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    Corwin's house renovation adventure

    Living room pretty much done! Plants are chilling here but a bunch will go into other rooms soon. Around half the furniture in the apartment I got second-hand for cheap, turned out pretty good still I think
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    [CS:GO] Aim_Blue

    Hello guys, This is my first CSGO aim map. My focus was to learn the hammer editor and the whole process of making a CSGO level and publishing it. While building this, my main focus was on the color composition and the visibility of the map. It is a very small map and I am already working on another aim map which will be much bigger. Please do check it out and give feedback. Thank you Link:- STEAM WORKSHOP LINK February 5th, 2019 Map Layout Update- Added a column in the middle- Added two boxes in the middle
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    Metro: Exodus

    women empowerment in the post apocalyptic world rotfl
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    Black Mirror

    Yeah, I get it. I see what they tried to do here, it's an interesting experiment that tbh I doubt it'll take off. Also, the mass market hates the concept of choice, they get petrified looking at the screen not knowing what to do, they don't watch TV to make meaningful choices, they usually do it to turn off their brains. As for real choice, that's impossible to do right now, unless we'd have lifelike AI that would adjust to every one of your decisions. Right now, you get 2, 3 or 4 choices that branch out to different paths as you said, which is great, it allows the devs to have some creative control over the outcome, it's a good in between, that's why I love all of David Cage's games.
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    [Wingman] Turnpike

    My entry for the Wingman contest. Still a bit rough in some places, but it's time to wrap it up for now. Workshop link Credits to @Yanzl for the majority of custom props and materials (and for some last-minute assistance in tweaking vmt's for nighttime setting) and to @Skybex and @Rick_D for a few other props and materials.
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