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    Quick update, managed to get a decent atmosphere going, definitely need to do a second pass on the trees & river once the skybox is sorted! Planning on having a cliff edge to the right, along with a large mountain range off in the distance!
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    El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    hello, my last one Yeah, lot of "birds"
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    UE4 Looks great!
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    Very very cool. This only thing to me that is not suepr clear about the project is if they are student projects or online community or whatever. The rest of it is super super nice, the descriptions, screenshots, work explanations. Good content. Keep it up and you'll get a job in the industry for sure
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    To anyone reading this two years later. The switch was 110% worth it.
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    Level Designer Needed (PAID)

    Super sarcastic. You should at least write something about the company you work for and provide a website link. Then what else can you tell us about the game? Is it even past the prototype stage? Does it have a placeholder name? How did you guys decide on 25-30 levels? There's barely any information to work with. It isn't a good way to attract people.
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    [CS:GO] De_Roswell (WIP)

    Hello again everyone! After the first round of feedback from the Discord playtest I've toiled away at the map's current weaknesses. Once again I would love to hear your comments and criticisms so I will be pursuing another playtest with you fine folks Changelist: Widened the overall map Adjusted CT spawn Added safe rotation route for CTs Slightly rotated B site Redesigned Mid with fewer entrances/exits Removed the 2 alternative flanking routes into A site Redesigned B long Day lighting (temporary) Workshop Link
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    Random Photo Thread

    8 days, 2 consecutive blizzards, snowfall, torrential rain, 95-100 km/h heavy winds, freezing-ass temperatures, lightning/thunder storms... Finally, it all stopped yesterday, and sunshine is back which makes for some nice sunset shots
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    Now playing - 2018

    I started to play Far Cry 5 every now and then, but so far it feels pretty much like a chore. The problem with it is that I just don't care about the characters. The writing is simply boring and predictable. It's not a bad game, but there's too many side quests and activities littered all over the world and most of them are somewhat connected to the story to which I am not invested in. There's also something going on with the perk progression and weapon/ammo costs. I can't remember if this was the case in previous entries, but I'm out of ammo and money most of the time. I'd like to try more weapons, but they're pretty expensive in the store. I've tried doing more side quests to stay on the plus side of money, but it's a bit weird. If nothing else, it's more of a personal study of how the world is built and structured. Edit* Finally finished this also, after 24 hours. I've yet to play through the DLCS. The ending was pretty neat, but the overall experience wasn't to my liking. I've also been playing through Max Payne 3 and... I get the sense that rockstar wanted to make a film, but were forced to make a game. The quality and writing is pretty much on par with the originals, but the level design has taken a massive step back. If you want to see how a proper on-a-rails game looks, play Max Payne 3. You walk trough a corridor, bam - cutscene, shoot some bad guys, bam - cutscenes, walk through another corridor, bam - cutscene. Edit* Finished it. I can't say I would recommend it, but it had some moments that saved it. Yesterday I watched a walkthrough of this game, 11-11 Memories Retold, about WW1. It revolves around three main characters, similar to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The art direction is a bit unusual, aiming to look more like a painting, but everything else is top notch. I would actually buy this to play through it myself. It really is well written and put together.
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    El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    So the pictures are coming...slowly
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