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    Mapcore is now holding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapping Contest for original 5v5 bomb defusal maps AND hostage-rescue maps, powered by FACEIT! Mapcore's Veteran Judges will be joined by CS:GO Guest Experts on CS maps, such as Pimp, Moses, The WarOwl, LAUNDERS, adreN, DDK, James Bardolph, and Anders Blume! How to Enter the Exotic Places Mapping Contest Post a "Work In Progress" thread in Mapcore’s Official Event Forum! When you're ready, update your WIP thread with a link to your playable map's Steam Workshop page. Your thread + playable map constitutes your entry to this contest! Submission Deadline Your playable map must be entered by February 1, 2020 at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time (EST). Judging Procedure Mapcore Judges FMPONE -- @FMPONE Puddy -- @puddpuddpudd TopHattWaffle -- @TopHattWaffle Guest Experts Pimp -- @Pimp_CSGO adreN -- @adreN_Hoag Anders Blume -- @OnFireAnders James Bardolph -- @jamesbardolph Daniel "DDK" Kapadia -- @ddkesports Jason "Moses" O'Toole -- @OnFireMoses WarOwl -- @TheWarOwl Launders -- @launders Mapcore will announce Contest Finalists on February 10, 2020 To determine 10 Finalist maps, Mapcore Judges will rate Contest maps according to the following 100 point criteria, with any ties broken by our Guest Experts: 25 points: Fun Factor (how well-designed is the map) 25 points: Originality + Relevance to the "Exotic Places" Theme (Exotic meaning it's normal definition as well as "locations seen infrequently in CS:GO") 25 points: Visual Presentation (how aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated is the map) 25 points: Overall Polish (bug-free maps; maps with Soundscapes; maps which run smoothly; other determinations relating to quality) Finalist mappers will then have one month to make changes based on community feedback. Top 4 Contest maps and the Grand Prize Winner will be declared on March 16, 2020 After March 10, 2020 Mapcore Judges and Guest Experts will rate every finalist map according to the same 100 point criteria above (Fun Factor, Originality/Thematic Presentation, Visuals, Overall Polish), with any ties broken by Guest Judge Anders Blume. Mapcore will then declare the Top 4 Contest maps and our Grand Prize Winner! Contest Prizes Top 4 Contest Maps receive: Eternal Bragging Rights A Spotlight on Mapcore (linking to each epic WIP thread) A Monetary Prize ($7,500 for First place; $4,500 for Second place; $2,000 for Third place; $1,000 for Fourth place) Map added to Mapcore’s FACEIT HUB platform for 4 months! Special Valve prizes! (CS:GO/Valve merchandise, courtesy of Valve Software) Contest Rules Entry into this Contest is free of charge for all. Your entry must be a playable map for the PC version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Remakes (maps of the same name and design of an existing map released for public download), sequels (e.g. de_dust3), and spiritual successors (new name for an old design layout) can NOT be entered. Maps that were under creation prior to the announcement of this Contest can be entered, as long as a complete map version (layout and any non-greybox art) was not released for public download. Map entries must be submitted to the CS:GO Steam Workshop AND our Mapcore Contest sub-forum before the deadline. Map authors are free to share their map on any other websites or services they wish, however the map must remain free to download. Multiple map entries are permitted, however each entry will be judged for its own particular quality. Map entries created by teams are permitted, however entrants will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded prior to prize claim and dispatch. Mapcore encourages entrants NOT to update your Workshop map after the deadline. Entries will not be disqualified if updated, but entrants assume the risk of introducing bugs/glitches into their work. Judges will not be asked to overlook such bugs/glitches, so we recommend "finalizing" a polished version of your project before the deadline in order to “put your best foot forward”. Mapcore forum rules must be obeyed. All custom textures, models, etc. must be embedded into the map's .bsp file (FREE TUTORIAL AND TOOL). Assets must also comply with Steam Workshop guidelines. Map authors must be able to accept cash payments. Winners of hardware or physical products will be required to provide a valid shipping address. Judges, Experts, and individuals associated with organizing this contest CANNOT enter, nor provide material assistance to map entrants. If a Finalist entry is disqualified due to violation of ANY of these rules, all applicable winnings will be directed to the next highest-rated map. Void where prohibited. Contest Eligibility 1. Participant eligibility: This Contest is open to any individual, or teams of individuals, provided they comply with the following: Participants must not be an Employee or Official Staff Member of the “Organizer” (Mapcore) or “Sponsors” (FACEIT). Participants must not have taken part in the judging, or official announcement of this Contest. Participants must not be a direct relative, spouse, or direct employee of any of the above. If a Contest Judge has previously published a CS:GO level with a participant, that Judge will be fully disqualified from scoring any entry by that person. In place of the disqualified Judge's score, the entire panel of Guest Judges will be asked to rate the entry, and their rating will then be averaged. 2. Legal Age: This Contest is open to any individuals who meet the above “participant eligibility” criteria. In the event that a participant who has not reached the legal age in his/her state wins one or more prizes, he/she must provide contact details for the legal guardian who will claim the prize(s). Prize Disclaimer FACEIT will be providing Prize revenue. Mapcore assumes no responsibility. THANK YOU to our AMAZING COMMUNITY! And to our INCREDIBLE Sponsor: https://twitter.com/FACEIT
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    Myself, @Squad and @Oskmos are taking you on a trip to this exotic place: Everest is merely the working name. Final name tbd.
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    It was a bit of a struggle, but finally there is a playable graybox! I requested a Mapcore playtest for thursday 27 june. Check it out on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1774025500
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    De_Dust 2 in low poly style

