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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I made a better arch on a third attempt. I love the combination 3dsmax and substance painter
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    I've added a few more buildings at T-Spawn in Reich. I hope I can get the map playtested soon! And this right here is a sneak peak at Bombsite-B.
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    [Wingman] Villas

    @pylacsucks that no one responded looks like a lot of work. I will try to review it soon
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    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I'm i the process of learning how to use the unwrap UW and more complex modeling in 3dsmax and how make textures in substance painter. I made a merlon, an arch, a stone door and a window. (maybe the arch is too smooth, but there is room for progres)
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    [Wingman] Villas

    Hello everyone, I tried to make a wingman map. This is my first map. The map is located in Istanbul. There's no radar. I am working on it. Can you review my map? workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1592086198
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    The random model thread!

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    Citadel (WIP)(GreyBox)

    Started with texturing the outside of the map.
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    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    Cool idea. But instead of a hole in the floor I would go for something like in the picture below (not the best reference though). Make a catwalk following the outside wall and the wall with the paintings (edited picture above), this way the walls where grenades are most likely to hit will be clean and free and it eliminate the chance of grenades getting stuck on the upper floor. I think it also makes more sense thematically
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    [CS:GO] De_Roswell (WIP)

    Hello again everyone! After the first round of feedback from the Discord playtest I've toiled away at the map's current weaknesses. Once again I would love to hear your comments and criticisms so I will be pursuing another playtest with you fine folks Changelist: Widened the overall map Adjusted CT spawn Added safe rotation route for CTs Slightly rotated B site Redesigned Mid with fewer entrances/exits Removed the 2 alternative flanking routes into A site Redesigned B long Day lighting (temporary) Workshop Link
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    Doing some quick prototypes for @prodeusgame enemy attacks. I'll keep posting them as they come down the pipeline. This attack is for an alternate version of the skull fish thing we've got.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I was working on some litle nighttime scene and then just made the scene to be a bombsite. It's a old industrial kind of city with one bombsite below a railway and the other bombsite will be in some more indoor kind of area like a big hangar or fabric, still didn't decide. I will just go on with the flow and see where it takes me. It's not my original workflow, but it's fun so far
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    Citadel (WIP)(GreyBox)

    Shaped the main building of my map (b site).
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    i'm working on a awp map, with my favorite combination: sea, sunset, flowers, rocks (no freaking crates !)
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    Here's another sign of life from my de_losttemple remake. This project got dropped and picked up again a few times and I feel really bad about that. Still I absolutely want to finish it. There's one big step I have yet to take to get closer to that goal, which is learning how to make textures. I will need a good amount of custom content to give it the look I've got in mind. So still a long way to go, but here's at least a WIP screenshot of the A site.
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    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    Well I see this red building is flaming the crowds ! For now I'm pushing a bit the visual on A site / CT spawn, still haven't done the bomb site detailling.
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    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    Well I'm a bit in a trouble finding some time right now with a lot of stuff happening to me but made a new house lately Next step is to rework the A site / CT spawn / graveyard.