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    Andre Valera


    etc. also known as constant updates, bug fixes, sleepless nights wondering "Why?" and the simple solutions that follow.
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    Yard {remake of cpl_mill}

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1580596076 Hey guys - been working on an update to Mill that focuses on making the gameplay work better with CSGO's utility and pacing amongst my 5million other projects. Art is quite ugly just now but it's not the focus have a look and let me know what you think! peace out
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    Looking great!! One thing I noticed by watching the video is that every area feels a bit similar, which makes the map harder to navigate for first time players. One way to solve could be by color coding some areas, or having strong themes in specific areas, restricting specific props only to those areas. Let's say, CT spawn has majorly blue signs/lighting, Bomb sites are mostly red/orange, maybe the middle of the map has a lot of vegetation, the subway could have green walls etc... so you know exactly where you are without having to think about it. You have an incredibly solid base and with some minor readability/navigational/lighting tweaks, this map will be really special! Here's an example of how we did this in Lijiang Tower in Overwatch:
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    Great update! I like the vegetation. The map could use some more enviorment sounds to make the city feel more alive. Maybe a radio or television background sound coming out one of the appartments, a car driving by, a plane flying over and etc
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I had some time left after finishing this blockout for a design test, so I took some time to decorate. I'm still figuring out everything in UE4, but the default fog looks pretty damn good. Here's an actual level shot to justify being in this thread
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    [CS:GO] de_border (W.I.P.)

    I think the problem with the name is that its not realistic. Aside from the obvious connection to Nazi Germany, modern day Germany just wouldnt form a "forth Reich" as it is. I dont know if you ever talked or listened to a German before, but generally they see third Reich as a stain on their history. Unless your story was that an extremist right-wing faction somehow conquered Germany and wanted to go back to the glory of the old Reichs. I mean we are also talking about a situation, where Germany, one of the EUs biggest proponents just up and leaves the EU, apparently also making such a big deal out of it, all of the EU stops being allies with Germany. If you want to be realistic about this, Germany in the modern day, would never leave the EU, but even if they did, nobody is going to support bring back Reich iconography and changing the flag to an iron cross, the people of Modern Germany have no reason to want to go back to Reichs, The country is too much of an economic powerhouse to fall so far back. Lastly, I assume you would want your map to have a chance of being put in game right? Because valve isnt going to except this map as it is for 2 reasons 1. The obvious Nazi connections 2. How unrealistic of a situation that this map is set in. CSGO is set in the modern world, nothing about it is particularly fantastical. The amount of cultural and political shifts it would take for Germany to come even close to what you're trying to portray would have massive affect on the rest of the world, which isnt supported at all by any other map or piece of media related to csgo.
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    Apex Legends

    Ya boi unboxed the $500 Wraith knife. Oh right, Blothund main for lyfe.
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    Hi people! We are looking for additional Level Designer who will join our team in Krakow and will make with us Cyberpunk 2077. Our Level Design team is mainly responsible for designing, prototyping, iterating on and polishing in-game levels, including level geometry, enemy encounters, and other gameplay elements, using our proprietary level editor (environment is handled by the different team, quests/missions are also made by another team) . We are looking for someone who already has experience working on levels in FPS/RPG games, is able to use game editors and likes Cyberpunk genre and we need this person to start work before June, so probably only people with the ability to work legally (without a visa) in EU can be on time You can read more about this position (and send your application) here: http://smrtr.io/ZNxG To encourage you I wanted to put a photo of our cool view from windows but it's really greasy outside today, so at least I will write that trees are growing ap. 2 meters from our windows so you can imagine you are almost in the middle of the forest
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    What's going on with your life?

    UE4 ofc. Simple clear and easy. I prepared them a Platform-FPS ish to make level like the training level of call of duty modern warfare where you just move and shoot at targets. Already a loooooot to learn from there and it was pretty cool. Honestly, they did go.
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    What's going on with your life?

    I just spent 3 days giving Level design lessons for the first time in my life... and it was super fun! I gave them 3 hours of macro theroy about level design and flow. We spent the rest of the time doing their first level creationf from paper to 3D. It was super cool. I'm a exhausted ahah I didn't thought it would be that intense. In the end they said that it was the best lesson they got this year! So I'm happy
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    Thanks! I'll be okay... staying positive. Of course this won't affect my motivation- this is my career and passion afterall Yep I hope too, though I would lose all the stuff that was in progress for the future... especially my custom models and making art isn't my speciality at all, and took considerable effort But hopes aren't lost. Consumer protection has 2 case filed against the moving company, and now the police is on their ass! Smart man! I should have done the same. From now on even my pet projects will be on the cloud I swear!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Sometimes I dream that the world would be a much better place if Twitter was nuked from existence.
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    Mapcore Logo

    Here you can find the new Mapcore logo and its usage guidelines. Download is included in the post and includes both .png and .svg files. Mapcore Logo The Mapcore logo includes a two-color logo, full-color logo and a monochrome logo. Mapcore Mark Mapcore mark includes a single-color version, a full-color version and monochrome versions. Colors These are the Mapcore colors and the Mapcore gradient. Single color logo can be any of the colors. Safe space The logo needs some breathing space. Use the circle in the Mapcore logo to determine minimum amount of space between the logo and surrounding objects. Using the Logo The logo can be used on any type of background, however the appropriate version should be chosen. Full-color logo can be used on most solid backgrounds, using the light or dark version of the logo depending on the luminosity of the background. Use the single-color logo if the full-color logo doesn't have enough contrast with the background. Use the monochrome logo on backgrounds with a lot of color information. Improper usage Don't: Rotate the gradient Make the Mapcore text any other color than almost black or white Use a non Mapcore color Add a drop shadow Change the typeface of the Mapcore text Change the size of individual elements Rotate the Mapcore mark Change the color of individual elements Change the spacing of individual elements Change the gradient Scale the logo non-uniformly Blur the logo Stacked Logo Stacked version of the logo can be used on light backgrounds, where the logo is the main focus of the graphic. Hope you'll find these guidelines useful. Here is the download for the Logo resources: mapcore_logo.zip
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