    This level was created for PolyStrike, more you can check here - https://www.mocherad.com/polystrike Ohh 5 mb file limit, other screenshots you can find on my AT submitted work - Artstation
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    De_chlore (Wingman

    Hello to all the members of the Mapcore forum Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1623993297 I am a beginner both on the forum and in creating maps for the CS GO I ask your attention to my first work, maps for the wingman mode This map is located in Iraq, at a water treatment plant that was thrown out of combat, and was no longer used, terrorists want to blow up supplies of chlorine that was used for water purification, it is toxic to humans, and in the event of the success of the chlorine cloud, it will cover a nearby city. Over the map worked 4 months, created many of its textures and models. In the workshop WIP version of the map was very popular, but after the release, no one paid close attention. Therefore, I hope that this forum will help me make the map popular, give tips on improvement and more. Thank you for your attention, I am waiting for your feedback and comments
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    [Source 2] De_dust 2

    Oh damn, another year gone.. Jesus lost my motivation again, and again i've changed the art style to Low Poly - how it was year ago - half year ago Now It's challange of my life guys, i should finish it finally!
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    Mid currently doesn't have a bridge but A long does (with losttemple vibes) I've been watching indiana jones for inspiration here, put it that way. A little concept art for A site Terri did which I love -
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Hey, I'm working alone on one of the biggest projects in my life! I'm trying to make danger zone map. I want to show you some my work! My idea is tropical style, I haven't seen similar style in CS:GO yet. On the map you will be able to explore a lot of regions: beaches, tropical villages, bamboo platform, cliffs, and planning also some caves and more! I realize, that there probably will be a lot of bugs, because It's very hard to make huge danger zone map without bugs, so I'm really looking for testers, if someone is interested in, just invite me on steam. Models and textures some are self-made, and some I Have bought on sites with models Here's some screenshots from some map regions PS: I don't know if Valve support this mode already, but I love making open worlds! and I wanted to try myself.
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    I made a statue. He's a big boy. Fruit basket for scale.
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    Looking great!! One thing I noticed by watching the video is that every area feels a bit similar, which makes the map harder to navigate for first time players. One way to solve could be by color coding some areas, or having strong themes in specific areas, restricting specific props only to those areas. Let's say, CT spawn has majorly blue signs/lighting, Bomb sites are mostly red/orange, maybe the middle of the map has a lot of vegetation, the subway could have green walls etc... so you know exactly where you are without having to think about it. You have an incredibly solid base and with some minor readability/navigational/lighting tweaks, this map will be really special! Here's an example of how we did this in Lijiang Tower in Overwatch:
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    I wanted to wait till the layout is whole, but saw so much cool updates coming by I just have to share the things we are currently working on. @Momoderator has converted some assets we used on the Desertruin map for PVKII, we will use it as a base to expand on. The assets are originally created by @LATTEH and edited by @phonebooth I bumped into maaaany challanges already and i think the biggest challange is keeping the map compact as the egyptian structures are huge and I want to put in so many ideas in just one small map which is competitive based. Its a new workflow to focus so much on the art direction already while grayboxing the layout and I hope I can get it done well Below a few screenshots of the start of the graybox with a few of the asset placeholders being used to see how they look ingame and what feeling we are going for. Again, these are placeholders! Bridge to midle and canal functioning as A/B rotation for T's View from T spawn B main route, will change from the layout drawing as the road is terribly open and no good for gameplay
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    Good news!!!! I finally got them to deliver: Looks like we're back in business!!! I guess NYPD finally got to them, because they've been strangely responsive in the last few days...
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    @Vaya @Terri and I will be working on this. More coming soon...
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    Mapcore Job Census

