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    Anuanuraro [Wingman CS GO]

    Map history: The actions take place on a small island, the island itself was the private property of a large entrepreneur in catching black pearls, the task T to blow up a new building with hazardous substances, so that the island would not be suitable for catching black pearls. About the map: My inspiration came after playing dz_blacksite on the map, I love forest themes and nature very much and it made me do it. Initially, the map was considered for de_ mode, but unfortunately I could not realize all my ideas due to the limitations of the engine but still. The map is at the Beta stage, and I will correct minor errors at the moment. In the future, when the map is fully ready, I want to build an open Beta test and see how the game will be played live!
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    Goals for 2019?

    Happy new years everyone I'm currently 16 years of age, and I figured I should probably start working out this whole entire year with a plan, diet and all that shit cuz I would consider myself the weakest man alive. Can't even do 1 fucking push-up, which is not just bad but also quite embarrassing. I'm 6'2 and I weigh somewhere around 190 pounds (been a while since I was on a scale so thats my estimate) so I'm nowhere near obese. I'm just in need of muscle. I have the first 3 months planned with what I'll do for morning exercises, and then my dad is gonna help me out with the diet stuff. So my 2019 will consist of: - Working out (Morning exercises everyday, go to the gym with some friends a few times a week and also run occasionally) - Hopefully not fail school - Finish the 3 wingman maps I'm working on - Push myself to learn more about 3D Modeling and custom content in general for CS:GO - and not die
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    The random model thread!

    So I started modeling because of my csgo map and today i made my first prop just for testing! Still not perfect, need to work on texturing but im so hyped to work with 3D! What you think about this guys? any advice?
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    Quick update: I won't be able to work on the map since I won't have access to my computer (and 99% of my belongings), for 2-3 more weeks... The movers were supposed to deliver my stuff this week, but they pushed it back to Jan15 - Jan20. Will keep you guys posted! Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your LD/LA skills improve like never before in 2019!! Cheers!
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    Goals for 2019?

    When making these goals you have to be precise at what you want to do exactly, vague general statements never get accomplished. Also, penalize yourself if you fail somehow, and reward when you don't. Otherwise, whats the point?
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    [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza

    Although it was originally supposed to take a month or two, this map ended up being delayed over and over... So what's been happening this time? Well, I got caught up with some contract work, life and just trying to get my foot in the door. I applied for a level design position at my local Ubisoft about a month ago; it went pretty good, did the test, had an interview, but no cigar. And my GPU died a few hours after I completed the test. Despite being turned down for the ld position, I took an offer for a QA/QC role. I got a new GPU in the meantime and things have started to clear up again. With that being said, I'm ready to get back on track. Right now I'm aiming to release this by end of January. I prepared a mood board to help with the final art touches. I haven't ever done a mood board before, but I might end up adding this to my workflow from now on.
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    [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark

    More WIP images. A beach area and another vehicle. The beach is the CT spawn, and the new vehicle area is the T spawn. Much of the detail from these parts will be coming from the 3dsky, which is still under construction.
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    v1.16 is up!! I am trying to finish that map once and for all before the end of the year - This is very hectic period for me since I am in the process of moving to another country for a new gig. More info on that later Here are the main improvements that come with this update: Replaced all out-of-bounds houses by models (they were previously Instances, which caused a multitude of problems) Fix a lot of "bad shadow on brush surface" issue all across the map Started replacing brushes uses to make buildings by displacements - It should be done for all buildings in v1.17 Replaced the dark, ugly rock cliffs near TS with much a better model. It is the same as the one shown here. Thank you @Serialmapper !! Replaced water material with a much better looking one, made by @Yanzl , as shown here. Thank you!! Color correction is now done using a LUT instead of a .raw file. Thanks again @Yanzl for the great explanation of how LUT works in Source v1.17 is already on the way! I'm making big changes to lighting - Stay tuned!
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