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    Black Mesa Source

    Im pretty sure this is a thing you can do with any source engine game so I am sure we will have the support for it as well. (on both points you brought up) Our workshop might be a bit in shambles (last I checked) atm but it takes a load of programming power to get working properly so its on our immediately to do list once we release xen. We want to support mods and mod makers as much as possible so any additional input people have in this realm will definitely be listened to.
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    A trailer for a narrative exploration game I've been working on called The Gap. Hopefully releasing in 2019.
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    Goals for 2019?

    >Get a job >Finish my master degree >Finish this one last CSGO map >Dive deeper into Unity >Propose
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    Black Mesa Source

    Sounds great, it might be really fun to make a mod for Black Mesa then hook it up to Steam like that.
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    Citadel (WIP)(GreyBox)

    First thing I noticed is the lighting seems very dark. I'd recommend this website for the right light_environment settings. The layout itself looks a little uninspired, based purely on the screenshots. I'll try to give more in depth feedback after I played the map. Good start though
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    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    Now that I've been on a long hiatus from working on this map, I'm taking one more shot at getting its layout as perfect as I can. (It's honestly pretty insane how different the map is now from its earliest iterations back in March. I've definitely learned a lot since then.) Since the last version I've posted on here, all of the entrances to the bombsites have been completely reworked, and I've finally caved on turning the center of the map into a proper Mid area. Hopefully the map can still be unique and fun at the same time with this change. I've also moved T Spawn around from the last playtested version so that the timings at A aren't extremely T-sided anymore. Here's some eye candy for you:
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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Remember that ugly ass wall from two weeks ago? Decided to make a small environment out of it. Don't know if this classifies as Models or Levels. There's some more images on my ArtStation: https://nikio.artstation.com/
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    yeah we'd probably be going live start of jan. you can continue working on the map when it's up too - in fact we'd prefer it if you did!
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    Black Mesa Source

    We posted our xen trailer this morning if you havent seen it yet https://steamcommunity.com/games/362890/announcements/detail/2537111426405732058 Woot!
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    I personally like to start with a little sketch, just to make it easier for myself to block things out, but after that it all comes down to playtesting. The thing I notice a lot with beginners is that their layout basically consists of random walls/blocks with no purpose. Try to think of what these blocks do, "is it a house, does it make sense to put a house there" etc. Blocking out a map is way easier if you already have a theme in mind.
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