    Today I started my dream job as a graphics programmer for Arkane Studios \o/
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    Mapcore Job Census

    So I had my last week at Splash Damage and my last week for now as a lead, start as a level designer at Arkane next week. Time to get immersed.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Maybe I should post what I've been working on recently, a little Far Cry 5 Arcade level. The objective is to eliminate three targets located in different camps and make your escape through a final wave of enemies.
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    [WIP] de_rampart

    Rampart takes place in the Pacific in an abandoned bunker installation from WW2. I have a rough untested layout and some mockup props. I mainly try to make the two bombsites thematically stand out: One is a derelict research lab where super soldier experimentation took place (a large vat with a skeleton soldier) and the other is a haubitzer canon. I also try to work in alot of circular and organic shapes to get away from the typical straight lines that a grid based workflow can lead to. Another quirk on the level that i would love some feedback on is the breakable door/gate on the B site. I know these things can be controversial but i want to give it a try and if it doesn't work out i might try something else. One of my main motivations for this map is to create as many new materials as possible with substance and really make it look gritty, aged and worn out. I hope I have time to complete this one, but i think its pretty scaleable in terms of the amount of polish required. Feedback and comments are welcome! Workshop Link
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    Going to try my hand at a hostage map for the first time to provide a bit of extra challenge! The map will be set in a luxury hunting lodge in southern Africa. Name is still subject to change.
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    screen grab of a re-purposed old map, finally something for danger zone, will hopefully become another odd one out -- nothing casual, very vertical, shotguns and smg + power jumps and hopefully featuring all the latest valve shenanigans for csgo hammer! :D~
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    I made a first draft of a skybox to set the mood and direction for the level. I wanted to put extra emphasis on the mysticism associated with the Himalayan theme.
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    What's going on with your life?

