn. Changed the taxi on B site to a truck, but dam that model has some bad collision Maybe I'll move T spawn abit further in the future, but playtest must tell more.
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    Can't wait till this guy releases dust 2 for csgo
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    [Wingman] Villas

    I think this map need more details. For example your buildings's main design is well but not have a enough details. You should search this classic wooden Ottoman house and made it. Example
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I had some time left after finishing this blockout for a design test, so I took some time to decorate. I'm still figuring out everything in UE4, but the default fog looks pretty damn good. Here's an actual level shot to justify being in this thread