    So she decided to come early… at least she picked bank holiday weekend! We named her Sofia Elizabeth
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    cs_block based on Los Angeles
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I had some time left after finishing this blockout for a design test, so I took some time to decorate. I'm still figuring out everything in UE4, but the default fog looks pretty damn good. Here's an actual level shot to justify being in this thread
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    Well two themes on my list are already taken (Tiger Nest Monastery and a Pirate town/bay) so yeah lets just get a thread out there with a theme idea. While working on the PVKII mod I enjoyed working on the map Desertruin (set in ancient Egypt) so perhaps its also cool to create a map with this theme for CS:GO. Edit: I will be working with @Momoderator he will be working on the custom assets for this map! Here is a litle moodboard, there are so many more cool refs! Mostly from Assassins creed
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    Here's a script I've made that allows you to replace kv playermodels in your map with custom ones you've made without getting error boxes in Panorama! Features: Easily configurable Runs on map spawn then refreshes every 2s by default The script precache the models for you As every script, "mp_restartgame 1" will refresh it Issues: A non existing model may crash the game The Panorama team selection screen wont use the right models... this can't be fixed since Panorama loads before the map and isn't serversided. >> DOWNLOAD << Place playermodelreplacer.nut inside scripts/vscripts/ it then needs to be packed in your map when you release it What you need to do in order to get perfectly working playermodels: Custom playermodels MUST use a valid prefix in order to receive the voicelines and gloves [+ sleeves] from their original model they're based on. You can't have custom arm models, they're now hardcoded inside client.dll along with skin colors For instance: If you want to use the FBI voicelines and Arms you'll name your playermodel like so: ctm_fbimodelname.mdl If you want a... Leet based model you'll name it like this: tm_leetmodelname.mdl Examples: tm_leet_jap.mdl ctm_sas_kidotaiD.mdl ctm_swat_spetsnazA.mdl Here's a complete list of the available prefixes including what they use: Models can only have a limited number of characters before the game can't load them, be sure to keep your suffixes short, specially for the long ones. Setup: Set your KV corresponding to what playermodel your custom playermodel is based on, it must match else the sleeves or gloves wont be loaded. ct_arms and t_arms are obsolete since the glove update if you're wondering why they're not here. Open playermodelreplacer.nut and edit the following as you wish: set (c)tm_replace to 1 if you want to disable replacements for the team, 0 if not. refresh_delay is the time in seconds between each refresh to check if a player spawned with the model from the KV in order to replace it tm_old and ctm_old are the spots where you put your models used in the KV file tm_new and ctm_new are the ones where you put your custom models. (c)tm_new must have the same number of lines as (c)tm_old In this example with the KV and this configuration, only the first ctm_fbi will be replaced with ctm_sas_variant_test PRO TIP: If you want to remove the sleeves from CTs, use a different CT prefix with the same gloves as your original model. For instance: put "ctm_fbi" in the KV and in ctm_old<- make your model use ctm_sas_variant as a prefix and put it in ctm_new<- as usual. Since the game wont precache the right sleeves, they'll be invisible but since they use the same gloves, they'll be precached correctly! Go wild, Enhance the theme of your maps! You can now reload the game to update the KV (kv files are loaded on game start with the gamemodes.txt) and enjoy your playermodels! Enjoy!
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    I haven't been actively doing 3d work in almost 10 years and I've missed it a ton. I decided to enter a contest my city is holding to design a park installation that acts as a shelter for rain as Vancouver has a very large rainfall. As part of this I also bought a license to Houdini to make my submission so I was learning Houdini at the same time while I made this. I might have taken on more than I can chew but I vowed to have something complete by the submission date because I hate not finishing projects. I made it but I wasn't able to make a diagram explaining how to take it apart and put it back together again (think ikea instructions). Rendered in Unreal engine. Here's my submission with my design goals description.
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    Hey guys, I thought that with just less two months to go, it was time to share… I’m going to be a dad This wasn’t planned and I’m getting used to the idea only recently; it’s been actually quite a struggle these months* because we found out at a time I was convinced we were going to split up. As my partner’s ex boss offered us a place for cheap (considering) we also just moved out of an apartment into a proper house. As they haven’t done up the place when they bought it, I’m in the process of doing some decoration myself (so that’s another bit of tension from time to time, not always easy to find the energy to do stuff after a day of work). *hence -I guess- my increased spamming here, just putting my head under the sand *ahem*
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    [CS:GO] dz_junglity (Danger Zone)

    Update I made a short showcase video, map is almost done!
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    Oh boy. That I should live to see this day. Guess it pays of to still be lurking here despite not actively mapping anymore. Has it really been 6 years since I uploaded this map to gamebanana for the CEVO/Gamebanana mapping contest. I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed. You excluded the two best screenshots Props on the new name though, probably a bit better than its original name: de_nil_CastleIsland. I'll write it down as appreciation that you made this post. Start making your own maps, it's way more fun
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    Hey, I cooked up some ground materials/blends. The snow does not look as blown out at regular player eye level.
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    ...time has past since the global events of 2046, under the scorching sun on a sea of sand lies the remains of the king-class warship USS Carry.
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    El Moroes

    Deathloop - New Arkane Lyon's game

    Hey guys, let me present you our new baby Hope you'll enjoy this teaser ! “DEATHLOOP” transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two extraordinary assassins. Explore stunning environments and meticulously designed levels in an immersive gameplay experience that lets you approach every situation any way you like. Hunt down targets all over the island in an effort to put an end to the cycle once and for all, and remember, if at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.
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    [CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

    Hi everyone! Here to show you something me and 2 friends have been up to. Me and my buddy Birjolaxew have had this project sitting in our computers for about 6 years and decided to finally finish it, and it's been looking so promissing I decided to fully commit and make a brand new AS_ map for it instead of adapting an existing one. Another VIP mode, why? I've always loved playing Assassination, probably some of the best times I've had playing Counter-Strike was playing this mode. What makes this one special? Our mode runs entirely on VScripts, that means you won't need any plugins installed on your server. You changelevel, you and your friends are playing VIP mode. Also, almost all VIP modes we came across currently on the workshop seem to be broken or simply don't work. This one will be getting a lot of love and care. We've held multiple 5v5 tests with our friends, and had a blast! The first playtests made it evident that Terrorists were having an easy time, but that's been worked on now, and map seems to be way more balanced. We're looking forward to run some more tests, possibly with Mapcore if anyone here is interested in checking this out, I think you'd like it! Overview: Overview with callouts: The map will be set on a rooftop. Probably an hospital rooftop, No Mercy style. Considering night time, but not thinking too much about that atm. Some angles feel a bit weird, I'm still working on 'em, but overal from the the private playtests I got the idea that balance is almost there, slightly favoring Terrorists as they can opt to camp. Doing my best to punish that playstyle by reducing the amount of cover usable by Ts and keeping corner checks for CTs to a low number. Few screnies, not much to see atm just an orange map: As for how the gamemode plays, me and Birjolaxew have recreated the Assassination gamemode as it was before to a decent stage, but are now tweaking a few rules since CS has changed quite a bit. So this will most likely be our own take of VIP mode. If you're not familiar with the mode here's the rules and what we've taken liberty of changing. Rules: A random CT is selected to be VIP at the begining of the round. The VIP spawns with 150HP (in previous versions the VIP also gets 200 Kevlar, we've had some trouble giving him a number above 100, but we're still looking into it). The VIP can only use pistols and equipment (in the original version he could only use USP, after our play tests we decided to try all pistols instead of just p2000/usp, everyone seemed to like this and gave solo VIP a better chance). CTs need to escort the VIP to the Escape Area (Helicopter) or eliminate all Terrorists to win. Ts have to eliminate the VIP or run down the timer out to win. Our version also includes a few quality of life improvements such as: The VIP being able to carry the primary gun on his back (just not able to use it, meaning if he survives he gets to keep it). VIP HP tracking in hud for CTs. Helicopter actually takes off and VIP goes inside it (doesn't disapear into nothing or freeze in place). Support for multiple escape zones. George Clooney starring as sexy VIP. More soon. Shoutout to Birjolaxew and Sven for working with me on this, without them this wouldn't be possible. Lastly, we want to make this open source so that anyone can make maps for Assassination mode with ease. Birjolaxew has done a tremendous job with the scripts, and making a map for this should be easy as drag n' droping 2 func_instances into the map. All feedback is very apreciated! Thanks for checking this out.
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    Thanks to @ZooL, Ivory now features its very own CT faction. The South African Police are ready to respond to any threat!
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    While on the search for a enviorment artist for Resistance I have came up with a new concept de_tracks. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1724851963 Basicly I wanted to create something mechanic. My first idea was to make parts of the layout change when you enable a trigger, but scrapped that idea pretty quickly. But it was no waste, since it brought me these tracks that can be repositioned easyly and bring some cool dynamic to the map and connects parts on a interesting way. I started with this idea on midle and just worked my ways trough the bombsites and spawns in one go and got this concept + itteration in only two days. Its not been tested with actual humans and I am planning on doing that any time soon. I am not sure about the exact theme, but the basics are there. Enjoy! Some usefull nades: https://imgur.com/a/L8uH3Gp midle (from CT window) midle (from below window) Midle from T entrances A site CT spawn B site (from T main path) Trying out something new. This is the T connector from B -> A and since its a very small map I was thinking of removing it but then considered using these sliding doors which make sound and also block a long seightline Thanks for Terri for making my life a litle easier with the auto radar!
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    What's going on with your life?

    Found out today I passed the Florida Bar Exam
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    I still preparing new update to my Crossfire Remake map for CS:GO and i redesigned inside of bunker, improved models textures quality, made new custom textures and re-adjusted Wingman and Custom Deathmatch mod.
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    Andre Valera


    etc. also known as constant updates, bug fixes, sleepless nights wondering "Why?" and the simple solutions that follow.
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    Radu's mexican town

    That's right, Mexico. Don't have a map name yet, but I do have a mood board:
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Trying to finish this FC5 map "this week":
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    Mapcore Logo in The Division 2

    Hey guys, I dont know if this has already been posted or is already known but I found this Mapcore logo in a hidden place in The Division 2 and I was wondering what it means. Someone from this community is working at Massive? :) Cheers Simon
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    Yard {remake of cpl_mill}

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1580596076 Hey guys - been working on an update to Mill that focuses on making the gameplay work better with CSGO's utility and pacing amongst my 5million other projects. Art is quite ugly just now but it's not the focus have a look and let me know what you think! peace out
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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Finally found some time to give it a try and opened the ceiling as suggested above. (Thanks @RadimaX and @Squad for sharing your ideas.) I tried out different things, but at the moment it's a mix of second floor+railing and some renovation work going on (so that I could remove the railing partially for easier grenade throws) Also opened the (upper) wall to middle ("main hall") so that you can throw grenades there from the small room shown on the picture ("storage room") (or opposite direction). The room is also larger now. Still not the most exciting room, but all in all I think it's a lot better than it was before.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I have to improve my UE4 skillz, works great to show a project to my customers. Plan to use it for VR too, still need a long way to go ahah
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    So I did some thinking about the layout with the references in mind. Here is a simple layout drawing (digital, since my handdrawing became unreadable for u guys :D) and one with art concept already in mind to identify places. When building this in hammer I might move B bombside more central to the map so the layout is less wide and probally change some other stuff to as hammer is way different then drawing . So basicly there is a main dirt road connecting CT and T spawn which goes near B bombsite. The bottom is a large river with vegetation near it and T spawn is on the harbor. There will be a market in the more open area near the road Most of the negative space on the bottom will exist from those cool litle stone houses, upper area will be more royal/temple like There is a canal connecting A and B with a bridge that crosses the canal leading to mid and both bombsites Bombsite B will be a temple kinda thing (mostly outside), bombsite A a spa/relaxation thingy (indoor) and CT spawn will exist from ruins. Background will be desert mostly, some rocks, some vegetation, some pyramids and farming fields, anyhow check the refs below
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    Classic 5v5 competitive defuse map based on Islands such as Migingo and Santa Cruz Del Islote. You're likely to see a mix of water, man made structures, dirt paths, caves, trees and technology. I would imagine a contrast between very high tech equipment and very low tech / natural foliage in the environment. The mood board idea is contagious, so here are some general ideas to start this project with https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hli7EU17K5WHo9-L-VoFjvfRZGphX1JA/view?usp=sharing Here are some videos I found on Youtube. Difficult Life At Migingo Island, this is a heavy documentary although there are parts of bigger fictional stories that can be extracted from the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1buTh1841aA Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G63TF6OMa_8
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    @will2k you are right, so i made a blend material using some white plaster and those beige/brown stones. Also i changed the sand texture from the 4way blend material. I want the map to suggest heat.
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